Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Rules and Regulations of Kaulantak Peeth

We are proud Bhairavas and Bhairavi's who have special allegiance to the tantric Kaula lineage, the utmost lineage and sect out of all the lineage and sects present in the Himalaya. The legacy of the Kaulas starts right from Lord Shiva, it then passes to the great Gurumandala who are the torch bearers of the  Kaula lineage and they in return have passed down the legacy and then handed down the torch and legacy to Maha Kaula Shiromani, Kaulantak Peethadeshwar  "His Holiness Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj". His Holiness is the head of all the Kaulas present in this world. Since,"Kulika is Shiva themselves". His Holiness is Mahakulika, the head of all Kulas so he is the Mah Shiva or the great Rudra himself. This is for the reason he is also popularly known as "Ishputra" meaning "the son of Isha". Since in our tantric lexicons, "Isha" means Rudra or Shiva, so he is also known as "the son of Shiva". The son and the father are always one.

Such great reverence is of the Peethadeshwara of the Kaulantak Peeth that there are certain rules and regulation or protocols the Bhairav and Bhairavi's should abide by. They are following:
1) Since, His Holiness is Lord Shiva himself. He should also be revered as lord Shiva himself. Therefore, lord Shiva along with the authority Goddess of Kaulantak Peethm Ma Kurukulla Devi and His Holiness "Ishputra" should be revered and greeted with Kaulachara Pranam as frequently as possible. The Kaulachara Pranam is the mixed salutation process of Tantra and Yoga. The Bhairava and Bhairavi's should perform the Kaulachara Pranam as much as they can. The more they perform the more beneficial to them.2)One should also perform Kaulachara Pranama to both Guruma Ma Priya Bhairavi, the beloved of our guru His Holiness "Ishputra", and Ma Kurukulla. Both should be greeted with Kaulachara Pranam with same reverence and devotion.

3) One should not sit in the equal height of His Holiness anywhere and everywhere. His Holiness might out of compassion asks you to sit besides him or in the equal height, still you should politely deny it out of great reverence and then sit on the floor. The Peeth demands utmost devotion and reverence from the Bhairavs and Bhairavi's.

4) One should not talk when His Holiness is talking or interrupt him in middle of his teaching and sermon. He doesn't talk out of preparation. He preaches through the connection with the Gurumandala so a person should not interrupt him in between because that would break his inner connection with the Gurumandala. When he is talking, he is Lord Shiva in preaching.

5) It is mandatory for any Sadhak to wear the Kaulachari Dress, the red dhoti with yellow borders when inside the peeth. When they are out of the peeth the kaulachari dress is non mandatory.

6) Whoever wants to visit the market for personal purpose should first take the permission of Alok Bhairava.

7) When a sadhaks would want to talk with His Holiness, special time would be allocated. Even at the time of the questions by the sadhaka, the particular person should cover the mouth and then ask the questions. He/she should also bend or lean forward while in the proximity of His Holiness and Guruma.

8) The sadhaks are not allowed to indulge in smoking and chewing tobacco while in or out of the peeth and drinking is also strictly prohibited.

9) The sadhaks are also not allowed to eat outside the peeth or in the hotel at the time of the shivir.

10) Gossiping is strictly prohibited and restricted in the Ashram. If a person is free the person should indulge in sewa and chant the mantras of the peeth.

11) Everyone should wake up early in the morning and reach the sadhana hall within 6 am.

12) All should participate in Satya yoga and Kaulachara chanting.

13) All should keep their sadhana table clean.

14) One should keep the toilet clean.

15) One should not speak in loud voices and shouldn't make noises.

16) One should keep the mobile phone silent.

17) After every meal, the respective person should themselves wash their plates and glass.

18) Sewa is the most important aspect of the sadhana. Therefore, the participants should render as much sewa as they can.

19) One should be humble and they should also strive to cultivate divinity in them inside the Peeth, any form of intolerance and rude behaviour by the sadhaka would not be tolerated by the peeth.

20) The Peeth carries every right to deny the participation of any sadhaka in the midst of the sadhana shivir if the Peeth feels the particular person has violated the basic norms of the Peeth.

21) The Astottarsatnamawali book of His Holiness should also be treated with great reverence and not be haphazardly handled and also not be laid on the ground. It should only be placed on the top of the towel which the Peeth provides.

