Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why Indian Baba used to take alms?

Not just long ago, we had several Baba ji coming to our houses and asking for bhiksha(alms). This trend was set by the great sages of India who in their spiritual pursuit would take alms for survival so that they need not be focused on livelihood and how to make ends meet. This trend is declining, real baba ji are nowhere to be found and fake self proclaimed baba ji have made spiritualism their business earning millions and millions of rupees by selling the idea of "God" to the masses.

Spiritualism is a full time job with no payments and less returns. It is an undertaking that doesn't guarantee any prosperity nor any quick returns. Sages and seers meditated to decipher every secrets of universe. Had they been distracted by the idea of livelihood, making ends meet and having to work hard in the fields, they would have never discovered those universal truths.

Spiritualism in its purest sense is sadhana which means hard work undertaken to achieve a purpose. One has to go to an extreme to achieve the purpose or goal of his sadhana. I do not know about other field of study but for spiritualism you should be one pointed. The more your mind is in this world the more outer your senses become. The more outer the senses the more distractions of the mind because the mind gets entangled in the webs of ideas, metaphors, connections, ideology etc and it gets divided like the constant waves of the ocean which rises and falls but is never tranquil.

Therefore, for many reasons, baba ji used to feed themselves through bhikshas and alms. People today have misconception that only those people become baba who do not believe in working hard because begging is an easy job. They are completely wrong on this issue. All baba ji are not authentic baba like Baba Matsyendra nath and Baba Gorakshnath. The Mahasiddhas used to beg for alms not because they couldn't make money even if they wish to but it was a norm and a strict guidelines for them.

Mahasiddha Gorakshnath was a king maker. He made a simple king of Gorkha the uniter of modern Nepal. Still to this day and age, the ex-royal family worship Mahasiddha Gorakshnath as their personal deity. If a Mahasiddha can  make a small king late Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifer of the small state to a great country Nepal, do you readers think he begged because he knew nothing?

Great baba ji like Mahasiddha Gorakshnath and Matsyendra nath ji maharaj had divine powers. They also had the power of penances. They could manifest whatever they willed, they could bless anyone for a boon, they could control the nature on their will. The "begging of alms" was like that of "check and balance". These rules and norms were followed by the Mahasiddhas because whatever power they had, they still had to beg for their living. In simple term, they weren't allowed to misuse their powers nor benefit from their powers. A king maker had to beg for livelihood. That was a pure check and balance concept.

But the authentic baba lineage of Mahasiddha Matsyendranath and Gorakshnath is declining. People become baba ji these days to make money because it is comparatively easy. All you should is sell dreams and emotions. But the real baba lineage of Kaula sect of which His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj do not allow permission to do all these. Hopefully in days to come, humanity could be guided to more prosperous spiritual directions by the blessings of his

Kaulantak Peeth Nepal (please message me if you have any queries)

Monday, 21 August 2017

The real Yoga and the misconception behind Yoga

It might not sound good to the ears of Yoga enthusiast when somebody informs them that the yoga they are doing is the wrong yoga. Yoga is not what you and I have been taught. People mistake the postures and breathing exercise for Yoga especially westerners. They are also not to be blamed because they weren't guided rightly by the authorities of yoga. They are not wholly right nor wholly wrong because postures and breathing exercises are a part of yoga but not Yoga as a whole. For eg, studying graduate level in literature is the gateway to PHD (Doctor of Philosophy) in literature but the graduate level is not the whole Doctor level. It is just a part of the whole system.

The question now arises does one become Yogi by performing those postures and breathing exercises. The answer is quite simple. It can be explained through the analogy of Khaki dress and an Army person. Any individual who wears a khaki doesn't become an Army, the khaki is the symbol of army. Similarly one who does the postures and breathing exercise isnt an yogi, it is the pathway to being a yogi. Its the army who wears the khaki and not a person wearing khaki becomes an army, it is also the yogi who does the postures and pranayama and not an individual who performs postures and breathing exercises.

