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Materialism: a brief synopsis.

Today i am writing about the term "Materialism" in response to a question I received in facebook message. A short introduction is as follows:

The concept of Materialism is very objective. It changes its meaning with time. If one were to say that real materialism started with the industrial revolution of the European nations that would be big fallacy. Materialism started way before then that. Out of the six basics branches of the Hindu pantheon we have a branch that is wholly attributed to Maharishi Charvaka and his upanishad, "CHARVAKA UPANISHAD". The bible of materialism. It has a very famous sloka:

"यावज्जीवेत सुखं जीवेद 
ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिवेत
भस्मीभूतस्य देहस्य पु
नरागमनं कुतः "

The very essence of the sloka means "if you have to live a life, live life in full pleasure, borrow money and have delicacies made of ghee, because when you die its the end of life and there is no reincarnation". This sloka was said by one of the Rishi's of Hinduism. The hardcore materialistic approach to life.

Some similar thoughts have been propounded by English atheist and materialistic Philosopher Jeremy Benthem. Jeremy Benthem in his "Utilitarianism" and "Hedonistic Calculus" principles asserts that "one should live a life to maximize ones pleasure and minimize one's pain". The exact quote of Bentham is as given below.

"Nature has placed mankind under the government of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure... they govern us in all we do, in all we say, in all we think: every effort we can make to throw off our subjection, will serve but to demonstrate and confirm it."

 Bentham a hardcore positivist and atheist asserts that we aren't governed by holy rules but from the intrinsic natures of ones own self, the basic human psychology that "we yearn for pleasure and condemn pain". So one should live a life with full of pleasure and shun everything that leads to pain.

The works of Bentham is echoed in the "Declaration of independence of America" which has the famous line "we hold these truth to be self evident that all men are created equal and they are endowed with certain inalienable rights by their creator, that among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness".The very core of American Independence is based on pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of happiness is a very subjective term. Happiness depends on peoples thought and their mentality. This is for the reason there laws have been made in such a way that it advocates individual rights and they have a very liberal system to pursue whatever they desire that makes them happy.

This is for the reason the materialism is deeply rooted in the legal and political system of England inspired by Utilitarianism and  positivist Jeremy Bentham and also in the American values. The very essence of "pursuit of happiness" in the American Declaration of Independence doesn't mean spiritual happiness. The happiness being a subjective term can be materialistic or spiritual.

Lastly, Maharishi Charvaka predates Jeremy Bentham on "materialism". We Hindus always had "materialism" as one of our philosophies. The only reason for materialism not propounding greatly in our society like that of  the west is that we have always believed everything to be an illusion. Since everything is Maya, it is an illusion which only holds to be truth until the veil of ignorance has been lifted.

So, to conclude my lines I would want to say, we Hindus do have materialism in our philosophies from age old but it has not been the whole aim of our lives. We have always used materialism for our spiritual growth and less for filling our lives with happiness and pleasure. Happiness and sorrows are the same thing. It is nothing but good and bad experience. To live a life to maximize ones good and bad experiences of the materialist is way low then the supreme elevation of ones consciousness of the spiritualist. One should live a life beyond one's mind because the "pleasure and pain" are the topics of mind and not the soul. The whole universe is the reflection of the mind and the mind is the cause of all bondage. The more you are attached to pleasure and pain the more karmic it becomes.


Kaulantak Peeth is the ultimate abode of spiritualism. From here the whole civilization was taught dharma and it is the land of the penances. This is the place where 9 Nath to 84 Siddha did penances.It is the place from  where Rishi Muni impart their knowledge to worthy aspirants. Several people have claimed to meet great souls in Himalayas too.But if there is one thing that is still unknown to the masses is that KAULANTAK PEETH neither  differentiate between Gods and Demons. Both can practice spiritualism freely in this pious land. Similarly, there is no difference between spiritualism and materialism for the great souls of Kaula Siddha lineage. Let me explain the concept:

In most sects of Hinduism there is either materialism or spiritualism, both cannot go hand in hand. But in Kaula Siddha lineage the Siddhas use both materialism and spiritualism for their upliftment from sansara. It is the middle path as prescribed by the scriptures. If you go the Himalayas then hunger will affect a sadhaka and if they go to the society then Maya will affect them. So, the best way would be to live somewhere near the mountains and also near the society where one shall not have scarce of food supply and also have abundance of lonely environment which is peaceful which is an ideal place for sadhana. Furthermore, in winter the Himalaya cannot be inhabited because everything is covered by snow.  Even the animals hibernate.So, a lay person wouldn't benefit in those environment.

If one were to study scriptures then it is an inevitable fact that Lord Brahma created this world. When he first created the world he created "MANAS PUTRA". The manas putra were hard core spiritualist and had no interest in taking the creation forward. So he created Prajapati's the kings to give a structure to the society. Materialism is necessary aspect of creation because if all the people  of Brahma ji had not married and not  procreated and only been deeply engrossed in sadhana  then this creation would't have gone forward. This is for the reason both materialism and spiritualism are one integral part of creation.

Being one integral part of the creation, one should always strive to strike the balance between both the aspects. One should be materially abundant and spiritually elevated. This is for the reason Kaulantak Peeth advocates and prescribes the sadhanas of Yogini's. Yogini's they make you adept in art forms because they are 64 in numbers and each yogini gives you the knowledge of one art form making it 64 in number. They give you both bhoga and moksa. The most important part of the whole balancing both dualities is that a siddha would use both spiritualism and materialism for their own benefit. They would use materialism to elevate their consciousness which is not bad either. They have nothing to fear as they have the tantra to convert liquor into Amrita, pleasure into love, royalness into samadhi. Using everything available to them to their own benefit and elevating their consciousness. They have no attachment to spiritualism alone or materialism alone but using both to elevate their consciousness to the highest level possible.