The list continues but the utmost needed element is the devotion and utmost reverence to the Kaula lineage.
Om namah shivaya.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bali Pratha or Sacrifise Ritual

Devi Durga slaying the demon.

It is the third day of the Navaratri here in Indian subcontinent. People are poised to worship the Nava Durga, the nine forms of the Goddess Durga. The worship of Devi brings wealth, joy, prosperity, abundance with the slain of inner demons like animal instinct, tamas elements like, anger, greed, envious, pretentiousness etc.

The worship of Devi is done through Tantra, and it is done through rituals. The rituals are the life style of the Hindu Community. From the birth to the death, rituals do not end. From the very instance an infant is born, there is "baptism" or "name giving ceremony" then "rice feeding ceremony" then marriage ritual, pitri rituals, Kuldevta puja rituals, Ista devta puja rituals, Rudri rituals and list goes on and it doesn't end with the death too. After the funeral rituals the deceased person's descendant then carries out the ritual in his or her name every Pitri Paksha. The rituals are never ending process of Hindu community. That is what makes us culturally rich.

Right after the conclusion of Pitri paksha, Nava ratri starts. It is the most valued time for the tantric practitioners, it is the right time to carry out the rituals, penances and to start any auspicious work. The Devi Durga is the goddess of the HEROS or Viras or Warriors. She is the goddess of the warriors because she herself is the shakti and with her prowess she had slayed the almighty demon "Mahishasura" and therefore she is known as "Mahisasur Mardini", the slayer of Mahisasura demon.

The most controversial aspect of any Devi's sadhana or rituals is the use of sacrifice or bali. Bali is one of the most important aspect of the ritual. The whole ritual is incomplete if there is no sacrifice.
In our community, especially in Nepal which is the land of the warriors people use animals as the element of sacrifice. People sacrifice goat, hens, ducks, he-buffalo etc as per the rituals of the goddess.

Now, the question arises on "why are the animals used for sacrifice?". To answer that, we should first have to know for what reasons Goddess Durga was invoked. She was invoked because the demon Mahisasura was undefeatable and he started to create havoc everywhere. It is for his killing she was invoked by the gods. Now, to win the battle with Mahisasura is not like winning the opponent in the chess game. There was a fierce battle between them and she came out as the winner. She is naturally the goddess of the warriors.

In every rituals of devi, she is first invoked and when she is invoked she has the tendency to destroy the devils and demons because that is her nature. Where Devi resides, evil disappears. Now, we all also have demons and devils and the dark forces inside us. Those dark forces are in the form of animals instincts, greed, enviousness etc. When she is invoked, we sacrifice our inner demons to her because she is the only force that can destroy the very evil dark forces that is in our roots. This is for the reason the animals are used.

The animals are symbolic representation of our inner demons and devils. The animals are the representation of our inner animals instinct. In the ritual with the slaying and the sacrifice of the outer animal the inner animal instinct also is slayed and sacrificed because both are associated through the power and association of feelings. For instance, cows are never sacrificed because cows are firstly divine for many reasons and secondly it is connected with the divinity inside us. If we sacrifice a cow, the divinity in us is also sacrificed and a person becomes a devil from inside because the divinity is now absent from that person. To harness divinity is the work of a life time and to loose it just takes a a minute if you slay a cow for whatever reasons. Therefore, cows are not allowed to be sacrificed because it destroys the divinity in us.

Now, the question arises, "Why should animals be used?", the answer to the question can be inferred from above paragraph. The animal is the symbolic representation of the inner animal instinct. It is symbolic. That is for the reason, it can be substituted with coconut. The coconut is another element that can be used along with "Kubindo" or the Wax Guard. The coconut is more preferable and easy thing to sacrifice. That is for the reason we should substitute the animals by coconuts.

Secondly, the question also arises "if the animal slaying is itself a sin or not?". To answer it from the perspective of religion and spiritualism, The animals has a soul and when they are slayed, it is not the soul of the animal that is killed, it is the body that is slayed. The soul finds another body and the process continues until the soul is liberated through penances and is only possible in and through a human body.

 We Hindus believe that there are 84,00,000 lives ranging from bacteria's to humans to elephants to trees to shrubs etc. The human life is the highest in the hierarchy. When a person has gone through the lives of all the yoni's then the person attains the human body. The human body is such worthy that the soul can only be freed from the clutches of karma through human body. Human body is the medium for the salvation.

