Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Tantra: a basic introduction

Today I am going to write about some basic aspects of Tantra. Tantra these days is the most talked about topic in the society. The society doesn't have a positive outlook towards Tantra. The reasons may be varying. But the most common outlook on Tantra are, "it does more harm then good", "Tantra is the instrument of evil", "Tantra spreads evil and one should refrain and distance themselves from Tantra".

These are all wrong inference of the masses. The masses were induced to wrong propositions. Tantra always has been a secretive science. The Tantra science is not taught but revealed. No person in this entire universe besides Lord Shiva can teach you Tantra. Tantra is exclusively under the control of Lord Shiva. This is for the reason if we read the lines of Agama-Nigama, it is always Mata Parvati asking questions on Tantra to Lord Shiva while as he replies her with some revelation. Just like the other side of the hill is only revealed to the traveler when he reaches the peak of that hill, similar is with the Tantra. Since it was created by Lord Shiva, it can also only be revealed to the sages and seers by Lord Shiva.

Tantra functions in "Kula" i.e family and lineages. For example, the Kaulantak Peeth advocates Kaula Kula primarily because "His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj" is from the Kaula kula and the eternal teachers of the Kaul kula have all bestowed him with their blessings. The 84 siddha are all mostly from Kaul kula. Every sages and seers have their own kula. For eg, Mahasiddha Matsyendra Nath ji, Dattatreya muni have an allegiance to the Kaul kula, similarly Maharishi Sukhracharya, Maharishi Kashyap have their allegiance with the Mri-Kula.

Every Kulas have their own modus operandi. A Kula functions by its own rules and regulations and its modus operandi. for eg, Mri Kula exclusively uses the nature for nyasa and all other tarpan activites while as Kamahawya kula uses the sound as the agent of purification while as Kaul kula uses water simply. This is for the reason a person should have allegiance towards a kula because the person then learns the tantra based on that kula. The knowledge of the kula can only be bestowed by the Guru. The sadhana medium of the Kula are the Shakti while as the lord of all Kula is Lord Shiva or alternatively Lord Shiva is also called Akula(no family). Lord Shiva is above all Kula. All the Kulas thus pay homage and place him at the top of the tantra hierarchy.

But today in the markets there are number of fake gurus who teaches tantra on their own will and  berieved of allegiance to any Kula. Since they have no Kula they teach the tantra as per their level and not as per their Gurumandala. This is for the reason the holy tantra becomes polluted. The people then try to defame the tantra because tantra is secretive. One cannot buy the tantra from Lord Shiva. Since it cannot be achieved people then try to defame it.

The Kaul kula is the most famous kula of all. It is the kula which is predominantly in the society. It is irreplaceable. It is also secretive, people never get to reach the bottom of such kulas because of its secretive and non revealing nature to aliens. Therefore, people who becomes frustrated start giving bad names to the Kula. It is therefore the Kaul kula has been extensively associated with using liquiors, meat, fishes, mudra and sex as a part of their ritual and largely defamed. Kaula kula do uses all these forbidden items but not as how society blames us to do. Any forbidden things cannot be used Haphazardly, if done it shall lead to a downfall. That is for the reason the forbidden fruit can also be used to better the spiritual level of a sadhaka. The tantra is the instrument that makes it possible.

Therefore it is a mandatory practise in Kulas to be initiated by a Guru. If there is no Guru then you can never learn tantra. Guru reveals the disciple everything what Lord Shiva first revealed to the world. Guru is the signal between the two towers of a sadhaka and the Lord Shiva himself.

Therefore if you want to learn tantra, then always learn it from an authentic source.  Always try to know the Kula and exclusively the Guru.

om namah shivaya

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