Friday, 21 July 2017

Guru Mandala and Guru Mandala Sadhana

Have you ever wondered how the world has always not been spiritual free?, After all these attacks to Hinduism and Hindu culture, spiritualism seems to never be fading. Spiritualism has always been constant. It has always been flowing to the society. The sources of the Gyana Ganga (Spiritual River) is unknown. From the unknown all known manifests, it is just like the rainbow manifesting out from the fountain. The rainbow manifest itself out in flying colors.

The spiritual fountain has always been flowing and the spiritual rainbows with flying colors have always been manifesting. The cause of all these phenomena can be attributed to Lord Shiva, the causes of all the causes, from him where the Spiritual River flows down from his Brahmarandhra(crown chakra) to the earth and the society to the great practitioners and sadhakas.
It is the duty of the sages, Sapta Rishi to ensure the spiritual fountain reach the thirsty sadhakas.

Time and again the sages who are the manifestation of Lord Shiva himself decide which stream of spiritualism that flows down from Lord Shiva should they let flow in the society for the upliftment of Mankind. They are the master of all pursuits. They have perfected almost every discipline. They can give you the knowledge, wisdom, sadhana about any topics related to spiritualism. Time and again they send their representative in the society to impart spiritual messages directing the society to spiritual pursuits.

Those sages are countless in numbers who have existed from time immemorial. From Maharishi Lomesh to Baba Gorakshnath,  Maha Sidha Matsyendranath to 84 siddhas. They always have an interest in the society so that the sadhaks in the society never be free from spiritual guidance. They guide and give guidance from Hidden Kaulantak Peeth  i.e the HIMALAYAS through unknown means. Their Mondus Operandi is unknown and one can do nothing but to seek blessings from them. One of the best ways to seek their blessings and guidance is through sadhana.

One particular sadhana which will connect a sadhaka with the Guru Mandala is the Guru Mandala Sadhana which is going to be held in Gujrata on 28-29th July. People who are interested in the sadhana can officially apply by calling the numbers given in the website.

The essence of the sadhana is that it is going to connect your consciousness with the consciousness of the Guru Mandala and if any person masters the sadhana then their is nothing left in this world to be achieved. It would be the greatest achievement in any sadhaka life to connect with the Guru Mandala, the fountain of spiritualism, Lord Shiva and a long walk to immortality.

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