Since, the animal that has been used for the purpose of attaining divinity and is sacrificed in the name of the Goddess, the animal rises high in the hierarchy of the aforementioned lives gradually evolving to get the human body. The animals sacrifice is not only the sacrifice of our animal instinct but also the very animal instinct of the animal used. It is though violent but beneficial to both. The means may be annoying but the end is beneficial for both.

The haphazard way of killing the animals is sure for the killer to be sinned. The killer as per the law of karma, his soul find the body of an animal and then is slayed similarly. This is for the reason, animal sacrifice should only be done under proper rituals. It is like walking on the edge of the cliff, you have a high chance of falling down.

The whole sacrifice is the matter of belief. I personally am a vegetarian and I have substituted the animal with the coconut. The coconut is easy to get and is way cheaper then the use of the animals.
Personally, i think the whole "bali pratha" should exist because it is the sacrifice of our own inner animal instinct but the use of the animals should be substituted with coconut because it is more logical thing to do because if anything goes wrong in the animal sacrifice rituals, one becomes animals in the next birth through the law of karma. Why risk a human life to get an animal life?

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Shiva linga and sensuality

A person just happened to send me a question about "Shiva linga"?. His question was, "Why Shiva linga has the explicit image of a men's penis and women's vagina like that of a picture shown in the above given picture. Does the explicit image reflect the sensual aspect of the religion?

To answer some of the inquisition of the person, I should first tell my readers that the explicit use of the penis and vagina in Shiva Linga has nothing to do with sensuality. If any person relates it to sensuality then the person has sinned on the spot. Tantra is secretive, if you don't understand tantra prima facie, you would be fooled by tantra. Tantra is not what it looks or seems like. Tantra is way beyond that. One needs a tantric mind to discern or infer the facts from the tantra.

Tantra uses symbols to explain phenomena. It heavily uses representation or symbols to do the upasana of gods and goddess and rituals. For instance, Maharishi Daitya guru Shukracharya lost his one eye because of Kusha grass, so the Kusha grass is exclusively used in tantra for warding off evil spirits. Now, the evil spirits are more stronger then the Kusha grass but our beliefs are attached to the Kusha grass and when it is powered by emotions, emotions powered by mantras, it harnesses the power of mind and mantra into it. It is the power of ones own mind and belief which wards off the evil spirit, the kusha grass merely serves as a catalyst or a trigger.

Similarly, the penis and vagina as shown in the picture represents masculine and feminine aspect of creation, i.e Shiva and Shakti respectively. Shiva doesn't mean the primitive Rudra alone, Shiva also means the masculine aspect of the whole creation that is the witness of every phenomena while as the Shakti is the dynamic energy which helps in the creation of anything in this universe. Alone the Shakti cannot function and alone the Shiva cannot function. Ultimately, Shiva and Shakti are equal and same but separate.

Inside every person there is masculinity and femininity. The male have more masculinity in them and less of femininity and females have more femininity and less masculinity in them. A person is only complete when he/she balances both the aspect inside themselves. The balancing act is not an easy task, it takes a rigorous practice.

The ultimate Shiva is Ardhanarishwara i.e half man half women. It is just like a chickpeas  broken into two. When it is broken into two, one equal half is Shiva and the other equal half is Shakti. We started our existence from  the very concept of Shiva and Shakti, the seed of our father is the Shiva while as the ovum of the mother is the Shakti, both fused to give a new life i.e us. Our life itself started from the Shiva and Shakti concept.

This Shiva and Shakti principle has a diverse use. It is also used in grammars, tantra, yoga, medicine etc. One similar utility of this principle is also used in Shiva linga worship.

The penis and the vagina in the Shiva linga represent the masculine and feminine aspect respectively. The penis is represented or symbolized as masculine aspect and the vagina is the feminine aspect. Now to symbolically represent the balance and oneness of the Shiva and Shakti, the penis is shown inserted inside the vagina. It is oneness. It is the oneness and fusion point of masculinity and femininity.

Therefore, the Shiva linga represents the balance of Shiva and Shakti, masculinity and femininity. It represents the oneness between Shiva and Shakti. The only problem in the whole thing is our own perception towards it.

We have a negative and pessimistic minds in us, the whole perception of understanding subtle elements of our religion is washed away by the sensual aspect of their brain. There is no sensual part in Shiva linga. It is our minds that extracts symbols as per our own discretion. The mind interprets the Shiva linga to be sensual and a spiritual person would interpret Shiva Linga as the union and balance of masculinity and femininity inside a person which will make them Shiva.