"One needs spiritualism because it is the food for the soul and one needs materialism because it is food for the body". Only when a body is well nourished then the sadhaka can nourish the soul. No sadhaka can progress if they quit everything and go to the Himalayas or in contrast quit spiritualism and become an ardent materialistic. Yes, off course if you have attained spiritual heights and if you can remain hungry for days and if you can sit in one asana for minimum 8 hours then you can go to Himalaya for penances else there are no shopping mall and big hotels in the Himalayas.

Lastly, Kaulantak Peeth gives you dikshas to make you materially abundant and spiritually capable. It is in the sadhaks own capacity to materialize the diksha. The GURUMANDALA of Kaulantak Peeth as well as HH Ishputra Maha Yogi Satydendra Nath ji Maharaj wants to see the Bhairavs and Bhairavis prosper in every field and be successful in every endeavour. All Bhairavs and Bhairavis would surely prosper in both the fields if they walk in the path of Guru Mandala and his holiness.

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Ishputra siddha lineage and Upper Mustang.- part 2

9 nath and 84 siddha, The whole guru mandala in a picture.

This post is the second part of the Ishputra and Priya Ma visit to Upper Mustang post. As mentioned in the last post I have already explained about the basic facts of the journey and i have given  some basic introduction about the holy land, topography and the flora and fauna of Upper Mustang. Today I am writing about the different facets of the trip and the holy land Upper Mustang.

A glimpse of Ishputra and Priya Ma on the hill where snowfall happened.

Many Millennium ago, Upper Mustang was an isolated land. It was in such an isolation that everything were covered in snow and there was no habitation around. Suddenly, His Holiness Ishputra looked at the Himalaya and revealed to me "it was Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath Ji Maharaj of Yogini Kaula sect, the very own sect that we belong to descended from the Himalaya and it was he who started the settlement of people. It was impossible for a common man or woman to settle in this dry land. He guided peoples settlement here and initiated them into vaam marga tantra. He the Mahasiddha taught them how to survive in these extreme conditions and initiated them into vaam marga tantra where they could consume meat and alcohol under proper guidance to raise their consciousness and to rid themselves of sins incurred by the unauthorize use of forbidden object. He encouraged them to live a spiritual life and not be devoid of Dharma".

Be it Vaam Marga or Mustang, if there is one aspect that makes both Vaam marga and Mustang incomplete is Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath Ji Maharaj". His contribution to the revival of the lost ancient knowledges is unparalled. He is such a Mahasiddha endowed with great compassion that he went to great extent to learn all these timeless wisdoms from Lord Shiva. He was even cursed by Lord Shiva himself for listening the secret conversation i.e Agama and Nigama of Lord Shiva to Ma Parvati. It was he who revealed all the hidden tantric wisdom and yogic practices to the world. His legacy and contribution would never go unnoticed as whatever the world knows about yoga and tantra today is all revealed by him to his successors Goraksh Nath and through him to the world.

Rato Machindra Nath rath yatra at Lalitpur, Nepal

In Nepal we still have a yearly "Rato Machendranath Rath yatra" meaning a chariot procession of Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath. It is believed that in the completion of chariot procession of Rato Machindra Nath rath yatra, Kathmandu valley would have a nice rainfall and there will be a good harvest.

His Holiness then pointed to the Korala border of Tibet and a mountain nearby. He then added "somewhere in those hidden lands there is one of the 21 invisible doors to Kaulantak Peeth. People who have attained great spiritual level would first meditate inside those caves. When they have transcended everything and nothing remains to be achieved in spiritualism by their practices they become Mahasiddha. They then set out to the pious land of invisible Kaulantak Peeth hidden behind those invisible doors. A journey to the unknown world". From their, time and again they reemerge and reappear to the world to guide people and reveal them canons of wisdom to guide the society.

As we were on the breaks from the shooting of "Gyana Ganga" which is soon to be aired in Newslivenow channel, a mild snowfall took place in the nearby hill. It looked as if the hills seduced the clouds and the clouds released the rain in ecstasy. The rains were no less ecstatic, they turned into a beautiful snowfall. There were never any instances when neither my ears weren't ecstatic nor my eyes weren't ecstatic. There was something of a great fusion of His Holiness words in my ears and the nature's divine play in my eyes that made me remember the lines of the poem "Leisure" by Henry William Davies which i studied in my school days.

                         "A poor life this if, full of care
                          we have no time to stand and stare

Davies emphasizes that we have lost our inner touch and we have become so engrossed in outer objects that we don't have time for bliss. The bliss has become so secondary and chaos the primary factor. My quarter of a score years association with His Holiness has led me to one vital conclusion of life, we should become more of an observer. The more acute our observation becomes, the more the clarity we have inside us. His Holiness carries the legacy of the lineage of Mahasiddha Dattatreya Muni who principally observed 24 beings and then he inferred 24 different wisdoms. His Holiness has time and again always reminded me that we are Bhairava and our main goal of life is to become Shiva, Shiva the ultra observer, in fact Shiva is the only observer in this whole universe. It is in his observance, the universe were formed and is continuing and one day it will be finished under his observance.

"Observation" is not a simple term. Observation is used in spiritualism in many different forms. For eg, in Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, the first principle is all about observing the breath, there are two points to be observed, first the point when u inhale and you stop and second when you have exhaled all and the point just before you exhale. One should meditate on both the points and should try to elongate it and oneday it would lead you to samadhi. The observation of something make you reach the highest point in spiritualism.  For people who haven't been informed yet, Vigyana Bhairava Tantra is the next sadhana going to be conducted by Kaulantak Peeth under the guidance of His Holiness Ishputra. Please click Vigyan Bhairava Tantra Sadhana  for the details of the sadhana.

It is in one of those caves that we have done shooting for Gyana Ganga. Please watch Gyana Ganga series to know the answer.