To perform the postures and breathing exercises one has to become yogi first, if not then the real essence of Yoga will always remain hidden. The objective of yoga is just not bliss and peace infact bliss and peace are such negligible term. The main purpose of yoga is to connect with your inner self and the instruments like postures and pranayama serves as an instruments to make your journey easy. The instruments aren't the  process but it serves as a catalyst for a yogi.

To learn the true yoga one must find a guru. If one is performing yoga to be fit and healthy then its fair enough because yoga makes you fit and healthy too. But if you want to go to the depths of Yoga then it like going to the depth of your existence. It takes a little bit of research. I  hope the readers will try searching for the real yoga in the days to come.

Friday, 18 August 2017

You have been doing YOGA wrongly.

Before writing this article, I would like to pay my homage to my Guru, he who gave me all the knowledge and wisdom so compassionately. The whole world knows him as "Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj". For me he is beyond the name and form, he is Lord Shiva himself descended down to society by the order of the Gurumandala for redemption of the Bhairavas and Bhairavis, who in the former life were connected with Kaulantak Peeth.

Secondly, I believe I am writing this article for a purpose. Primarily to give information to the Bhairavs and Bhairavis of Kaulantak Peeth about the various aspects of yoga and secondarily also to enlighten aspiring Yogis and people about the same which is secretive, unknown to the masses and also to those Yoga teachers who teach Yoga but do not know the basics facts of the Yoga, like why is an Asana done?, how is an Asana done?, What is the philosophy of performing an Asana?. I believe my writing shall clarify it all. I also believe that this article will serve as an eye opener for all sadhaks of Yoga and general masses to strive to learn the Yoga in its original and purest form.This is the first time in the history of Kaulantak Peeth such article is being written for the aspiring Yogis and for the people who are connected with Kaulantak Peeth to be enlightened on the topics of Spiritualism.

Yoga in Devanagari is written as "योग" which literally means to connect. There are some other definitions of Yoga too. Maharishi Patanjali says "योग चित्त-वृत्ति निरोध", to restrict and reshape the chitt's action. Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Geeta says "योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्", to perform any action excellently. It is also a very subtle spiritual instrument to liberate a human from all inner and outer bondage. The bondages of the body, mind, attachments, cravings and this universe. The liberation is done either by transcending all the tangible and non tangible objects and focusing the consciousness in something that is beyond everything, something which has a secular existence i.e the infinite GOD or for an atheist practisioner reaching the core of their own existence. When that particular state is attained it is a perfect yoga. It can be termed samadhi or a deep engrossment in the GOD, it is the same state and that state is the perfection of yoga.

The origin of the yoga is for the liberation of human from the clutches of the Maya. Lord Shiva, the ultimate compassionate Lord of all yogis created yoga. To understand the essence of Yoga one should first understand Lord Shiva. for example to know the country USA one should first know what founding fathers of America believed. The founding fathers of America gave much priority to individual freedom because they were then ruled by British Government and British Government levied huge taxes and left no stone unturned to silence the voice of the masses. That is for the reason America is founded upon the idea of individual freedom, less interference of the state into the private lives of the individuals and the right of a person to purse "life liberty and pursuit of happiness" as per Declaration of Independence 1779. 

Similarly if you look at Lord Shiva he resides in the Mount Kailash, Himalayas, a barren snow filled land where the temperature is extreme. It is such extreme that nobody can survive in those climate. The Himalaya marks the end of all civilization. A normal person cannot survive even a day without the help of any surviving equipments. The barren snow filled land that stretches from Russia passing Tora Bora of Afghanistan, Devi Hing Laj of Pakistan, the whole of Nepal and Bhutan, most parts of Tibet and Mt. Kailash too and ending in Burma. The snow filled barren land encompassing Mountain series and hills is called Himalaya and the extreme part of the Himalayas is the Maha Himalayas. The Himalaya and Maha Himalaya are both termed as "KAULANTAK PEETH" by the sages.

