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"Ishputra" means the "son of Isha". In Kaulantak Peeth tradition "Isha" means Ishwara. Ishwara means Rudra. Rudra means the first Shiva. From him all other Shiva emerge, and all other Shiva is the reflection of the Shiva. Just like in "Devi Mahatmyam", Devi says "striya samasta sakala jagatsu"  which literally means "All women in his world have the attributes of Devi. All women are the manifestation of  Devi Bhagawati.". Similarly all Shiva in this world are the one and the same Rudra. Akshobhya Shiva, Kabanda Shiva, Sada Shiva are all the manifestation of the same Shiva Rudra.

"Ishputra" literally means "Son of Shiva". "Ishputra" is a spiritual title. The title is not easily available, the title cannot be bought in Kashi and Haridwara, nor the title is ISO certified by spiritual institution, the title has to be earned and it takes a whole cycles of rebirth and reincarnation to attain and maintain a spiritual level. When any sadhaka has reached that particular state, then the title is given. The title is not given like the certificate of attendance of a yoga camp, nor appreciation certificate. It is the Gurumandala who have to consent between themselves for the title, if all of them agree the title is then bestowed. If any one of them vetos the title is forsaken. His Holiness "Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj" was given the title "ISHPUTRA" unanimously by the Gurumandala.

"Ishputra" literally means "a person inside whom the spiritual seed of Shiva exist". There is a popular axiom in English "Like father like son", "the father and the son are same", the son of Shiva one day becomes Shiva, the non-dual Shiva, the Shiva, in front of whom there is non existence of any other entity.

"Ishputra", therefore is Shiva himself. It can be explained by the following example.
Some people in this universe term the whole orange fruit as "Orange", some people who are little intellectual, they associate the taste of orange as orange, some might associate the orange color as orange, some people might say "its the Orange fruit that gave the idea and association of every other attributes associated with orange". Some highly elevated soul may call "the seed of the orange as the real orange because its the seed that becomes the tree, the orange fruit, the orange color, the orange fragrance whilst the irony is that the seed of ORANGE is white and not orange in color". Similarly Shiva is present in everything but still Shiva is distinct from everything.

His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj is "Ishputra" the son of Shiva, the first Shiva as well as all other Shiva including his holiness "Ishputra" might have their own distinct body but the essence or the seed of the Shiva is constant in all of them. Therefore, His Holiness is Shiva, he is just like the same Orange fruit of the same Orange tree. The Orange tree is the Shiva, the seed of the Orange tree is the "Ishputra"

"May Ishputra implant the same seed of Shiva that he has in him in the consciousness of Bhairavs aad Bhairavi's of Kaulantak Peeth so that we all one day become Shiva like him".

।।ॐ ईं  ईश्पुत्राय नम:।।
।।ॐ सं सिद्धाय नम:।।

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