Shooting in Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang it was a profound experience for me. It revealed to me like Ishputra revealing Upper Mustang to me. Everything was spontaneous. The three days stays in Lo Manthang and shooting in the nearby locations were just extraordinary. I have always affirmed that people will be shocked when they shall view His Holiness Ishputra revealing about the caves and the land topography in the upcoming Gyana Ganga. Whatever I have written here is just a tip of an iceberg. The whole iceberg would be revealed to us by the great His Holiness himself in Gyana Ganga series. In the next post i am going to write about the caves, the nomenclature, their formation and how it was used by Mahasiddhas and Peethadeshwar to trasmit Dharma. Please follow us by email to be notified for the next post.

।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम: ।।
।।ॐ  ईशपुत्राय नम: ।।

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A visit to Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang with Ishputra and Priya Ma.- 1

Recently, Ishputra and Priya Ma visited Nepal for a brief journey to Upper Mustang valley. It was the scenery and the spiritual touch of the Himalaya that Ishputra set his holy feet in this dry land. The Bhairava's and Bhairavi's who are connected with Kaulantak Peeth tradition very well know the fact that soon a sermon series of Ishputra's "GYANA GANGA" will be aired at Newslivenow  channel. It is my opinion, the series is going to be a big surprise to all the Bhairava's and Bhairavi's of Kaulantak Peeth. The content, the breath taking view, the scenery and the topic of the series is mind blowing. Viewers would surely love it. The first episode of the series would start from the Upper Mustang valley. His Holiness has reached as far as Korala Tibet border for the episode. Viewers surely will get the glimpse of how Upper Mustang looks like and why has the great His Holiness chosen this land to start the series.

Ishputra and Priya Ma meditating and behind are the famous caves of Mustang valley. 

Mustang is a hidden land on the outskirts of Himalaya. For the whole world, Mustang lies in Nepal but for us, Mustang is an integral part of Kaulantak Peeth and as a whole it is Kaulantak Peeth. Before the borders were created and countries were born, the Himalayan land starting from Russia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and ending in Burma were called the great sacred land Kaulantak Peeth. It is the land where all the great souls, Sapta Rishi, Eighty Four Siddhas etc practiced their penances. 

His Hollines explained to Priya ma and two Bhairavas including me and Lilakanta Bhairava that it was through these lands that the Dharma has taken its shape. Mustang is a very dry land where there is nominal amount of rain. There is only rain shadows here. The vegetation here is quite meek because of the dryness. So only handful of shrubs with thorns pointed thorns survive here. These shrubs are the food for the deer's that loom in these dry lands. 

Chosera cave at Lo Manthang, Mustang.
Mustang is a dry heaven. His Holiness explained us further that the Siddhas have termed Mustang as a dry heaven not only because of the scenery that the land offers but heaven in the sense that this is the land of the gods they worship. Our gods in the primitive era till the last century used to practice their penances in the caves of Mustang. Even the immortals of the Hindus as mentioned in the scriptures were engrossed in deep Samadhi in these caves. There are thousands of cave here. The caves are available in the mountains made of mud. Since the mountains are made of mud and there is nominal rainfall here, this is for the reason the caves have been preserved by the nature itself. Nature has in her prowess preserved the caves and helped all those practitioners of penances to reach spiritual heights. Plus it is an isolated land, a perfect place for spiritual practices. The Chosera cave along with thousands of other caves of the Mustang valley is also enlisted in the world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Mustang is also famous for Muktinath Temple. His Holiness explained to us that the land itself is pious. This is the land from where spiritual emancipation of human life starts. People do not understand why the temple is called Muktinath at first place. His holiness explained to us, Muktinath temple marks the end of human civilization as beyond it there is only Himalaya, Himalaya is the abode of Spiritualism and Dharma. The real mukti like the jivan mukti and param mukti as explained by and attained by Rishimuni have been in the Himalayas. They have attained it through rigorous penaces. The real pursuit of spiritualism starts here in the Himalayas. He further explained to us that it is symbolic in nature because the society ends at Muktinath temple and going beyond Muktinath temple is like raising your consciousness from Agya chakra to Sahasrar chakra. His Holiness explained to us that Sahasrar chakra is the crown chakra of our body and this is the seat of our souls and this is the point from where souls gets liberated, similarly Himalaya is the crown of this whole world. It is Sahasrar chakra of this world and this is where the great souls liberate themselves from the sansara. This is for the reason His Holiness took us to Mustang for giving the knowledge to Bhairava and Bhairavi's of the forgotten land and forgotten spiritualism of the great Rishimuni.

Panoramic view of Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang from a hill top.

His Holiness explains to us further, Mustang from the standpoint of spiritualism was once famous for Vaam marga tantra i.e the left hand practice of the tantra where there is the extensive use of Panchmakar (maans, madira, maithun, mudra, mina). The inhabitants in this place are non vegetarian's because there is no extensive farming here because of the dryness of the land. Vegetables aren't easily available here. It is the meat that is the source of diet here. These days because of the road access to Lo Manthang people now have access to biscuits too but before people ate meat and drank alcohol as medicine and for heating their body. His Holiness then revealed to us that these caves in the Mustang are most suitable for Vaam marga because it is very far from society and vaam marga isn't society friendly so it is practiced afar from the society.

The biggest revelation by His Holiness about vaam marga was that to practise Vaam Marga one has to have a great spiritual level of consciousness. He/she has to have achieved high level in yoga. He/she should be sensuality free and he/she has to have a very capable guru and should conduct it under strict guidance. If vaam marga is practised haphazardly and not under a capable master then everything done in the name of Vaam Marga would only lead you downfall. It would all come under forbidden act and would be a great sin. People might not have an idea on this but the Liquor use in vaam marga is cursed by Maharishi Shukrachary and if not done properly is doomed to fail miserably.

There are other aspects of our journey as well. I am going to post it in the other part. This was just an introduction. The next part i will be posting about the journey and the experiences of the shooting in Lo Manthang and Upper Mustang.