There has to be a reason why the great Lord of all known and unknown existence Lord Shiva, is pictured meditating in Mt. Kailash or at Kaulantak Peeth. It is because in Kaulantak Peeth, yoga was created by Lord Shiva and he gave the knowledge about it to Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Sapta Rishis. In return the Sapta Rishi, Lord Vishnu and Brahma practised it, developed  and propounded it to the society. Yoga originated in Kaulantak Peeth, that is for the reason yoga has some basic features which enables a practitioner to master their own body so as the person can adopt in any environment and can survive in the extreme climate without food and water.

Kaulantak Peeth is not a modern day coined term or any propoganda created by any person solely for business purpose, it is explicitly mentioned in the Scriptures. It is also known as Shambhala for the Buddhist, Siddhashram as mentioned in Ramayana. After lapses of time Kaulantak Peeth then came to be known by the name Kullutaa or Kulut. Today modern people call Kaulantak Peeth by the name Kullut Peeth but this would be a fallacy because modern day Kullu is just a small place. Some of the mentions in the scriptures are as follows:

१) कुलूतः कुहुका ऊर्णास्तूणीपादः सकुक्कुटः ।
माण्डव्या मालवीयाश्च उत्तरापथवासिनः ।।
(वामन पुराण - 13/43)


२) ततः कुलूताधिपतिश्चापमानम्य सायकै: ।
दशभिस्तोमरं भित्वा षष्ठया विव्याध पाण्डवम ।।
(महा. कर्ण पर्व - 12/35)

The prevalent assumption is that the Kulanta Peeth was the name of Kullu before Kulluta. According to the Kulanta Peeth Mahatamya scripture the introduction of Kulanta Peeth is given as follows:

अथातः संप्रवक्ष्यामि कुलांतं पीठमुत्तमम ।
यत्पीठं समाश्रित्य मुनयो सिद्धिमागताः ।।
अर्जुनस्य प्रसादाय दाधार शवरं वपु: ।
विपाशा च नदी यत्र नदी च यत्र पार्वती ।।
(कुलांतपीठ महात्म्यम 1/3,4)

The above verse literally means " Now I will explain the best Peeth of all the Peeth Kaulanta Peeth. The Peeth under which Sages took shelter and achieved perfection. To delight Arjuna lord Shiva took the avatara of the nomad jungle tribe in this peeth. The place where Vipasa and Parvati river flows.

जलन्धरस्य शैचान्ये हेमकूटस्य दक्षिणे ! 
दशयोजन विस्तीर्ण योजनत्रयविस्तृम् !!
उत्तरे व्यास तीर्थश्च दक्षिणे बंधुको गिरि: !
विपाश पश्चिमे भागे पूर्वे पशुपतिः स्वयम् !
अधिष्ठातृ च शबरी इन्द्रकीलम् पर्वतम् !!

The above verse literally means "At present it is located at north east of Jallandhar Peeth and southern area of Hemkut mountain. The holy place of vyasa is in its north, Bandhan mountain in its south. The holy Vyasa river flows at the western part and Pashupati is in the east. The presiding deity is the Goddess Shabari and its most important mountain is the Indrakilam mountain".

From above propositions one can infer that Kaulantak Peeth is the shelter for all wisdoms. Even the yoga originated from it, developed in it and directed to the society from it. Kaulantak Peeth is the Harvard University for spiritual knowledges and wisdoms. The Harvard has many faculties. The passouts of the university are regarded very highly, similar is with Kaulantak Peeth. From time immemorial the peeth has sheltered  more then 200 kulas (family, sects, lineages) of tantra and yoga. T
he sages of particular sectors are the Dean of their lineages. The sadhakas and students of the lineages with them carry the legacy of Kaulantak Peeth. The Harvard might be state or private regulated but Kaulantak Peeth is Lord Shiva regulated.

