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English transcipt of the conversation between Akshar Bhairav and Ishputra

Below is the transcript of the conversation between Akshar Bhairav and Ishputra as per the video shown in the side:

Akshar :  Namaskar, today we are going to discuss on a very big serious issue. Today with us we have ISHPUTRA. This issue has suddenly out of nowhere come to the limelight at the moment. Ishputra, Ministry of AYUSHA had issued a booklet on pregnancy and there are some serious thoughtful points on it which your holiness might have an idea as well.
Ishputra: yes, I did notice these issue, it has been presented in such a way by the big medias that the government and  AYUSHA ministry  in this country  has done something very unlawful and should apologize, yes, I have noticed this issue.
Akshar:  Ishputra out of those points mentioned there are some points which are very ambiguous. It is uncertain if these are right guidelines or not, a point mentions the abstinence from intoxication, abstinence from sex and to live a simpleton life. What are your thoughts on it?

ISHPUTRA: Look, first we should know what the main issue is. India is in a very bad state at the moment. There are now two divisions in Indian society. The first one is the ongoing agnostic and atheist who don’t follow any sorts of religion in this society. They don’t want any sorts of religion in the society. Fortunately or not I don’t know, Ayurveda which is an integral part of Hinduism has now been adopted by AYUSH ministry. It includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddhapathy, Naturopathy and they have been given the term as alternate form of medicine. But Allopathy never accepts the authencity of Ayurveda and etc on the basis of science and other logical reasoning. The innocent Ayurvedacharya simply don’t have any rebuttal to those acquisitions. Those people who are against the dharma and yes I must tell you this news must be heard by you on medias. Even media are divided into two divisions. First one are the conservative medias who wants to preserve the societal  values, preservation of culture and the another one  are those medias who wants to prove that all Yoga, Jyotish are pretentious and frauds and they want to prove that they don’t have any scientific  basis but if were to look at the timing and you yourself being an esteemed yogi, you have been conferred with the title of Maha Yogi, you might  also have been skeptic and  inferred that all these controversies are made pertaining to the upcoming World Yoga Day.
Akshar: Exactly, the booklet was published three years back and the world yoga day is a week from now.  But the thoughts prescribed in the booklet is very positive in its approach and practice but why so agitation in the part of the medias and why have they highlighted this in the breaking news and why have they printed this in the front page of their paper media?

Ishputra: You should also keep in mind about some facts. Hindi media wouldn’t cover this issues but  there are some exceptions but the English media, English bloggers and new webblogs would write against it because there origin is somehow related to the anti religion belief. If you retaliate and if you confront them this truth as rebuttal then they will start claiming that it is an attack towards the media and  the violation of the press freedom and the press is the fourth pillar of democracy but people who are in media are also humans  and not gods and they are also prone to mistakes.  Is media only established to defame Hinduism? I wouldn’t want to dwell with the fact but I would want to directly answer your question. The prescribed rules that are mentioned by AYUSH ministry are as guidelines but not laws. Laws are compulsory binding in nature but not guidelines and these guidelines is of Ayurveda.  

Firstly I would answer your question. Does Ayurveda prescribe both non vegetarian and vegetarian foods? To which I would want to say that Ayurveda does eulogize vegetarian diets but not all the medicines of Ayurveda can be termed as complete vegetarian medicine, in spite of this, non veg is restricted. Seers who have written those texts have not limited themselves on just why you take the medicine or what you eat but also  one should cultivate inert qualities like sympathy. Cultivating sympathy against whom? One should cultivate inner qualities like sympathy towards plants and animals. Sympathy plays a vital role in it, it is for this reason the whole Ayurveda is based on sympathy. 

So if you voice your opinion that you would want to eat eggs and non veg, Ayurveda would surely  restrict it. Modern medical science will say that these thoughts are idiocy and misleading. I hold no grudges against Allopathy but the modern doctors have a very low attitude but not all of them are like that. There are some people who have good instincts too. They present the facts with “much ado about nothing” that if one doesn’t eat meat and eggs then there would be a serious deficiency of protein and malnutrition. They would further claim that 50% Indian children population are suffering from malnutrition and are anemic but it’s not the whole truth that meat is only  the sources of protein in this world. If you can prove to me that meat is the only source of protein then I will be on your side and I will propound non vegetarianism. Do you have any way?

