Saturday, 24 June 2017


Kaulantak Peeth is the ultimate abode of spiritualism. From here the whole civilization was taught dharma and it is the land of the penances. This is the place where 9 Nath to 84 Siddha did penances.It is the place from  where Rishi Muni impart their knowledge to worthy aspirants. Several people have claimed to meet great souls in Himalayas too.But if there is one thing that is still unknown to the masses is that KAULANTAK PEETH neither  differentiate between Gods and Demons. Both can practice spiritualism freely in this pious land. Similarly, there is no difference between spiritualism and materialism for the great souls of Kaula Siddha lineage. Let me explain the concept:

In most sects of Hinduism there is either materialism or spiritualism, both cannot go hand in hand. But in Kaula Siddha lineage the Siddhas use both materialism and spiritualism for their upliftment from sansara. It is the middle path as prescribed by the scriptures. If you go the Himalayas then hunger will affect a sadhaka and if they go to the society then Maya will affect them. So, the best way would be to live somewhere near the mountains and also near the society where one shall not have scarce of food supply and also have abundance of lonely environment which is peaceful which is an ideal place for sadhana. Furthermore, in winter the Himalaya cannot be inhabited because everything is covered by snow.  Even the animals hibernate.So, a lay person wouldn't benefit in those environment.

If one were to study scriptures then it is an inevitable fact that Lord Brahma created this world. When he first created the world he created "MANAS PUTRA". The manas putra were hard core spiritualist and had no interest in taking the creation forward. So he created Prajapati's the kings to give a structure to the society. Materialism is necessary aspect of creation because if all the people  of Brahma ji had not married and not  procreated and only been deeply engrossed in sadhana  then this creation would't have gone forward. This is for the reason both materialism and spiritualism are one integral part of creation.

Being one integral part of the creation, one should always strive to strike the balance between both the aspects. One should be materially abundant and spiritually elevated. This is for the reason Kaulantak Peeth advocates and prescribes the sadhanas of Yogini's. Yogini's they make you adept in art forms because they are 64 in numbers and each yogini gives you the knowledge of one art form making it 64 in number. They give you both bhoga and moksa. The most important part of the whole balancing both dualities is that a siddha would use both spiritualism and materialism for their own benefit. They would use materialism to elevate their consciousness which is not bad either. They have nothing to fear as they have the tantra to convert liquor into Amrita, pleasure into love, royalness into samadhi. Using everything available to them to their own benefit and elevating their consciousness. They have no attachment to spiritualism alone or materialism alone but using both to elevate their consciousness to the highest level possible.

"One needs spiritualism because it is the food for the soul and one needs materialism because it is food for the body". Only when a body is well nourished then the sadhaka can nourish the soul. No sadhaka can progress if they quit everything and go to the Himalayas or in contrast quit spiritualism and become an ardent materialistic. Yes, off course if you have attained spiritual heights and if you can remain hungry for days and if you can sit in one asana for minimum 8 hours then you can go to Himalaya for penances else there are no shopping mall and big hotels in the Himalayas.

Lastly, Kaulantak Peeth gives you dikshas to make you materially abundant and spiritually capable. It is in the sadhaks own capacity to materialize the diksha. The GURUMANDALA of Kaulantak Peeth as well as HH Ishputra Maha Yogi Satydendra Nath ji Maharaj wants to see the Bhairavs and Bhairavis prosper in every field and be successful in every endeavour. All Bhairavs and Bhairavis would surely prosper in both the fields if they walk in the path of Guru Mandala and his holiness.