Kaulantak Peeth harbors the lineages of many sects and wisdoms. All originating from Lord Shiva. Yoga especially was originated on the Mt. Kailasha by the lord of all wisdom, lord Shiva. He at Kaulantak Peeth passed the knowledge of yoga to Ma Parvati, Saptarishi, Nath Siddhas etc. The sages who received the knowledges of yoga had their own lineages and kulas. So,Yoga also evolved with their own teachings. Basically in Himalaya there are some distinct peeth i.e Kaulantak Peeth as discussed above, Jallandhar Peeth which encompasses the land from Jallandhar of Punjab and also covers most of the Uttarakhanda terrains. Kaulantak Peeth is  mostly non inhabitant land compared to Jallandhar Peeth. Only souls who have perfected their body throught Yoga can live here and practice their penances in the extreme cold temperature.

The sages and seers of Kaulantak Peeth who had mastered all the facets and parts of yoga, they started to go to the society to impart basic teachings of yogas. This is where they gave sutras (yoga aphorism) for public. The lines of the sutras of  Shiv Sutra, Gheranda Samhita, Swaradaya, Hathyoga Pradipika, Patanjali Yoga sutra are still referenced today when it comes to explaining yoga. But this sutras are only basic sutras given by the sages of Kaulantak Peeth. It is just like the Dean of PHD faculty of Harvard prescribing the syllabus for the certificate level.
 For example, the modern day perspective of Yoga has to be credited to the eternal Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath ji Maharaj and his disciple Goraksh Nath. Matsyendra Nath descended from Kaulantak Peeth to the society to revive all the lost teachings. Under his guidance yoga, tantra etc bloomed and prospered and their were no corners of  Indian sub-continent where the fragrance of those wisdom didn't enrich. The society had now moved in a new direction. The lost sciences of Yoga and Tantra had re-emerged again.

The modern day yoga which has reached the shores and cities of the west are just the basics of yoga. It encompasses only 5% of the whole syllabus of Yoga. Those yoga are only certificate level courses which only focuses on staying healthy through Asana, havind a sound mental health through Pranayama, directing the senses inward through Pratyahara, some dhyana (meditation) practices, Samadhi (an unattainable pursuit) and some incomplete knowledge of the sacred and partially revealed Kundalini Yoga. Infact in the west, the most distorted version of the knowledge of Kundalini has reached. People have started creating their own versions and they have been teaching it which is plain wrong. Even the knowledge of the Kundalini is just plain basics and they have started doing forbidden things in the name of Tantra and Kundalini.

Even the Yogas propounded by the sages of Kaulantak Peeth are of various natures. For eg, Pashupat Yoga is a hardcore hath yoga practice put forward by Maharishi Mahasiddha Markandeya. Laya Yoga by Mahasiddha Gorakshnath ji etc. So basically their are many forms of Yoga taught by the sages of Kaulantak Peeth. They may have their difference but one common attribute among all is that, the highest level of Hath Yoga or Laya Yoga or any other Yoga is not taught in the society. The original and the highest form of Yoga can only be learned in the caves, barren snow filled lands and in the meadows of Kaulantak Peeth.

The Peethadeshwara is the highest authority of the Peeth. Peethadeshwara is a person who has mastered all forms of knowledges like Tantra, Yoga, Karmakanda, Ayurveda etc. A Peethadeshwara is appointed through competition by the Gurumandala. The Peethadeshwara is treated as Lord Shiva himself. Currently, the Kaulantak Peethadeshwara is "His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj", he is the youngest Peethadeshwara of Kaulantak Peeth time immemorial.