 Ayurveda has restricted eating meat to just not pregnant mothers, be it male or female, children or adult and whosoever it be, it has prescribed vegetarianism to be the standard diet, Ayurveda has given priorities to vegetarian food compared to non vegetarian diet. It prescribes a very subtle guidelines and not laws. The Rishimunis they so are giving you guidelines and not just stating the positive laws, in the breach of which they give you sanctions. They can’t force you to follow all the guidelines. It is guidelines after all and not binding nature like that of the law.

A particular sect of media’s who are raising this issue simply cannot digest all these aspect. They cannot digest the fact that Hinduism is flourishing. They are trying to separate with yoga, why? It is because they want to defame yoga and ayurveda  and present it to the mass that yoga has nothing to do with Hinduism. Yoga is the very important inseparable part of Hinduism and any people who practice yoga benefits from it and is an integral part of Hinduism and similar is with Ayurveda.  
It is because of these issues the ministry is getting negative reviews and it is eminent because they don’t know the facts and they don’t have anything to reply. They are being isolated by scientific facts and are being attacked by people from all sides.
These are all propagandas because the World Yoga day is coming and they are trying to stop the Yogic revolution by installing false image on peoples mind by making booklets, food, religion an issue.

Akshar: It is an amazement that there are many points prescribed but they have only mentioned about the abstinence of sex and non vegetarian. There are some good points mentioned as well like having a nice pictures and reading books that reflects ideal values but they are only exploiting the facts of abstinence from sex and alcohol and embracing vegeteranism.

Ishputra: These people they can’t even take it. They think the government is trying to superimpose morality and idealism in them. It is because they think BJP is in the power. The BJP has nothing to do with this actually. Dharma is just not followed by BJP only. Dharma is common to people, even BJP and Congress. Everyone is free to practice their religion. The Dharma guru should separate themselves from the politics and preach spiritualism.  But there are some political parties here who have their own media houses in India to further their propagandas  and if you confront with them they shout and yell and not let people speak. They have forgotten the very ethics of journalism at first place. Now I will talk about some of the points.

Firstly Ayush mantralaya has said women should abstinent from sex. They have quoted it from the scriptures and the quotes of the scriptures alone are never complete.  For eg, In India there is yoga, to do a particular asana different ways of doing the same asana is prescribed by Rishimuni. Similar if you study any saints of Ayurveda ,some have guidelines that one should drink water before the meal, some say with the meal and some say after the meal or else one will incur diseases. So, those Rishi as based on the experience and wisdom gives you their guidelines. But when you are learning yoga and ayurveda and following the guidelines you have to go the yogacharya and ayurvedacharya.  yogacharya looking at your body by analyzing vath, pitta and kafa etc , they would conclude you to perform a particular asana only after analyzing your body and your system.  

Similar is with Kamachar, there is Vatsayana, Koka rishi of Kashmir, the author of kokasastra  who are known but besides there are many Rishis, Yoginis, Yonis who have given knowledge of kamachar to the human society and all of their guidelines aren’t absolute, they all have different views . But whatever is said by sastra is just guidelines but you have to go to yogacharya, ayurvedacharya and Guru to get the perfect guidelines. But everything stated by scriptures are guidelines. For eg, If you don’t know the right way to have sex then wouldn’t it hamper you.  So if you say you need to go to the scientist for it, the scientist they would study lakhs and 1000s of people and they will generalize and comes to a particular conclusion or rule which is more of a generalization. So no scientist would ever say that the particular rule is universal and absolute because out of those 1000s and lakhs population, a person surely who would have any sorts problem while performing sensual activities. These rules vary from person to person and are not universal and absolute because one in the many would surely have a problem with the sex.  To understand Ayurveda  and other related wisdoms we should use our own reasoning and logics. So these are all well executed plans to defame yoga. Talking about sex and sensuality,