Unlike most people out there who makes criticizes the Shiva linga, you should remember that the Shiv linga represents you. The phallus represents the universal males. All males are masculine part of the creation. All females are represented by the yoni. All females are the feminine part of the creation. Every person is either male or a female, so the use of yoni and linga shouldn't be any problem to a spiritual seeker.

Furthermore, if you were to look from the Kundalini aspect of penance, the Shakti resides in the Muladhara Chakra or the base chakra of any person. Shiva resides in the Shiva bindu inside the Sahasrar Chakra at the forehead. The union of Shiva and Shakti means the dormant Shakti is raised from the Muladhara Chakra to unite with the Shiva in Shiv bindu. That is the end of the whole spiritualism. The person who has united the Shiva and Shakti inside them and has reached the Shiva bindu, the person becomes a siddha. He has two choices either to be a siddha and to live in this world or to pursue the goal further of Moksha.

Therefore the whole of Kundalini has been represented in a kind of a figure. One who has got the tantric mind knows how to interpret the symbols, one who knows not thinks it to be a "penis" and "vagina" and laughs. Little do they know, it is the laugh on their own stupidity.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Kamakhya Devi and Kamakhya Sadhana.

The announcement of sadhana shivir of Kamakshya goddess.

The Kamakhya Goddess is one of the most revered goddess for the Kaulas. There is a famous temple dedicated to Kamakhya goddess in Assam. It is believed that the "Yoni" of Mata Sati fell there and the temple was erected. Since, the Kamakhya is the place where Satidevi's yoni fell, one can simple infer that the whole cult and worship of Kamakhya Goddess is related to Yoni Tantra.

There might be many stories and anecdote of Kamakhya Goddess temple but that simply is not relevant. Stories can be made or be edited but facts remains the same. Fact is the most essential thing to understand any concepts. So lets talk about the whole Kamakhya Goddess and the tantric aspect to it.

Kamakhya can be broken down into two words (kama+ikshya) where kama = passion, sexual drive for creation, ikshya = wish, desires. Therefore, Kamakhya devi represent the creative aspects of the whole creation. The sexual drive should not be misrepresented that of an ordinary human. The sexual drive here represents the union of Shiva and Shakti. When the supreme Shiva and Shakti unite, the whole creation takes place. So, Kamakhya is the goddess who has the intense desire to unite with her Shiva for creation of this universe.

Tantra uses various methods to explain phenomena. One particular method that tantra uses to explain the universal phenomena into simple comprehensible terms is by using Analogies. Analogies is one of the method of elaboration and explanation  where the complex ideas are explained through the connection and similarities of day to day phenomena. The Yoni tantra uses the women body and the yoni as an analogy to explain the universal phenomena.

First of all, the universe is always in the process of creation and destruction. The creation and the destruction goes hand in hand. There is a point or phenomena in the universe from where everything is created and comes into existence, that is the unknown Yoni. It is from that universal yoni, where all the solar system, planets, stars, galaxies is created and released to the whole universe as a tangible agent. Similarly, we are created through the union of our own parents and we all come to this world through our mothers yoni.

Inside our mothers womb, the whole creation and destruction takes place within the period of 28 days. The womb first becomes mature when the first menstruation takes place. The post period of the first menstruation means our mothers are now eligible to give birth to us. When the sexual union takes place between them then the seed of the masculine figure goes and fertilizes the ovary of the feminine. After this union a new life is formed, after maturation inside the womb for the period of 9 months a new life comes to the open world through our Mothers yoni.

If the sexual union doesn't take place, then after every menstruation, the first week the womb is not ready for the procurement. The womb becomes ready after a week and at the end of the second week it is the most peak time for the fertilization of the ovum. Slowly, the creation aspect now starts to decline and at the end of the third week, the fertilization aspect rapidly declines and when it reaches to the point of complete destruction, the whole ovum and the blood is excreted out through the vagina or the yoni. This is the point where the menstruation takes place and after a week the same creation aspects takes place, the same cycle again starts. Every month the process takes place.

Similar, is with the the universe. The universe also goes through the same period of destruction and creation. After every destruction, the whole universe goes to a rest and again the whole process starts. It is through this process and through the spiritual union of the primitive Shiva and Shakti, the creation of the planets, stars, galaxies takes place.