The Peethadeshwara resides somewhere in the Himalayas that is unknown to the masses. No person can ever reach there without his/her blessings. The Peethadeshwara is held at such high esteem and sacredness that he/she doesn't teach yoga directly. Any aspiring sadhaka who wants to learn yoga has to have a basic knowledge about Yoga then there the sadhaka is taught by his/her Bhairavas and only if the sadhaka progresses then at the final stages, gets the chance to be initiated by Peethadeshwara. The basics of Yoga like Pranayama and Asana aren't taught by Peethadeshwara but by his/her Bhairava and Bhairavis. Only when a person is initiated by Peethadeshwara then the sadhaka is believed to have learned the Yoga directly from the source. The source which is the fountain of all wisdoms.

There are some basics of Yoga which has to be learned to know the higher aspects of yoga. Some basics of yoga are the Asanas, Mudras, Pranayamas, Bandhas(lock) etc. For example, the seven notes of Indian classical music are SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI, the notes are altered in a particular way to form a particular raga (mood) and then a melody is produced. In Raga Bhopali 5 notes  SA RE GA PA DHA is used for arohan and avarohan to produce a melody. The melody is the utility part of the whole 7 notes. Similar is with the basics of yoga, Asanas, Mudras, Pranayamas, Bandhas, Dhyana, Dharana combination is used to achieve a particular yoga. 
For example, the utmost secretive Sudarshana Kriya Yoga(not to be confused with sudarshan kriya taught by other sect)  of  Kaulantak Peeth uses Bandha, Pranayama, Dharana and Mudra to achieve a perfect body through Hath Yoga. The Sudarshana Kriya Yoga of Kaulantak Peeth was first taught to Maharishi Markandey by Lord Shiva and then he gave it to the other sages of Kaulantak Peeth, gradually from unbroken guru disciple lineage it was given to me.
 The yama niyama don't have the same acceptance like the other basics. Maharishi Patanjali lays importance to yama niyama while as Maharishi Dheranda/Gheranda lays more empasis on the inner/outer cleansing of the body by Yoga Kriyas like vaman, vasti, neti, dhauti and kapalbhati. 

  • Pranayama: 
The Pranayama is one of the basics of yoga where the motion of the breath is regulated so as to achieve a particular state of body and mind. When a person is in deep meditation the person's breath becomes very slow and deep, his both nostril opens, both the ida and pingala nadi is activated. So if a person wants to reach the same state, all he/she has to do is make the breath slow and deep, and the state is attained.That is the essence of Pranayama, first to regulate the motion of the brain to silence the mind and secondarily for the utility part. 

Lord Shiva has prescribed more then 500-600 types of Pranayama but among then there are 72 basic Pranayama, representing the 72 nadis of human body. Kaulantak Peeth teaches all the 72 basic pranayamas. 

There are some Pranayamas which are inspired from animals. For example, Kapi Pranayama is based on how Monkey's inhale and exhale. 

  • Mudra
Mudras are hand gesture made by the fingers for a particular purpose. According to the Panchanguli Tantra our five fingers represents the five "pancha mahabhuta" or the five basic elements, earth, air, water, fire and ether. The whole universe is made of those five basic elements. Since, the whole universe is made of five basic elements, the whole universe is within the two hands and 10 fingers of a person.

Since we are a mini universe, the mudra can be used to control the inner universe. Some points of the mind can be activated for the desired results. Infact mudra is also known as Mini Yoga where fingers of the person does the asana.

  • Bandha (lock)
Bandhas are the locks a Yogi performs on his body so as to put a pressure on a particular point in the brain to give pressure to the nervous system. Bandha uses "pancha prana" to put pressure on the nervous system. One who controls the "panch prana"  controls the body. The person can elongate his/her life span. There are basically four types of Bandhas. Mula, Uddiyana, Jallandhara and Maha Banda.

  • Asana
Asana are the physical act a Yogi performs to still and pause all the inner motions. There are many utilities of an asana. The primary is the pausing of all inner motions, if you can still the body you can still the mind too because mind and body are connected. The secondary is to be healthy. There are multiple utilities of Asana, It is also used for the combination like mudra, bandha etc to form a Yogic Kriya.

