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A visit to Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang with Ishputra and Priya Ma.- 1

Recently, Ishputra and Priya Ma visited Nepal for a brief journey to Upper Mustang valley. It was the scenery and the spiritual touch of the Himalaya that Ishputra set his holy feet in this dry land. The Bhairava's and Bhairavi's who are connected with Kaulantak Peeth tradition very well know the fact that soon a sermon series of Ishputra's "GYANA GANGA" will be aired at Newslivenow  channel. It is my opinion, the series is going to be a big surprise to all the Bhairava's and Bhairavi's of Kaulantak Peeth. The content, the breath taking view, the scenery and the topic of the series is mind blowing. Viewers would surely love it. The first episode of the series would start from the Upper Mustang valley. His Holiness has reached as far as Korala Tibet border for the episode. Viewers surely will get the glimpse of how Upper Mustang looks like and why has the great His Holiness chosen this land to start the series.

Ishputra and Priya Ma meditating and behind are the famous caves of Mustang valley. 

Mustang is a hidden land on the outskirts of Himalaya. For the whole world, Mustang lies in Nepal but for us, Mustang is an integral part of Kaulantak Peeth and as a whole it is Kaulantak Peeth. Before the borders were created and countries were born, the Himalayan land starting from Russia, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and ending in Burma were called the great sacred land Kaulantak Peeth. It is the land where all the great souls, Sapta Rishi, Eighty Four Siddhas etc practiced their penances. 

His Hollines explained to Priya ma and two Bhairavas including me and Lilakanta Bhairava that it was through these lands that the Dharma has taken its shape. Mustang is a very dry land where there is nominal amount of rain. There is only rain shadows here. The vegetation here is quite meek because of the dryness. So only handful of shrubs with thorns pointed thorns survive here. These shrubs are the food for the deer's that loom in these dry lands. 

Chosera cave at Lo Manthang, Mustang.
Mustang is a dry heaven. His Holiness explained us further that the Siddhas have termed Mustang as a dry heaven not only because of the scenery that the land offers but heaven in the sense that this is the land of the gods they worship. Our gods in the primitive era till the last century used to practice their penances in the caves of Mustang. Even the immortals of the Hindus as mentioned in the scriptures were engrossed in deep Samadhi in these caves. There are thousands of cave here. The caves are available in the mountains made of mud. Since the mountains are made of mud and there is nominal rainfall here, this is for the reason the caves have been preserved by the nature itself. Nature has in her prowess preserved the caves and helped all those practitioners of penances to reach spiritual heights. Plus it is an isolated land, a perfect place for spiritual practices. The Chosera cave along with thousands of other caves of the Mustang valley is also enlisted in the world heritage sites by UNESCO.

Mustang is also famous for Muktinath Temple. His Holiness explained to us that the land itself is pious. This is the land from where spiritual emancipation of human life starts. People do not understand why the temple is called Muktinath at first place. His holiness explained to us, Muktinath temple marks the end of human civilization as beyond it there is only Himalaya, Himalaya is the abode of Spiritualism and Dharma. The real mukti like the jivan mukti and param mukti as explained by and attained by Rishimuni have been in the Himalayas. They have attained it through rigorous penaces. The real pursuit of spiritualism starts here in the Himalayas. He further explained to us that it is symbolic in nature because the society ends at Muktinath temple and going beyond Muktinath temple is like raising your consciousness from Agya chakra to Sahasrar chakra. His Holiness explained to us that Sahasrar chakra is the crown chakra of our body and this is the seat of our souls and this is the point from where souls gets liberated, similarly Himalaya is the crown of this whole world. It is Sahasrar chakra of this world and this is where the great souls liberate themselves from the sansara. This is for the reason His Holiness took us to Mustang for giving the knowledge to Bhairava and Bhairavi's of the forgotten land and forgotten spiritualism of the great Rishimuni.

Panoramic view of Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang from a hill top.

His Holiness explains to us further, Mustang from the standpoint of spiritualism was once famous for Vaam marga tantra i.e the left hand practice of the tantra where there is the extensive use of Panchmakar (maans, madira, maithun, mudra, mina). The inhabitants in this place are non vegetarian's because there is no extensive farming here because of the dryness of the land. Vegetables aren't easily available here. It is the meat that is the source of diet here. These days because of the road access to Lo Manthang people now have access to biscuits too but before people ate meat and drank alcohol as medicine and for heating their body. His Holiness then revealed to us that these caves in the Mustang are most suitable for Vaam marga because it is very far from society and vaam marga isn't society friendly so it is practiced afar from the society.

The biggest revelation by His Holiness about vaam marga was that to practise Vaam Marga one has to have a great spiritual level of consciousness. He/she has to have achieved high level in yoga. He/she should be sensuality free and he/she has to have a very capable guru and should conduct it under strict guidance. If vaam marga is practised haphazardly and not under a capable master then everything done in the name of Vaam Marga would only lead you downfall. It would all come under forbidden act and would be a great sin. People might not have an idea on this but the Liquor use in vaam marga is cursed by Maharishi Shukrachary and if not done properly is doomed to fail miserably.

There are other aspects of our journey as well. I am going to post it in the other part. This was just an introduction. The next part i will be posting about the journey and the experiences of the shooting in Lo Manthang and Upper Mustang.

।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम।।


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