।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम।।

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English transcipt of the conversation between Akshar Bhairav and Ishputra

Below is the transcript of the conversation between Akshar Bhairav and Ishputra as per the video shown in the side:

Akshar :  Namaskar, today we are going to discuss on a very big serious issue. Today with us we have ISHPUTRA. This issue has suddenly out of nowhere come to the limelight at the moment. Ishputra, Ministry of AYUSHA had issued a booklet on pregnancy and there are some serious thoughtful points on it which your holiness might have an idea as well.
Ishputra: yes, I did notice these issue, it has been presented in such a way by the big medias that the government and  AYUSHA ministry  in this country  has done something very unlawful and should apologize, yes, I have noticed this issue.
Akshar:  Ishputra out of those points mentioned there are some points which are very ambiguous. It is uncertain if these are right guidelines or not, a point mentions the abstinence from intoxication, abstinence from sex and to live a simpleton life. What are your thoughts on it?

ISHPUTRA: Look, first we should know what the main issue is. India is in a very bad state at the moment. There are now two divisions in Indian society. The first one is the ongoing agnostic and atheist who don’t follow any sorts of religion in this society. They don’t want any sorts of religion in the society. Fortunately or not I don’t know, Ayurveda which is an integral part of Hinduism has now been adopted by AYUSH ministry. It includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddhapathy, Naturopathy and they have been given the term as alternate form of medicine. But Allopathy never accepts the authencity of Ayurveda and etc on the basis of science and other logical reasoning. The innocent Ayurvedacharya simply don’t have any rebuttal to those acquisitions. Those people who are against the dharma and yes I must tell you this news must be heard by you on medias. Even media are divided into two divisions. First one are the conservative medias who wants to preserve the societal  values, preservation of culture and the another one  are those medias who wants to prove that all Yoga, Jyotish are pretentious and frauds and they want to prove that they don’t have any scientific  basis but if were to look at the timing and you yourself being an esteemed yogi, you have been conferred with the title of Maha Yogi, you might  also have been skeptic and  inferred that all these controversies are made pertaining to the upcoming World Yoga Day.
Akshar: Exactly, the booklet was published three years back and the world yoga day is a week from now.  But the thoughts prescribed in the booklet is very positive in its approach and practice but why so agitation in the part of the medias and why have they highlighted this in the breaking news and why have they printed this in the front page of their paper media?

Ishputra: You should also keep in mind about some facts. Hindi media wouldn’t cover this issues but  there are some exceptions but the English media, English bloggers and new webblogs would write against it because there origin is somehow related to the anti religion belief. If you retaliate and if you confront them this truth as rebuttal then they will start claiming that it is an attack towards the media and  the violation of the press freedom and the press is the fourth pillar of democracy but people who are in media are also humans  and not gods and they are also prone to mistakes.  Is media only established to defame Hinduism? I wouldn’t want to dwell with the fact but I would want to directly answer your question. The prescribed rules that are mentioned by AYUSH ministry are as guidelines but not laws. Laws are compulsory binding in nature but not guidelines and these guidelines is of Ayurveda.  

Firstly I would answer your question. Does Ayurveda prescribe both non vegetarian and vegetarian foods? To which I would want to say that Ayurveda does eulogize vegetarian diets but not all the medicines of Ayurveda can be termed as complete vegetarian medicine, in spite of this, non veg is restricted. Seers who have written those texts have not limited themselves on just why you take the medicine or what you eat but also  one should cultivate inert qualities like sympathy. Cultivating sympathy against whom? One should cultivate inner qualities like sympathy towards plants and animals. Sympathy plays a vital role in it, it is for this reason the whole Ayurveda is based on sympathy. 

So if you voice your opinion that you would want to eat eggs and non veg, Ayurveda would surely  restrict it. Modern medical science will say that these thoughts are idiocy and misleading. I hold no grudges against Allopathy but the modern doctors have a very low attitude but not all of them are like that. There are some people who have good instincts too. They present the facts with “much ado about nothing” that if one doesn’t eat meat and eggs then there would be a serious deficiency of protein and malnutrition. They would further claim that 50% Indian children population are suffering from malnutrition and are anemic but it’s not the whole truth that meat is only  the sources of protein in this world. If you can prove to me that meat is the only source of protein then I will be on your side and I will propound non vegetarianism. Do you have any way?

 Ayurveda has restricted eating meat to just not pregnant mothers, be it male or female, children or adult and whosoever it be, it has prescribed vegetarianism to be the standard diet, Ayurveda has given priorities to vegetarian food compared to non vegetarian diet. It prescribes a very subtle guidelines and not laws. The Rishimunis they so are giving you guidelines and not just stating the positive laws, in the breach of which they give you sanctions. They can’t force you to follow all the guidelines. It is guidelines after all and not binding nature like that of the law.

A particular sect of media’s who are raising this issue simply cannot digest all these aspect. They cannot digest the fact that Hinduism is flourishing. They are trying to separate with yoga, why? It is because they want to defame yoga and ayurveda  and present it to the mass that yoga has nothing to do with Hinduism. Yoga is the very important inseparable part of Hinduism and any people who practice yoga benefits from it and is an integral part of Hinduism and similar is with Ayurveda.  
It is because of these issues the ministry is getting negative reviews and it is eminent because they don’t know the facts and they don’t have anything to reply. They are being isolated by scientific facts and are being attacked by people from all sides.
These are all propagandas because the World Yoga day is coming and they are trying to stop the Yogic revolution by installing false image on peoples mind by making booklets, food, religion an issue.

Akshar: It is an amazement that there are many points prescribed but they have only mentioned about the abstinence of sex and non vegetarian. There are some good points mentioned as well like having a nice pictures and reading books that reflects ideal values but they are only exploiting the facts of abstinence from sex and alcohol and embracing vegeteranism.