Lord Shiva created and developed 84 lakhs Asana i.e 8.4 million Asana for the welfare of the human. he created it and imparted it to the sages of Kaulantak Peeth. In return the sages of the Kaulantak Peeth developed it, researched it and then further imparted it to the sadhakas of respective lineages. The sages had a keen observation of the nature. They tried to emulate the nature and the creation of Lord Shiva by which  they also came up with their own asana. For eg,  Goraksha Asana and Matsyendra Asana were created by Lord Shiva but Goraksh Nath and Matsyendra Nath discovered it and furthered it through acute observation of their self and the nature.

Not many people know that Asana are basically divided into two parts in Kaulantak Peeth.

  • Living Entity Asana: The Living Entity Asana were developed by the sages of Kaulantak Peeth by observing, emulating the living entity. They tried to emulate the body structure of the plants, animals and insect to see how their body reacts to the emulated Asana. Their finding were phenomenal. They then researched more on the research object, on how they breathe, how they react to external stimuli, and similarly came up with a blueprint to make the human body as phenomenal as the Asana itself. Asana are done for the betterment of the human body, to develop endurance and ultimately to lead a sadhaka to Samadhi. For example, the Bhujanga Asana were developed by observing, emulating and researching on snakes. Bhujanga means snake and it the snake pose the Pranayama is done accordingly. Similarl is with Dhruvasana, the asana on which Dhruva meditated on Lord Vishnu.
  • Non Living Entity: The Non Living Entity Asana are the Asanas developed by observing, emulating the non living entity. Non living entity like the utilities of the traditional ages like Chakra, Hala (plough) were deeply researched. The sages then tried to emulate it and then observe the impact on their body. They then formulated it and imparted it to the society. 
Some Asanas which were utmost secretive and only known to sadhaks of their particular lineage were based on Gods and Goddesses they exclusively worshipped like Brahma Asana, Vishnu Asana, Rudra Asana. There are also similar Secret Asanas attributed to Rakshas,Gandharva, Kinnar, Daity, Devta, Yakshinis. The Asanas also varies with Gods and Goddesses and places. For example, Guru Goraksh Nath with his Guru Matsyendra Nath and their followers used to practice Asana on the pointed tip of the trident which is more then impossible for the modern day acclaimed Yoga masters.

The present day Asana that is taught by the Gurus of the Indian and International market, who even distribute commercial certificate in the name of Yoga, who have ISO certificate in teaching Yoga, who conducts Yoga teachers course, they simply don't know such basic facts about Yoga which I have exclusively mentioned in my post. The reason is plain simple, they weren't taught that way. They aren't to be blamed. They were also guided by similar people. A blind leading a blind.

That is for the reason the Yoga should be learned directly from the source. To avoid being trapped down in the rabbit hole of the "A blind leading a blind" aphorism, any person who wishes to learn yoga should learn Yoga from a capable Guru whose lineage can be traced to Kaulantak Peeth. We are not asking people to queue our ashrama, one is free to find and choose a particular Guru who can teach the right Yoga and receive their teachings and in return enlighten others too.  For example, we insist on learning Yoga the right way. In our Peeth the tradition of learning an Asana unless the Guru says is by sketching the Asana on a Bhojpatra barks. Below is one of the paintings of an asana which most be done in Kaulini lipi. The Kaulini dialect is one of the most secret and unrevealed dialect exclusively known only to the sadhakas of Kaulantak Peeth.

The asana is drawn in midst of a mystical Yantra. The Yantra has four Bhupura.In Tantra, the Bhupura means the gateway of the Yantra. The Yantra is the geometrical representation of the universe, we are a mini universe so the Yantra is geometrical representation of our own body. Inside the Yantra is an enclosed circle, and the sadhaka is portrayed in midst of the Yantra. The midst of the Yantra means the Bindu, and the sadhaka is being pictured performing an asana inside the bindu. It is a very secretive practise which is not known to the masses and Yoga teachers of the society.

