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Ishputra siddha lineage and Upper Mustang.- part 2

9 nath and 84 siddha, The whole guru mandala in a picture.

This post is the second part of the Ishputra and Priya Ma visit to Upper Mustang post. As mentioned in the last post I have already explained about the basic facts of the journey and i have given  some basic introduction about the holy land, topography and the flora and fauna of Upper Mustang. Today I am writing about the different facets of the trip and the holy land Upper Mustang.

A glimpse of Ishputra and Priya Ma on the hill where snowfall happened.

Many Millennium ago, Upper Mustang was an isolated land. It was in such an isolation that everything were covered in snow and there was no habitation around. Suddenly, His Holiness Ishputra looked at the Himalaya and revealed to me "it was Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath Ji Maharaj of Yogini Kaula sect, the very own sect that we belong to descended from the Himalaya and it was he who started the settlement of people. It was impossible for a common man or woman to settle in this dry land. He guided peoples settlement here and initiated them into vaam marga tantra. He the Mahasiddha taught them how to survive in these extreme conditions and initiated them into vaam marga tantra where they could consume meat and alcohol under proper guidance to raise their consciousness and to rid themselves of sins incurred by the unauthorize use of forbidden object. He encouraged them to live a spiritual life and not be devoid of Dharma".

Be it Vaam Marga or Mustang, if there is one aspect that makes both Vaam marga and Mustang incomplete is Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath Ji Maharaj". His contribution to the revival of the lost ancient knowledges is unparalled. He is such a Mahasiddha endowed with great compassion that he went to great extent to learn all these timeless wisdoms from Lord Shiva. He was even cursed by Lord Shiva himself for listening the secret conversation i.e Agama and Nigama of Lord Shiva to Ma Parvati. It was he who revealed all the hidden tantric wisdom and yogic practices to the world. His legacy and contribution would never go unnoticed as whatever the world knows about yoga and tantra today is all revealed by him to his successors Goraksh Nath and through him to the world.

Rato Machindra Nath rath yatra at Lalitpur, Nepal

In Nepal we still have a yearly "Rato Machendranath Rath yatra" meaning a chariot procession of Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath. It is believed that in the completion of chariot procession of Rato Machindra Nath rath yatra, Kathmandu valley would have a nice rainfall and there will be a good harvest.

His Holiness then pointed to the Korala border of Tibet and a mountain nearby. He then added "somewhere in those hidden lands there is one of the 21 invisible doors to Kaulantak Peeth. People who have attained great spiritual level would first meditate inside those caves. When they have transcended everything and nothing remains to be achieved in spiritualism by their practices they become Mahasiddha. They then set out to the pious land of invisible Kaulantak Peeth hidden behind those invisible doors. A journey to the unknown world". From their, time and again they reemerge and reappear to the world to guide people and reveal them canons of wisdom to guide the society.

As we were on the breaks from the shooting of "Gyana Ganga" which is soon to be aired in Newslivenow channel, a mild snowfall took place in the nearby hill. It looked as if the hills seduced the clouds and the clouds released the rain in ecstasy. The rains were no less ecstatic, they turned into a beautiful snowfall. There were never any instances when neither my ears weren't ecstatic nor my eyes weren't ecstatic. There was something of a great fusion of His Holiness words in my ears and the nature's divine play in my eyes that made me remember the lines of the poem "Leisure" by Henry William Davies which i studied in my school days.

                         "A poor life this if, full of care
                          we have no time to stand and stare

Davies emphasizes that we have lost our inner touch and we have become so engrossed in outer objects that we don't have time for bliss. The bliss has become so secondary and chaos the primary factor. My quarter of a score years association with His Holiness has led me to one vital conclusion of life, we should become more of an observer. The more acute our observation becomes, the more the clarity we have inside us. His Holiness carries the legacy of the lineage of Mahasiddha Dattatreya Muni who principally observed 24 beings and then he inferred 24 different wisdoms. His Holiness has time and again always reminded me that we are Bhairava and our main goal of life is to become Shiva, Shiva the ultra observer, in fact Shiva is the only observer in this whole universe. It is in his observance, the universe were formed and is continuing and one day it will be finished under his observance.

"Observation" is not a simple term. Observation is used in spiritualism in many different forms. For eg, in Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, the first principle is all about observing the breath, there are two points to be observed, first the point when u inhale and you stop and second when you have exhaled all and the point just before you exhale. One should meditate on both the points and should try to elongate it and oneday it would lead you to samadhi. The observation of something make you reach the highest point in spiritualism.  For people who haven't been informed yet, Vigyana Bhairava Tantra is the next sadhana going to be conducted by Kaulantak Peeth under the guidance of His Holiness Ishputra. Please click Vigyan Bhairava Tantra Sadhana  for the details of the sadhana.

It is in one of those caves that we have done shooting for Gyana Ganga. Please watch Gyana Ganga series to know the answer.

Shooting in Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang it was a profound experience for me. It revealed to me like Ishputra revealing Upper Mustang to me. Everything was spontaneous. The three days stays in Lo Manthang and shooting in the nearby locations were just extraordinary. I have always affirmed that people will be shocked when they shall view His Holiness Ishputra revealing about the caves and the land topography in the upcoming Gyana Ganga. Whatever I have written here is just a tip of an iceberg. The whole iceberg would be revealed to us by the great His Holiness himself in Gyana Ganga series. In the next post i am going to write about the caves, the nomenclature, their formation and how it was used by Mahasiddhas and Peethadeshwar to trasmit Dharma. Please follow us by email to be notified for the next post.

।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम: ।।
।।ॐ  ईशपुत्राय नम: ।।


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