 According to Rishi parampara there are certain rules on having sex. Can you explain why so many asanas are prescribed in kamasastra? It is because Kamasutra has prescribed many different asanas for people based on their situations and physical state. Asanas vary for individuals, asanas are prescribed different for obese people and different asanas are prescribed for slim persons. In the pregnant period even while having sex there are certain asanas prescribed and if you want to have a debate on this and then let’s have a debate on it and you can invite to debate on it. You can also have sex in pregnancy time but  there are certain rules to be followed. There is no universal rule, you can have sex in the pregnancy time  and the procedures are mentioned in the scriptures, but one should research and find it by themselves. People who wants to superimpose their idea and propogate their propaganda they will do it by any means.  A person who just wants to argue would just argue. Similar false argument is now conducted by today’s Anchor to propogate their thoughts. So, is the concept of kamachar clear now.  

Secondly, AYUSH ministry has prescribed some positive guidelines  about reading the lives of great souls and instill good pictures in the house and some media house would also have a problem with this because they can’t tolerate the fact of reading the lives of great soul and embracing spiritual beliefs. They have a problem with religion and spiritualism at the first place because it is clearly written to read the lives of great souls and they have a problem with the great lives of people and with people with spiritual belief. They are born evil and their inner animal instinct wouldn’t accept the truth.  They would never listen to you so they have established a media house to make their voice heard. When anyone dissents then they cry the chant of violation of press freedom and they treat others as if others can’t exercise their freedom of speech. To debate we are ready and they have a problem with it to.

Talking about modern science and it branch human psychology it says if you don’t feel positive by any pictures, incidents, objects and situation then you should negate all those things and only instill things that gives you positive vibes . You should keep such a picture that gives you bliss and it can be anything  that gives u bliss and it doesn’t the pictures should be of mine or guru, the picture can be of anything, a bird, trees, mountains. You should stay in the right environment. There are certain principles of Ayurveda which these people don’t know, it prescribes guidelines to refrain from negative people. It is infact truth because if negative vibes come in your mind it would hamper your body at first place. Similarly, we wouldn’t want the pregnant mother to stay in such negative environment and face the stress. Why is this so treated negative? It is in fact human psychology, please research on it. If modern doctors want to debate in high notes then I am also ready to debate and now let’s talk on modern psychology leaving dharma aside, 

Talking about food chain there is nothing in this world that one cannot be encouraged to embrace vegetarianism, I can also debate on this. Does “sympathy” have a meaning or not? So there are these things which are pure propaganda furthered by them and the new avatara of Yoga is gaining huge popularity, they simply cannot digest the truth. Yoga now has an international acclaim and they are trying to stop this progress. World Yoga day is coming and they will purposely do everything in their accord to create an environment to defame yoga and stop this revolution but remember the revolution has been set in motion and will now not stop. Similarly you can defame Ayurveda by accusing it of not being based on sciences but western society are now embracing and following it. In western society they have embraced Ayurveda and the whole world has embraced Ayurveda and the whole world is also now practicing Ayurveda.  I would also want to mention something, “ people now say  not to eat vegetarian diets because it contains harmful pesticides and insecticides” but please answer my questions  on this, Did Rishimuni ever asked you to spray DDT and fertilizers in the crops?. Who’s idea were the spraying? It was and is your modern science, your scientist have discovered it and prescribed it and now when it has become a poison and affecting the healths of people then now they have started to prescribe organic farming and vedic farming. People should be ashamed of this.

When we now say that to even perform sex there is certain guidelines and you should have information on it then these people are trying to debate with us citing these are all done to promote religion. I can give you in writing that science is doing research on it and in near future it will prescribe some guidelines like that of guidelines prescribed by Rishimuni in Ayurveda. Why are these people  so in haste, why are they very restless, why after prescription of guidelines why have they become so impulsive against AYUSH ministry  Ayush mantralaya should also be ashamed because if you come up with a fact then there should also be a logic to back it. Don’t they have any person to give them the reply? So I would like to say to the Government if you cannot handle the Ayurveda then please leave it to Vaidhya  and we will handle it by ourselves. If AYUSH Ministry cannot handle yoga then please stop this ministry because the government shouldn’t operate who cannot put forward their thoughts and visions straightly.  Similar is the case with the speaker of the government.  