Similarly, in the society only hand full Yogas are known. Some of them are Raja Yoga, Laya Yoga, Hath Yoga etc. But there are different Yogas which are only exclusively known and preserved by Kaulantak Peeth. Some exclusively known Yoga are Malkhamba Yoga (Tree Yoga), Water Yoga, Hanging Yoga, Air Yoga. Some other aspects of Yoga generally unknown to the public and is very secretive are the Bhoomi Pranayama and Bhumi Samadhi. How Bhumi Pranayama leads the sadhaks to Bhoomi Samadhi.

Furthermore, Yoga also had some utility in terms of body maintenance. Maharishi Dadichi, his bones were more harder then the Vajra. Diamond in India is known by the name "Vajramani". A diamond is a very hard and rigid gem. Maharishi Dadichi's bone were harder then the vajramani. Imagine how hard his bones were. The bones of him were later used to make the Vajra of the God Indra. This is only possible through Yoga. If some aspects of Yoga is mastered, the impossible will then turn possible.

We believe that there is no person left in this earth who can teach Yoga in its original and purest form. There is no person left who can teach all the Yogas and its different aspect as mentioned above. We in future would like to impart all these teachings to the eligible sadhakas. Till then one should start researching about Yoga. One should put the first step forward to begin the thousand miles journey of Yoga. When the right time comes and rises, the self effulgent Yoga will then shine and be known and revealed to the sadhaks.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


"Ishputra" means the "son of Isha". In Kaulantak Peeth tradition "Isha" means Ishwara. Ishwara means Rudra. Rudra means the first Shiva. From him all other Shiva emerge, and all other Shiva is the reflection of the Shiva. Just like in "Devi Mahatmyam", Devi says "striya samasta sakala jagatsu"  which literally means "All women in his world have the attributes of Devi. All women are the manifestation of  Devi Bhagawati.". Similarly all Shiva in this world are the one and the same Rudra. Akshobhya Shiva, Kabanda Shiva, Sada Shiva are all the manifestation of the same Shiva Rudra.

"Ishputra" literally means "Son of Shiva". "Ishputra" is a spiritual title. The title is not easily available, the title cannot be bought in Kashi and Haridwara, nor the title is ISO certified by spiritual institution, the title has to be earned and it takes a whole cycles of rebirth and reincarnation to attain and maintain a spiritual level. When any sadhaka has reached that particular state, then the title is given. The title is not given like the certificate of attendance of a yoga camp, nor appreciation certificate. It is the Gurumandala who have to consent between themselves for the title, if all of them agree the title is then bestowed. If any one of them vetos the title is forsaken. His Holiness "Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj" was given the title "ISHPUTRA" unanimously by the Gurumandala.

"Ishputra" literally means "a person inside whom the spiritual seed of Shiva exist". There is a popular axiom in English "Like father like son", "the father and the son are same", the son of Shiva one day becomes Shiva, the non-dual Shiva, the Shiva, in front of whom there is non existence of any other entity.

"Ishputra", therefore is Shiva himself. It can be explained by the following example.
Some people in this universe term the whole orange fruit as "Orange", some people who are little intellectual, they associate the taste of orange as orange, some might associate the orange color as orange, some people might say "its the Orange fruit that gave the idea and association of every other attributes associated with orange". Some highly elevated soul may call "the seed of the orange as the real orange because its the seed that becomes the tree, the orange fruit, the orange color, the orange fragrance whilst the irony is that the seed of ORANGE is white and not orange in color". Similarly Shiva is present in everything but still Shiva is distinct from everything.

His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj is "Ishputra" the son of Shiva, the first Shiva as well as all other Shiva including his holiness "Ishputra" might have their own distinct body but the essence or the seed of the Shiva is constant in all of them. Therefore, His Holiness is Shiva, he is just like the same Orange fruit of the same Orange tree. The Orange tree is the Shiva, the seed of the Orange tree is the "Ishputra"

"May Ishputra implant the same seed of Shiva that he has in him in the consciousness of Bhairavs aad Bhairavi's of Kaulantak Peeth so that we all one day become Shiva like him".

