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Maha Yogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj: A glimpse of my experiences

Before i even start eulogizing  the grate tantric tradition of the Himalayas, the Yogini Kaula tradition, I would like to pay my homage to the venerable reverend, His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji maharaj who is the abode of the timeless eternal Hindu religion and practices. He is the walking, talking encyclopedia of Hinduism. His domain of knowledge extends and encompasses the various parts of Hindu's lifestyle, from Tantra, Mantra to Yoga, Karmakanda (rituals) to Ayurveda. He has the full knowledge of the 64 art forms as mentioned in the scriptures and he is the current head i.e Peethadeshwar of the Kaulantak Peeth as mentioned in the last post and also the current head of Panchapeeth which in spiritual realm means the whole world, as per the gurumandalas, the whole world were divided into five peeths, roughly like the five continensts in historic periods.

If there is one mention that makes His holiness and we all Bhairav/Bhairavi incomplete is Mahaguru Mahasiddha Siddha Siddhanta Nath ji maharaj. He is eternal yogi who has been practicing penances in the Himalayas from time immemorial. He is our dada guru(grand guru) and  he is the main guru out of all 38 gurus of His Holiness. It was he who collected the mud as in His Holiness and then he turned the mud into a masterpiece, from a village boy to the King of Kaulantak Peeth. It is he who directed His Holiness to come to the society and teach the lost Bhairav/Bhairavi the sacred knowledges. It is through his distant love and blessings that we Bhairav/Bhairavi have never had to be far from spiritualism.
Tantric dance of Lord Shiva: Tandava Sadhana practice.

It was the greatest privilege of my life to have met him, to have been initiated by him, to have been guided by him and to have been accepted to the great unbroken lineage of the Yogini Siddha. It has been 5 and 1/2 years now that i am under his holy guidance. I still remember the first time Kaulantak Peeth had organised the first shivir in january 2,2012 at Kullu district. It was SHIVATVA shivir and i have since never looked back because the spectrum of my life changed. I had found something that I had lost inside myself. I had all these years of my life lost a road that i knew but I forgot the directions to it. Since the inception of this shivir my spiritual pursuit has continued till this date and I am a happy traveler not that i have gained something but the travelling itself is blissful for me. Every walk i make, i am making  it towards Lord Shiva.

Fortunately in brief period of my journey I have had a chance to serve his lotus feet. I got the opportunity to reside in the ashram and deliver my service. His Holiness is bestowed with great ultra human capabilities. Only few Bhairav/Bhairavis who have rendered their services in the ashram know that he can control his sleep on his will. He can go days and days without a sleep. He is Gudakesha (the controller of the sleep). I was once told by a fellow Bhairava how when he was working under a project inside the ashram he continuously worked for 3 days without a sleep and finally he slept after 3 days after the completion of the work. Secondly he sleeps on his will, a 15 minute sleep is mere sufficient for His Holiness.
Hath yoga practice in the Himalayas.

I once asked His Holiness the question about controlling the sleep and he replied with a smile "if a person chooses his food wisely and is in the control of his eating habits  and carries out specific sadhanas then he/she can control the sleep too". Thirdly, I observed him to have an extraordinary love for whatever he does. Whatever he does he gives his best to an extreme. I have seen him writing the lyrics of the bhajan himself then composing the tune himself, adding the sounds of musical instruments in the track by playing himself and then singing himself. The bhajans that he has composed ranging from raga based "darshana do ab to he jogi" which is in jog raga to semi modern bhajan "hey samshan niwashini".

Fourthly he had initiated us by taking us to difficult places where he himself  was initiated by dada guru. He had taken us for a trip to Hans Kund a 5 days continuous trip into the jungle where we slept in the caves to the heights of Goddess Bunga a continous 2 days uphill walk to the peak of the entire hilly range. He took us there not to test our limits but to give us the glimpse of the Guru disciple lineage and how it operates in the Himalayas. It would had never been possible for a meager guy like me to have such a spiritual experience had it not been the blessings of His Holiness.

Fifhly, the Bhairavas and Bhairavi of our peeth know that there is a secret land of penances in Kaulantak Peeth which is knows as "SIDDHASHRAM" and it has 21 invisible doors. It was my great fortune with other Bhairavas/Bhairavis to know the pin point location of one of the invisible door which is highly scares. It was one in a kind achievement for me, An invisible door was just separating me from all the great Guru Mandala. It was the closest that  I could have ever got to the Guru Mandala. May be time were not right or may be I lacked the eligibility but it was a such a grace at my part. I cannot reveal the exact location of the invisible door because of discipline issues but it was such a wonderful experience for me.

Sixthly, Kaulantak Peeth is the tradition of VEERA's i.e warriors and only those people can excel here who have the "never giving up" and "fearless" attribute, who can endure pain, who can go to an extreme of whatever they do like His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj. This peeth believes in sadhanas and less in satsang. Sadhanas is the way of life for us Bhairava/Bhairavis and it can never be done more in a precisely way then under the guidance of His Holiness himself.

Lastly, four year back I was asked by my fellow friends and by my family members, "What i gained by walking on this path?", I was then quiet because I had no answers but these days after 5 years of devotion, I have a lot to say and a lot to write which would be echoed in the blogs of mine in the coming days.

।।ॐ महाकालाय विकर्तनाय मायाधराय नमो नम:।।
।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम:।।

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