Ishputra: These people they can’t even take it. They think the government is trying to superimpose morality and idealism in them. It is because they think BJP is in the power. The BJP has nothing to do with this actually. Dharma is just not followed by BJP only. Dharma is common to people, even BJP and Congress. Everyone is free to practice their religion. The Dharma guru should separate themselves from the politics and preach spiritualism.  But there are some political parties here who have their own media houses in India to further their propagandas  and if you confront with them they shout and yell and not let people speak. They have forgotten the very ethics of journalism at first place. Now I will talk about some of the points.

Firstly Ayush mantralaya has said women should abstinent from sex. They have quoted it from the scriptures and the quotes of the scriptures alone are never complete.  For eg, In India there is yoga, to do a particular asana different ways of doing the same asana is prescribed by Rishimuni. Similar if you study any saints of Ayurveda ,some have guidelines that one should drink water before the meal, some say with the meal and some say after the meal or else one will incur diseases. So, those Rishi as based on the experience and wisdom gives you their guidelines. But when you are learning yoga and ayurveda and following the guidelines you have to go the yogacharya and ayurvedacharya.  yogacharya looking at your body by analyzing vath, pitta and kafa etc , they would conclude you to perform a particular asana only after analyzing your body and your system.  

Similar is with Kamachar, there is Vatsayana, Koka rishi of Kashmir, the author of kokasastra  who are known but besides there are many Rishis, Yoginis, Yonis who have given knowledge of kamachar to the human society and all of their guidelines aren’t absolute, they all have different views . But whatever is said by sastra is just guidelines but you have to go to yogacharya, ayurvedacharya and Guru to get the perfect guidelines. But everything stated by scriptures are guidelines. For eg, If you don’t know the right way to have sex then wouldn’t it hamper you.  So if you say you need to go to the scientist for it, the scientist they would study lakhs and 1000s of people and they will generalize and comes to a particular conclusion or rule which is more of a generalization. So no scientist would ever say that the particular rule is universal and absolute because out of those 1000s and lakhs population, a person surely who would have any sorts problem while performing sensual activities. These rules vary from person to person and are not universal and absolute because one in the many would surely have a problem with the sex.  To understand Ayurveda  and other related wisdoms we should use our own reasoning and logics. So these are all well executed plans to defame yoga. Talking about sex and sensuality,

 According to Rishi parampara there are certain rules on having sex. Can you explain why so many asanas are prescribed in kamasastra? It is because Kamasutra has prescribed many different asanas for people based on their situations and physical state. Asanas vary for individuals, asanas are prescribed different for obese people and different asanas are prescribed for slim persons. In the pregnant period even while having sex there are certain asanas prescribed and if you want to have a debate on this and then let’s have a debate on it and you can invite to debate on it. You can also have sex in pregnancy time but  there are certain rules to be followed. There is no universal rule, you can have sex in the pregnancy time  and the procedures are mentioned in the scriptures, but one should research and find it by themselves. People who wants to superimpose their idea and propogate their propaganda they will do it by any means.  A person who just wants to argue would just argue. Similar false argument is now conducted by today’s Anchor to propogate their thoughts. So, is the concept of kamachar clear now.  

Secondly, AYUSH ministry has prescribed some positive guidelines  about reading the lives of great souls and instill good pictures in the house and some media house would also have a problem with this because they can’t tolerate the fact of reading the lives of great soul and embracing spiritual beliefs. They have a problem with religion and spiritualism at the first place because it is clearly written to read the lives of great souls and they have a problem with the great lives of people and with people with spiritual belief. They are born evil and their inner animal instinct wouldn’t accept the truth.  They would never listen to you so they have established a media house to make their voice heard. When anyone dissents then they cry the chant of violation of press freedom and they treat others as if others can’t exercise their freedom of speech. To debate we are ready and they have a problem with it to.

Talking about modern science and it branch human psychology it says if you don’t feel positive by any pictures, incidents, objects and situation then you should negate all those things and only instill things that gives you positive vibes . You should keep such a picture that gives you bliss and it can be anything  that gives u bliss and it doesn’t the pictures should be of mine or guru, the picture can be of anything, a bird, trees, mountains. You should stay in the right environment. There are certain principles of Ayurveda which these people don’t know, it prescribes guidelines to refrain from negative people. It is infact truth because if negative vibes come in your mind it would hamper your body at first place. Similarly, we wouldn’t want the pregnant mother to stay in such negative environment and face the stress. Why is this so treated negative? It is in fact human psychology, please research on it. If modern doctors want to debate in high notes then I am also ready to debate and now let’s talk on modern psychology leaving dharma aside, 

Talking about food chain there is nothing in this world that one cannot be encouraged to embrace vegetarianism, I can also debate on this. Does “sympathy” have a meaning or not? So there are these things which are pure propaganda furthered by them and the new avatara of Yoga is gaining huge popularity, they simply cannot digest the truth. Yoga now has an international acclaim and they are trying to stop this progress. World Yoga day is coming and they will purposely do everything in their accord to create an environment to defame yoga and stop this revolution but remember the revolution has been set in motion and will now not stop. Similarly you can defame Ayurveda by accusing it of not being based on sciences but western society are now embracing and following it. In western society they have embraced Ayurveda and the whole world has embraced Ayurveda and the whole world is also now practicing Ayurveda.  I would also want to mention something, “ people now say  not to eat vegetarian diets because it contains harmful pesticides and insecticides” but please answer my questions  on this, Did Rishimuni ever asked you to spray DDT and fertilizers in the crops?. Who’s idea were the spraying? It was and is your modern science, your scientist have discovered it and prescribed it and now when it has become a poison and affecting the healths of people then now they have started to prescribe organic farming and vedic farming. People should be ashamed of this.