।।ॐ ईं  ईश्पुत्राय नम:।।
।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम:।।

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tantra: a basic introduction

Today I am going to write about some basic aspects of Tantra. Tantra these days is the most talked about topic in the society. The society doesn't have a positive outlook towards Tantra. The reasons may be varying. But the most common outlook on Tantra are, "it does more harm then good", "Tantra is the instrument of evil", "Tantra spreads evil and one should refrain and distance themselves from Tantra".

These are all wrong inference of the masses. The masses were induced to wrong propositions. Tantra always has been a secretive science. The Tantra science is not taught but revealed. No person in this entire universe besides Lord Shiva can teach you Tantra. Tantra is exclusively under the control of Lord Shiva. This is for the reason if we read the lines of Agama-Nigama, it is always Mata Parvati asking questions on Tantra to Lord Shiva while as he replies her with some revelation. Just like the other side of the hill is only revealed to the traveler when he reaches the peak of that hill, similar is with the Tantra. Since it was created by Lord Shiva, it can also only be revealed to the sages and seers by Lord Shiva.

Tantra functions in "Kula" i.e family and lineages. For example, the Kaulantak Peeth advocates Kaula Kula primarily because "His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj" is from the Kaula kula and the eternal teachers of the Kaul kula have all bestowed him with their blessings. The 84 siddha are all mostly from Kaul kula. Every sages and seers have their own kula. For eg, Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath ji, Dattatreya muni have an allegiance to the Kaul kula, similarly Maharishi Sukhracharya, Maharishi Kashyap have their allegiance with the Mri-Kula.

Every Kulas have their own modus operandi. A Kula functions by its own rules and regulations and its modus operandi. for eg, Mri Kula exclusively uses the nature for nyasa and all other tarpan activites while as Kamahawya kula uses the sound as the agent of purification while as Kaul kula uses water simply. This is for the reason a person should have allegiance towards a kula because the person then learns the tantra based on that kula. The knowledge of the kula can only be bestowed by the Guru. The sadhana medium of the Kula are the Shakti while as the lord of all Kula is Lord Shiva or alternatively Lord Shiva is also called Akula(no family). Lord Shiva is above all Kula. All the Kulas thus pay homage and place him at the top of the tantra hierarchy.

But today in the markets there are number of fake gurus who teaches tantra on their own will and  berieved of allegiance to any Kula. Since they have no Kula they teach the tantra as per their level and not as per their Gurumandala. This is for the reason the holy tantra becomes polluted. The people then try to defame the tantra because tantra is secretive. One cannot buy the tantra from Lord Shiva. Since it cannot be achieved people then try to defame it.

The Kaul kula is the most famous kula of all. It is the kula which is predominantly in the society. It is irreplaceable. It is also secretive, people never get to reach the bottom of such kulas because of its secretive and non revealing nature to aliens. Therefore, people who becomes frustrated start giving bad names to the Kula. It is therefore the Kaul kula has been extensively associated with using liquiors, meat, fishes, mudra and sex as a part of their ritual and largely defamed. Kaula kula do uses all these forbidden items but not as how society blames us to do. Any forbidden things cannot be used Haphazardly, if done it shall lead to a downfall. That is for the reason the forbidden fruit can also be used to better the spiritual level of a sadhaka. The tantra is the instrument that makes it possible.

Therefore it is a mandatory practise in Kulas to be initiated by a Guru. If there is no Guru then you can never learn tantra. Guru reveals the disciple everything what Lord Shiva first revealed to the world. Guru is the signal between the two towers of a sadhaka and the Lord Shiva himself.

Therefore if you want to learn tantra, then always learn it from an authentic source.  Always try to know the Kula and exclusively the Guru.

om namah shivaya