These media people are so fake that they would only invite ayurvedacharya who don’t have the ability to put their ideas and vision forward to purposefully defame them. They have a huge studio and when one tries to speak then they stop and yell that you cannot speak your mind, they speak in such a rude way. There should be voices against these types of fake media. There is press freedom but why is it only free for them and not for us. So, my views are quite straight on it that one shouldn’t buy whatever ideas these medias are trying to sell but one should use one’s own reasoning and logic and only listen to one’s own intuition.

Against stopping non vegetarianism in this world is concerned, the whole Vegan movement has started, they are also against cow’s milk and ghee. There is needed to be done some research on it, until then we shouldn’t believe on these types of Television shows. Secondly, we are also in tv right now. The main function of the media is to deliver news to the viewers but these days they have started propogating propagandas. I myself am the scholar of ayurveda and I have learnt it from Guru Sishya tradition of Ayurveda. I have also learnt yoga from Guru Sishya tradition so I can tell you the various hidden aspects of yoga. 

Thirdly we have never affairmed which is a better choice,  vegetarianism or non vegetarianism? , I might have affairmed vegetarianism to be better choice but in the RishiMuni’s lineage they haven’t prescribed a clear guidelines on this. So, if you know about Kaulantak peeth and if you have listened to my sermons before, I have always affirmed the belief that seers says non veg is restricted but not banned fully because there might be some circumstances where non veg become inevitable and  one can exercise the  freedom but still some rules apply. In spite of all these the Rishi Muni’s have straightly said the best diet is Vegetarian diet and we should first have a vegetarian diet and then medium diet which is ghee, milk and curd which is under Yakshini bhojan.yakshini bhojan includes pickles, fermented foods.  

They do not have ideas on these issues. This controversy is surely to be exaxxerated as the international yoga days is few days further and they are already tensed. There are so many people in India who are against us and our religion, culture and they claim and pretend themselves to be neutrals and are media person. They are wolves in the disguise of sheep and they cannot hide away till long. People hiding in the veil of the media to target AYUSH Ministry and attack us is a stupid act and I whole heartedly condemn it. I stand very firmly and strongly against it. I know all the purports and lineages of our lifestyle and religion. They cannot delude us on this and the new generation is very cautious on this and they are very thoughtful on it. They are connected with all the modern media i.e  social medias and they know that T.V are the sources of great propagandas and wouldn’t be fooled. But still you have raised a good question and I think an utmost caution is needed.

Akshar: The very essence of the clarity  that you have given changes a paradigm shift in our perception. What would you want to suggest to the youth  who are very interested in yoga  and Ayurveda that the points were only four  and they have  taken only one point and made a controversy out of it. What should be the conclusion and how should they move forward?

Ishputra:  look, to be straight you will first need a guru and if you look at our great tradition and Kaulantak Peeth, Siddhas Peeth   or tradition of Himalayas, even for kam vasana guru gives guidance and people are very skeptic towards it. Even today kamasutra is the scripture that is worldwide famous for sexual posture and Kamasutra originated and it was written in India. The Rishi’s tradition is more vast and holistic on this. People have forgotten all the texts and the ancient traditions. We still have Vaam marga in India which understand kamasutra and explains kamasastra in details but people are unaware of this fact. The text has mentions of  guidelines on how to take your life forward. If we Indians and hindu religion were all against the sexual act would we create Kamasastra and Kokasastra, who is Vatsayana? And would we still spread the idea of all the sexual wisdom. Please consider this point with all your senses engaged against all these media propagandas. There are certain rich people in India from the time of its inception they are trying to attack Hindus and people interested in yoga, only Hindu’s  aren’t interested in yoga  and ayurveda, there are people  from other sects too. Hindu dharma is for everyone because it advocated universal fraternity “sarva bhuta hitye rata”.
My opinions are quite straightforward, if any people who are trying to learn yoga and ayurveda finds any confusion in any issues then please consult your guru and your advisors and not with those yelling anchors because do you think they know anything about Charakh samhita, Kashyap samhita and how Susrut carried out his work. Do they know what is written in the scriptures and Rishi parampara. If you ask them why have created such controversies then there reply would be like “the government should be refrain from mentioning such guidelines, it looks like it’s the propagandas of BJP and RSS”.  They are in fact targeting Hinduism in the name of BJP, RSS but why? It is because Hinduism is a religion that embraces everyone equally.