When we now say that to even perform sex there is certain guidelines and you should have information on it then these people are trying to debate with us citing these are all done to promote religion. I can give you in writing that science is doing research on it and in near future it will prescribe some guidelines like that of guidelines prescribed by Rishimuni in Ayurveda. Why are these people  so in haste, why are they very restless, why after prescription of guidelines why have they become so impulsive against AYUSH ministry  Ayush mantralaya should also be ashamed because if you come up with a fact then there should also be a logic to back it. Don’t they have any person to give them the reply? So I would like to say to the Government if you cannot handle the Ayurveda then please leave it to Vaidhya  and we will handle it by ourselves. If AYUSH Ministry cannot handle yoga then please stop this ministry because the government shouldn’t operate who cannot put forward their thoughts and visions straightly.  Similar is the case with the speaker of the government.  

These media people are so fake that they would only invite ayurvedacharya who don’t have the ability to put their ideas and vision forward to purposefully defame them. They have a huge studio and when one tries to speak then they stop and yell that you cannot speak your mind, they speak in such a rude way. There should be voices against these types of fake media. There is press freedom but why is it only free for them and not for us. So, my views are quite straight on it that one shouldn’t buy whatever ideas these medias are trying to sell but one should use one’s own reasoning and logic and only listen to one’s own intuition.

Against stopping non vegetarianism in this world is concerned, the whole Vegan movement has started, they are also against cow’s milk and ghee. There is needed to be done some research on it, until then we shouldn’t believe on these types of Television shows. Secondly, we are also in tv right now. The main function of the media is to deliver news to the viewers but these days they have started propogating propagandas. I myself am the scholar of ayurveda and I have learnt it from Guru Sishya tradition of Ayurveda. I have also learnt yoga from Guru Sishya tradition so I can tell you the various hidden aspects of yoga. 

Thirdly we have never affairmed which is a better choice,  vegetarianism or non vegetarianism? , I might have affairmed vegetarianism to be better choice but in the RishiMuni’s lineage they haven’t prescribed a clear guidelines on this. So, if you know about Kaulantak peeth and if you have listened to my sermons before, I have always affirmed the belief that seers says non veg is restricted but not banned fully because there might be some circumstances where non veg become inevitable and  one can exercise the  freedom but still some rules apply. In spite of all these the Rishi Muni’s have straightly said the best diet is Vegetarian diet and we should first have a vegetarian diet and then medium diet which is ghee, milk and curd which is under Yakshini bhojan.yakshini bhojan includes pickles, fermented foods.  

They do not have ideas on these issues. This controversy is surely to be exaxxerated as the international yoga days is few days further and they are already tensed. There are so many people in India who are against us and our religion, culture and they claim and pretend themselves to be neutrals and are media person. They are wolves in the disguise of sheep and they cannot hide away till long. People hiding in the veil of the media to target AYUSH Ministry and attack us is a stupid act and I whole heartedly condemn it. I stand very firmly and strongly against it. I know all the purports and lineages of our lifestyle and religion. They cannot delude us on this and the new generation is very cautious on this and they are very thoughtful on it. They are connected with all the modern media i.e  social medias and they know that T.V are the sources of great propagandas and wouldn’t be fooled. But still you have raised a good question and I think an utmost caution is needed.

Akshar: The very essence of the clarity  that you have given changes a paradigm shift in our perception. What would you want to suggest to the youth  who are very interested in yoga  and Ayurveda that the points were only four  and they have  taken only one point and made a controversy out of it. What should be the conclusion and how should they move forward?

Ishputra:  look, to be straight you will first need a guru and if you look at our great tradition and Kaulantak Peeth, Siddhas Peeth   or tradition of Himalayas, even for kam vasana guru gives guidance and people are very skeptic towards it. Even today kamasutra is the scripture that is worldwide famous for sexual posture and Kamasutra originated and it was written in India. The Rishi’s tradition is more vast and holistic on this. People have forgotten all the texts and the ancient traditions. We still have Vaam marga in India which understand kamasutra and explains kamasastra in details but people are unaware of this fact. The text has mentions of  guidelines on how to take your life forward. If we Indians and hindu religion were all against the sexual act would we create Kamasastra and Kokasastra, who is Vatsayana? And would we still spread the idea of all the sexual wisdom. Please consider this point with all your senses engaged against all these media propagandas. There are certain rich people in India from the time of its inception they are trying to attack Hindus and people interested in yoga, only Hindu’s  aren’t interested in yoga  and ayurveda, there are people  from other sects too. Hindu dharma is for everyone because it advocated universal fraternity “sarva bhuta hitye rata”.
My opinions are quite straightforward, if any people who are trying to learn yoga and ayurveda finds any confusion in any issues then please consult your guru and your advisors and not with those yelling anchors because do you think they know anything about Charakh samhita, Kashyap samhita and how Susrut carried out his work. Do they know what is written in the scriptures and Rishi parampara. If you ask them why have created such controversies then there reply would be like “the government should be refrain from mentioning such guidelines, it looks like it’s the propagandas of BJP and RSS”.  They are in fact targeting Hinduism in the name of BJP, RSS but why? It is because Hinduism is a religion that embraces everyone equally.

For eg, if a Christian comes to me and says he wants to learn yoga. I would never say him to first be a convert and then you will be eligible to learn yoga.  Even if a Muslim comes to me and asks me if they want to learn Yoga then nobody is going to ask the person to take a dive in the holy Ganges and open their white caps. It is unthinkable because our religion doesn’t teach us these things and we don’t have such animalistic traits inside us. It is because the whole world has now come to know about us and we treat all equally with no discrimination. They are always trying to create some stupid and illogical issues. So Akshar Bhairav ji I won’t hesitate to say you that you yourself are a yogi and you have been teaching people all over the world about yoga and guiding people about Ayurveda too. 

