Sunday, 11 June 2017

Kaulantak Peeth: A basic introduction

 Kaulantak Peeth is the sacred land that stretches down from Russian Alps through Tora Bora mountains, passing Hing Laj Devi in Pakistan, the whole Himalaya of Nepal, Bhutan, parts of Tibet which encompasses Mount Kailash and Kaulantak Peeth stretches till Burma.It is sacred because with the eternal mountains it has eternal history.It used to be the place where all Rishi Muni, Siddhas, Gandharvas, Yaksha, Kinnars, Gods and Goddesses used to reside to impart knowledge to the worthy sadhakas and Dharm used to be regulated from here. It is also the land of penances where sadhakas gets dikshas and here they start the first step to the penances.
         Historically "KAULANTAK PEETH" is mentioned in puranas. It has been explicitly mentioned in Skanda purana where brahmarandha of Sati Devi fell down.It is therefore Shakta and Shaiv peeth.It is the universal fountain from where all the sources of knowledge of sanatana like yoga, tantra, mantra, ayurveda, yuddha vigyan sprouts.Just like many rivers flow down from the mountains of Kaulantak Peeth, the sanatana  Hindu dharma flows down to the society from the mountains with the blessings of those eternal saints. It can also be compared with the holy Ganges.

        The holy Ganges starts and flows from the head of the almighty Shiva downwards and in process washes the holy feet of the Siddhas meditating on its bank to reach the society to cleanse the inner and outer parts of the human body as well as the society. Similarly the gyana and wisdom and practices of Shiva that he has in him flows down through the Rishi/Munis, Siddhas and then to the society where people can cleanse their karmas and walk in the pursuit of spiritual perfection. It is through this eternal unbroken lineages and succession of wisdom our Indian sub-continent has always been walking in the path of dharma and at times when sins sky rocketed and dharma declined the preserver of the universe Lord Vishnu takes an avatara to reinstate dharma.

         Since Kaulantak Peeth starts from Shiva, it is multi dynamic in nature because Shiva is the guru of this whole world.There is nothing that Lord Shiva doesn't know and there is nothing that Lord Shiva hasn't revealed to Mata Parvati and Sapta Rishis.It is for this reason that Kaulantak Peeth is the home for all spiritual practises ranging from Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Rasa Vigyana, Karmakanda, Yagya Vigyana, Yuddha and all forms of 64 art forms. People as per their mode of nature satwa, raja and tama can get initiated in sadhana in this pious land and then practice here.

          Kaulantak Peeth is run by Peethadeshwar i.e. the head of the Peeth. The head of the Peeth is not selected on the basis of nepotism, favoritism but solely on ability and capability, wisdom, perfection of spiritual practises and through the blessings of Lord Shiva. Every time the process is held all the tantric sects of the Himalayas send their best sadhakas to compete and among them a sadhaka is choosen on merit basis. The selection is done by ageless Siddhas, yogis and a group of guru termed as GURU MANDALA. Guru Mandala is the collective conscience of the gurus encompassing the first guru of this universe lord Shiva, Sapta Rishi, 84 Siddhas till the gurus of today's day and age.

Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji maharaj with Kaulantak Peeth in the background.

          The current peethadeshwar of Kaulantak Peeth is His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji maharaja of kaula sect. He hails from Kullu of Himachal Pradesh.His sole mission in life is to propogate the timeless eternal sanatana Hindu dharma to the society and to the future siddhas.He is the face of the Kaulantak Peeth who has been working tirelessly to give the message of the Himalaya and Siddhas to the world.

         May all the sentient beings of the world be bleesed by his holy presence.

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