For eg, if a Christian comes to me and says he wants to learn yoga. I would never say him to first be a convert and then you will be eligible to learn yoga.  Even if a Muslim comes to me and asks me if they want to learn Yoga then nobody is going to ask the person to take a dive in the holy Ganges and open their white caps. It is unthinkable because our religion doesn’t teach us these things and we don’t have such animalistic traits inside us. It is because the whole world has now come to know about us and we treat all equally with no discrimination. They are always trying to create some stupid and illogical issues. So Akshar Bhairav ji I won’t hesitate to say you that you yourself are a yogi and you have been teaching people all over the world about yoga and guiding people about Ayurveda too. 

So you should not worry about any issues forwarded by them. You should be also be aware of such propagandas. You should also spread awareness all over the world that people need not worry and Hinduism isn’t in any danger.  Ayurveda’s talks about guidelines and norms. If you have confusion regarding it you can always ask me. They claim “government should refrain some such activities”, why shouldn’t government not mention guidelines? First of all if the government can’t preserve it and doesn’t have reasons and logics to back it the government should separate yoga and ayurveda from the AYUSH ministry. I have the reasons and logics to properly guide people so if any person comes to me to learn it I will teach them whole heartedly. And I have no interest in answering the fake media as I always get phone calls from the media for discussions  and why I don’t respond is because I have been to there shows and with experiences now I  know their hidden propagandas. When you confront them with it they will yell at you and ask you to leave the show. We should now change our perception towards these media and media personalities because there are many people who hide behind the veil of media like wolves hiding inside the hide of a sheep. So stay cautious and please try to preserve the yoga revolution in this world. Do not let it drown.  For people who have confusion about yoga and ayurveda then please consult your teachers for the proper guidelines. If you are someone with indulgence in non veg then consult your advisors and guru and they will guide you. The media and the debates so cannot guide you on this.

It is for this reason that the debate conducted in Newslivenot tv  had invited me for it then I stated that if I have to do the debate in front of the anchor then I would opt out. Akshar, You are a yogi and I am a yogi, you understand Spiritualism and I also understand it and we can discuss on this issues. The people who are connected with us who are yogis, spiritual seekers, Ayurveda and yoga enthusiasts will have more clarity about the issues of Yoga and Ayurveda and they shall decide themselves. But if we add an anchor to the show then the anchor would then put his/her perception forward. So, this is the way and whenever we have to talk about spiritualism we should sidelines these sorts of people because they would argue and yell and present fallacies in the form of valid logics because they lack the truth and they shall base their claims on fallacious perception.
So we shouldn’t be confused and I would like to put my thoughts forward and appeal  to you all to practice yoga with full zeal and energy,  you can follow all the principles of ayurveda and no principles will ever harm you all as  long we have a proper guide and guru. You can also read about it and research the related topics. Even the guidelines given by the government is not harmful and I have observed all these wisdom and practices with great scrutiny. I fully pledge my support that these traditions are not fallacious.

Akshar:  Beautiful thoughts Ishputra. The valuable time that you have given to the millions of people who follow you is very much valuable for them ……..

Ishputra: It was an impromptu act, all of a sudden when this issue came to notice from the newslivenow channel, I responded to them, that right now we are at Bengaloru and in Bengaloru, me and Akshar bhairava would connect and we will talk with each other on this issue and we will not entertain the idea of debating it in front of their anchors. I would like to conclude saying all should practice yoga and start walking in the path of ayurveda, all should walk in the path of Rishimunis and research on it. To have the vision to connect the world in one single thread. We have been moving with the idea of “universal fraternity”. We treat all the countries as our families and we also treat all people like our families and we worry about the upliftment of all.
So, we need not worry but there are some sects and personalities who don’t tolerate such great beliefs, we would like to pray to almighty that they be blessed with intelligence or else if they always present some challenges to us then we shall accept it because we are not abscondist.

Akshar: Many thanks to you Ishputra

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