Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why Indian Baba used to take alms?

Not just long ago, we had several Baba ji coming to our houses and asking for bhiksha(alms). This trend was set by the great sages of India who in their spiritual pursuit would take alms for survival so that they need not be focused on livelihood and how to make ends meet. This trend is declining, real baba ji are nowhere to be found and fake self proclaimed baba ji have made spiritualism their business earning millions and millions of rupees by selling the idea of "God" to the masses.

Spiritualism is a full time job with no payments and less returns. It is an undertaking that doesn't guarantee any prosperity nor any quick returns. Sages and seers meditated to decipher every secrets of universe. Had they been distracted by the idea of livelihood, making ends meet and having to work hard in the fields, they would have never discovered those universal truths.

Spiritualism in its purest sense is sadhana which means hard work undertaken to achieve a purpose. One has to go to an extreme to achieve the purpose or goal of his sadhana. I do not know about other field of study but for spiritualism you should be one pointed. The more your mind is in this world the more outer your senses become. The more outer the senses the more distractions of the mind because the mind gets entangled in the webs of ideas, metaphors, connections, ideology etc and it gets divided like the constant waves of the ocean which rises and falls but is never tranquil.

Therefore, for many reasons, baba ji used to feed themselves through bhikshas and alms. People today have misconception that only those people become baba who do not believe in working hard because begging is an easy job. They are completely wrong on this issue. All baba ji are not authentic baba like Baba Matsyendra nath and Baba Gorakshnath. The Mahasiddhas used to beg for alms not because they couldn't make money even if they wish to but it was a norm and a strict guidelines for them.

Mahasiddha Gorakshnath was a king maker. He made a simple king of Gorkha the uniter of modern Nepal. Still to this day and age, the ex-royal family worship Mahasiddha Gorakshnath as their personal deity. If a Mahasiddha can  make a small king late Prithvi Narayan Shah, the unifer of the small state to a great country Nepal, do you readers think he begged because he knew nothing?

Great baba ji like Mahasiddha Gorakshnath and Matsyendra nath ji maharaj had divine powers. They also had the power of penances. They could manifest whatever they willed, they could bless anyone for a boon, they could control the nature on their will. The "begging of alms" was like that of "check and balance". These rules and norms were followed by the Mahasiddhas because whatever power they had, they still had to beg for their living. In simple term, they weren't allowed to misuse their powers nor benefit from their powers. A king maker had to beg for livelihood. That was a pure check and balance concept.

But the authentic baba lineage of Mahasiddha Matsyendranath and Gorakshnath is declining. People become baba ji these days to make money because it is comparatively easy. All you should is sell dreams and emotions. But the real baba lineage of Kaula sect of which His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj do not allow permission to do all these. Hopefully in days to come, humanity could be guided to more prosperous spiritual directions by the blessings of his

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