So you should not worry about any issues forwarded by them. You should be also be aware of such propagandas. You should also spread awareness all over the world that people need not worry and Hinduism isn’t in any danger.  Ayurveda’s talks about guidelines and norms. If you have confusion regarding it you can always ask me. They claim “government should refrain some such activities”, why shouldn’t government not mention guidelines? First of all if the government can’t preserve it and doesn’t have reasons and logics to back it the government should separate yoga and ayurveda from the AYUSH ministry. I have the reasons and logics to properly guide people so if any person comes to me to learn it I will teach them whole heartedly. And I have no interest in answering the fake media as I always get phone calls from the media for discussions  and why I don’t respond is because I have been to there shows and with experiences now I  know their hidden propagandas. When you confront them with it they will yell at you and ask you to leave the show. We should now change our perception towards these media and media personalities because there are many people who hide behind the veil of media like wolves hiding inside the hide of a sheep. So stay cautious and please try to preserve the yoga revolution in this world. Do not let it drown.  For people who have confusion about yoga and ayurveda then please consult your teachers for the proper guidelines. If you are someone with indulgence in non veg then consult your advisors and guru and they will guide you. The media and the debates so cannot guide you on this.

It is for this reason that the debate conducted in Newslivenot tv  had invited me for it then I stated that if I have to do the debate in front of the anchor then I would opt out. Akshar, You are a yogi and I am a yogi, you understand Spiritualism and I also understand it and we can discuss on this issues. The people who are connected with us who are yogis, spiritual seekers, Ayurveda and yoga enthusiasts will have more clarity about the issues of Yoga and Ayurveda and they shall decide themselves. But if we add an anchor to the show then the anchor would then put his/her perception forward. So, this is the way and whenever we have to talk about spiritualism we should sidelines these sorts of people because they would argue and yell and present fallacies in the form of valid logics because they lack the truth and they shall base their claims on fallacious perception.
So we shouldn’t be confused and I would like to put my thoughts forward and appeal  to you all to practice yoga with full zeal and energy,  you can follow all the principles of ayurveda and no principles will ever harm you all as  long we have a proper guide and guru. You can also read about it and research the related topics. Even the guidelines given by the government is not harmful and I have observed all these wisdom and practices with great scrutiny. I fully pledge my support that these traditions are not fallacious.

Akshar:  Beautiful thoughts Ishputra. The valuable time that you have given to the millions of people who follow you is very much valuable for them ……..

Ishputra: It was an impromptu act, all of a sudden when this issue came to notice from the newslivenow channel, I responded to them, that right now we are at Bengaloru and in Bengaloru, me and Akshar bhairava would connect and we will talk with each other on this issue and we will not entertain the idea of debating it in front of their anchors. I would like to conclude saying all should practice yoga and start walking in the path of ayurveda, all should walk in the path of Rishimunis and research on it. To have the vision to connect the world in one single thread. We have been moving with the idea of “universal fraternity”. We treat all the countries as our families and we also treat all people like our families and we worry about the upliftment of all.
So, we need not worry but there are some sects and personalities who don’t tolerate such great beliefs, we would like to pray to almighty that they be blessed with intelligence or else if they always present some challenges to us then we shall accept it because we are not abscondist.

Akshar: Many thanks to you Ishputra

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maha Yogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj: A glimpse of my experiences

Before i even start eulogizing  the grate tantric tradition of the Himalayas, the Yogini Kaula tradition, I would like to pay my homage to the venerable reverend, His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji maharaj who is the abode of the timeless eternal Hindu religion and practices. He is the walking, talking encyclopedia of Hinduism. His domain of knowledge extends and encompasses the various parts of Hindu's lifestyle, from Tantra, Mantra to Yoga, Karmakanda (rituals) to Ayurveda. He has the full knowledge of the 64 art forms as mentioned in the scriptures and he is the current head i.e Peethadeshwar of the Kaulantak Peeth as mentioned in the last post and also the current head of Panchapeeth which in spiritual realm means the whole world, as per the gurumandalas, the whole world were divided into five peeths, roughly like the five continensts in historic periods.

If there is one mention that makes His holiness and we all Bhairav/Bhairavi incomplete is Mahaguru Mahasiddha Siddha Siddhanta Nath ji maharaj. He is eternal yogi who has been practicing penances in the Himalayas from time immemorial. He is our dada guru(grand guru) and  he is the main guru out of all 38 gurus of His Holiness. It was he who collected the mud as in His Holiness and then he turned the mud into a masterpiece, from a village boy to the King of Kaulantak Peeth. It is he who directed His Holiness to come to the society and teach the lost Bhairav/Bhairavi the sacred knowledges. It is through his distant love and blessings that we Bhairav/Bhairavi have never had to be far from spiritualism.
Tantric dance of Lord Shiva: Tandava Sadhana practice.

It was the greatest privilege of my life to have met him, to have been initiated by him, to have been guided by him and to have been accepted to the great unbroken lineage of the Yogini Siddha. It has been 5 and 1/2 years now that i am under his holy guidance. I still remember the first time Kaulantak Peeth had organised the first shivir in january 2,2012 at Kullu district. It was SHIVATVA shivir and i have since never looked back because the spectrum of my life changed. I had found something that I had lost inside myself. I had all these years of my life lost a road that i knew but I forgot the directions to it. Since the inception of this shivir my spiritual pursuit has continued till this date and I am a happy traveler not that i have gained something but the travelling itself is blissful for me. Every walk i make, i am making  it towards Lord Shiva.

Fortunately in brief period of my journey I have had a chance to serve his lotus feet. I got the opportunity to reside in the ashram and deliver my service. His Holiness is bestowed with great ultra human capabilities. Only few Bhairav/Bhairavis who have rendered their services in the ashram know that he can control his sleep on his will. He can go days and days without a sleep. He is Gudakesha (the controller of the sleep). I was once told by a fellow Bhairava how when he was working under a project inside the ashram he continuously worked for 3 days without a sleep and finally he slept after 3 days after the completion of the work. Secondly he sleeps on his will, a 15 minute sleep is mere sufficient for His Holiness.
Hath yoga practice in the Himalayas.