Now, from the above analogy we can infer that the whole Yoni Tantra tries to explain the universal phenomena through women's body. But this day and age, the whole yoni tantra is in the process of rapid declension. The reason is quite simple and obvious. People with the corrupt vision have now started worshiping the yoni of the women. The yoni that was used for the analogy to explain the universal phenomena is now being worshiped under misguidance. People also have started to indulge in sexual activity in the name of Yoni tantra which is the worst a person can go.

If you have read my above lines, i have explained the whole phenomena through the body of our mothers. It is a natural phenomena for both the Kamakhya devi and our mothers to go through the same phenomena. But the people who have dirt in their minds and who have lost all their conscience to the sensual part perceives the yoni in lust.

Can you imagine yourself to be in lust with your mother's yoni? I suppose not. That is for the reason the Kamakhya goddess or the Yoni tantra shouldn't be viewed through the perception of a women's yoni but purely throught the perception of mother's yoni, be it natural mother or the universal mother, Kamakhya devi.

The Kamakhya devi is more of infinite, attributeless, hidden, unseen but she powers the whole universe. The unseen force of the creation. She is feminine energy and she is the universal mother, she gives birth to the whole universe. Ultimately, she is our mother because as she gave birth to the world that we live in.

Now, to understand  the Kamakhya Goddess, one needs to practice the Kamakhya sadhana. One should also take the tantric initiation from the capable master with the allegiance to known tantric kulas. His Holiness, "Kaulantak Peethadeshwar Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji Maharaj", the heros among all the Kaula's  is conducting the sadhana  at Balichowki, Himachal Pradesh and His Holiness will be empowering the devotees to the path of the universal mother,

Kamakhya devi sadhana initiation camp will be held on 27th and 28th September. If one wishes to participate one can participate by calling on the phone numbers given in the website and then confirming their reservations. I am participating.

I hope my post helps the reader to give the true insight of the Kamakhya Goddess.

Fake media and Spiritualism (hindu, christians, islam)

The world is run by media. Media controls everything. Media controls our choices, our beliefs and our actions. Media implants ideas in the minds of an individual and since emotions have effect on mind, the media targets the emotions of the people to reach into the minds of people. When the idea of any person reaches into the mind and the romance feeling is triggered then the person falls in love, similarly, the medias does the same. They instill an idea. The idea turns into belief and the belief becomes lifestyle of the person.

Have you ever wondered why big corporation pay huge sum of money on advertising? Why do they have the big celebrities endorse their product?, how medias affect the decision of the government? Why leftist have hollywood celebrities endorsing their agendas? Why do the medias target the youth groups and not matured persons? There are lot to be questioned and lot to be answered.

In today's day and age, people might not know but medias are the basis of "psycological warfare", where medias are used extensively for propaganda. Medias are the greatest sources of propaganda. The Nazis, Adolf Hitler with Dr. Goebbels used media to glorify their pursuits. They sold their propoganda through media. It was through media the Nazis were able to instill hatredness towards the Jews. The Nazis even had "Ministry of Propaganda" and Dr. Goebbels was the Minister. Even though the Nazis were loosing the war, Dr. Goebbels spreaded the message that the Nazis were winning.

The same tactic used by the Nazis to divide German people into Aryan and Jews and then instill hatred in the minds of Aryans against Jews, a pure Racist ideology is used against "spiritualism". 
The evil forces of this world extensively owns the media to attack the ideology of religion and spiritualism. Until and unless in this world spiritualism and religion persists people will never be attracted towards the evil forces. For instance,

Adolf Hitler was an atheist and a Nazi's fascist. It was because of his atheistic value, absence of some intrinsic values like family values, fraternity, "You shall love your neighbours as yourself" MARK 6:31 and "सर्वभूतहिते रताः (To work for the welfare of all) GEETA 12:3" etc that he was able to perform such big genocide and holocaust. It was because of his atheism and absence of positive virtues inside him that could not control his "hatredness" for Jews. Just a simple inner phenomena led to a great humanitarian crisis in the world.

The Fake medias are also in the process of repeatedly attacking religious and spiritual figures. The fake medias are owned by evil forces and also communist. The evil forces and communist have something in common, Both do not believe in god and they have no allegiance to Spiritualism nor any religion. This is for the reason they tend to attack peoples sentiment by ridiculing their spiritual leaders, religious figures.