I once asked His Holiness the question about controlling the sleep and he replied with a smile "if a person chooses his food wisely and is in the control of his eating habits  and carries out specific sadhanas then he/she can control the sleep too". Thirdly, I observed him to have an extraordinary love for whatever he does. Whatever he does he gives his best to an extreme. I have seen him writing the lyrics of the bhajan himself then composing the tune himself, adding the sounds of musical instruments in the track by playing himself and then singing himself. The bhajans that he has composed ranging from raga based "darshana do ab to he jogi" which is in jog raga to semi modern bhajan "hey samshan niwashini".

Fourthly he had initiated us by taking us to difficult places where he himself  was initiated by dada guru. He had taken us for a trip to Hans Kund a 5 days continuous trip into the jungle where we slept in the caves to the heights of Goddess Bunga a continous 2 days uphill walk to the peak of the entire hilly range. He took us there not to test our limits but to give us the glimpse of the Guru disciple lineage and how it operates in the Himalayas. It would had never been possible for a meager guy like me to have such a spiritual experience had it not been the blessings of His Holiness.

Fifhly, the Bhairavas and Bhairavi of our peeth know that there is a secret land of penances in Kaulantak Peeth which is knows as "SIDDHASHRAM" and it has 21 invisible doors. It was my great fortune with other Bhairavas/Bhairavis to know the pin point location of one of the invisible door which is highly scares. It was one in a kind achievement for me, An invisible door was just separating me from all the great Guru Mandala. It was the closest that  I could have ever got to the Guru Mandala. May be time were not right or may be I lacked the eligibility but it was a such a grace at my part. I cannot reveal the exact location of the invisible door because of discipline issues but it was such a wonderful experience for me.

Sixthly, Kaulantak Peeth is the tradition of VEERA's i.e warriors and only those people can excel here who have the "never giving up" and "fearless" attribute, who can endure pain, who can go to an extreme of whatever they do like His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj. This peeth believes in sadhanas and less in satsang. Sadhanas is the way of life for us Bhairava/Bhairavis and it can never be done more in a precisely way then under the guidance of His Holiness himself.

Lastly, four year back I was asked by my fellow friends and by my family members, "What i gained by walking on this path?", I was then quiet because I had no answers but these days after 5 years of devotion, I have a lot to say and a lot to write which would be echoed in the blogs of mine in the coming days.

।।ॐ महाकालाय विकर्तनाय मायाधराय नमो नम:।।
।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम:।।

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Kaulantak Peeth: A basic introduction

 Kaulantak Peeth is the sacred land that stretches down from Russian Alps through Tora Bora mountains, passing Hing Laj Devi in Pakistan, the whole Himalaya of Nepal, Bhutan, parts of Tibet which encompasses Mount Kailash and Kaulantak Peeth stretches till Burma.It is sacred because with the eternal mountains it has eternal history.It used to be the place where all Rishi Muni, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Yaksha, Kinnars, Gods and Goddesses used to reside to impart knowledge to the worthy sadhakas and Dharm used to be regulated from here. It is also the land of penances where sadhakas gets dikshas and here they start the first step to the penances.
         Historically "KAULANTAK PEETH" is mentioned in puranas. It has been explicitly mentioned in Skanda purana where brahmarandha of Sati Devi fell down.It is therefore Shakta and Shaiv peeth.It is the universal fountain from where all the sources of knowledge of sanatana like yoga, tantra, mantra, ayurveda, yuddha vigyan sprouts.Just like many rivers flow down from the mountains of Kaulantak Peeth, the sanatana  Hindu dharma flows down to the society from the mountains with the blessings of those eternal saints. It can also be compared with the holy Ganges.

        The holy Ganges starts and flows from the head of the almighty Shiva downwards and in process washes the holy feet of the Siddhas meditating on its bank to reach the society to cleanse the inner and outer parts of the human body as well as the society. Similarly the gyana and wisdom and practices of Shiva that he has in him flows down through the Rishi/Munis, Siddhas and then to the society where people can cleanse their karmas and walk in the pursuit of spiritual perfection. It is through this eternal unbroken lineages and succession of wisdom our Indian sub-continent has always been walking in the path of dharma and at times when sins sky rocketed and dharma declined the preserver of the universe Lord Vishnu takes an avatara to reinstate dharma.

         Since Kaulantak Peeth starts from Shiva, it is multi dynamic in nature because Shiva is the guru of this whole world.There is nothing that Lord Shiva doesn't know and there is nothing that Lord Shiva hasn't revealed to Mata Parvati and Sapta Rishis.It is for this reason that Kaulantak Peeth is the home for all spiritual practises ranging from Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Rasa Vigyana, Karmakanda, Yagya Vigyana, Yuddha and all forms of 64 art forms. People as per their mode of nature satwa, raja and tama can get initiated in sadhana in this pious land and then practice here.

          Kaulantak Peeth is run by Peethadeshwar i.e. the head of the Peeth. The head of the Peeth is not selected on the basis of nepotism, favoritism but solely on ability and capability, wisdom, perfection of spiritual practises and through the blessings of Lord Shiva. Every time the process is held all the tantric sects of the Himalayas send their best sadhakas to compete and among them a sadhaka is choosen on merit basis. The selection is done by ageless Siddhas, yogis and a group of guru termed as GURU MANDALA. Guru Mandala is the collective conscience of the gurus encompassing the first guru of this universe lord Shiva, Sapta Rishi, 84 Siddhas till the gurus of today's day and age.

Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji maharaj with Kaulantak Peeth in the background.

          The current peethadeshwar of Kaulantak Peeth is His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji maharaja of kaula sect. He hails from Kullu of Himachal Pradesh.His sole mission in life is to propogate the timeless eternal sanatana Hindu dharma to the society and to the future siddhas.He is the face of the Kaulantak Peeth who has been working tirelessly to give the message of the Himalaya and Siddhas to the world.

         May all the sentient beings of the world be bleesed by his holy presence.