These fake medias also termed "presstitutes" by many dissatisfied people on the basis that medias publish everything, even if it goes beyond their own ethics. Just like doctors and lawyers have ethics and moral standard so does the medias. The modern day medias, almost all and barring few are paid and fake medias. "They write whatever the money speaks."

The best example of fake media is the pre-election poll of US president election, where the medias had already declared Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the US. But the results were shocking, it was president Donald Trump who won the election by fairly good margin though he lost on popular votes. Donald Trump, the conservative Christian, Republican president of United States of America always used and uses the word "fake medias" in most of his rhetoric and tweets.

In India, the fake medias are controlled by the foreign investors. It is because of the foreign investors they attack Hinduism in a very hardcore way. The medias are also controlled by the communist who see no problem in people drinking, having extra material affairs, anti-national views, anti-cultural values, absence of family and other intrinsic values, as mentioned above, It is the virtue they hate and worship the vice

The owner of the media house first of all they do not possess good character and personality. They are people who are overtly indulgent in drinking, sex, power, spreading propaganda to suit their needs and are pseudo intellects. Despite of all bad qualities they try to ridicule people based on their choices of faiths. Numerous attempts have been made to defame the whole Hindu spiritualism and religion by the medias by targeting the religious and spiritual figures. They even create a stooge to defame the faith of the Hindus. For instance, 

The reality show BIGBOSS, similar to that of BIGBROTHER,  knew that "Swami Om" was a big imposter and was a self proclaimed Godmen. They knew he had nothing to do with religion and spiritualism. The creative team made him a stooge. They portrayed him as a holymen aka Baba.  They had him contracted and because of the obligations of the contract he had to participate in all the scripted show for the defamation of the Hinduism. He was brutally used to defame the Hindu faiths. Hinduism and spiritualism were both abused to the core. It was deliberate act of the phony and unethical creative team of the Bigboss that made Swami Om scapegoat to earn huge TRP. This is the worst any media could go. The media hit all time low. 

If one looks at a broader scale, the evil force that Christians term as "Satan" and Hindus as "Tamas" is predominantly  inside the owner of the medias. This is for the reason they extend their evil to defame different faiths. Just like in Annabelle creation film, the evil uses the sentiments of the Mullins family to establish itself in the doll of the host, similar is with the evil forces. The evil forces or Tamas needs host for their activation. They use the minds of the people who are of similar nature to them. 

The whole idea of the "tamas" and "Satan" can be explained through the film "Matrix". In the film Agent Smith, is the representation of the whole evil force. The evil force do not want the humans to realize that they are in the possession of the evil force. If humans realize the evil force, then the matrix would be destroyed. Neo is the "chosen one", he is prophesied to defeat the matrix. 

As per Hinduism, the character "Neo" is the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu would reincarnate as Lord Kalki to defeat the "evil force". Just like Neo is the chosen one to defeat the matrix, Lord Kalki would be the chosen one to defeat the evil forces. Until his descendant to this earth, this is the age of Kali (tamas, darkness and evil forces), the evil forces are expected to grow. If everything has an end, so does the evil forces. 

In Christianity, there is also the second coming of the Christ to dispel the evil forces, in Islam their is also the mention of Imam Mehdi. It is predicted everywhere that the dark evil forces would be dispelled. It is just the question of when and how.

This is for the reason, we should unite to preserve our religion and spiritualism. The more we follow the teachings of our prophet, gods and messenger, more the evil forces would be repealed. We should boycott the medias who are against our faith who propagate the evil and who are run by dark forces.

It is the high time for us, for people of different faith, religion, spiritual lineages to unite and combat the evil forces. The more united we stand, the more we divide our fall. We should combat the evil forces wherever needed. We should combat them in the outer world and also in the inner world.

The next time you watch a media and a hatredness or bad thought erupts in your mind, make sure to know if the thought was implanted in you and if it could do you any good or if it could do any good to your family and your society. When the virtue inside us beats the vice, this would be the first step towards spiritualism. Furthermore, to have a clean mind is to have a clean world.

Therefore, we should refrain from fake medias who would pollute our mind.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The akharas and the fake 14 babas

With the recent aftermaths of Gurmeet Ram Rahim rape case, The Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad has decided to release as per their discretion, the name list of the 14 fake babas. They decided to release the statement after their Illahabad meeting. According to them, the second list is also in the process of being released. They further reiterated that the step had to be taken for protecting the common people against the misdeeds of the so called imposters posed as babas.

People have had a mixed reaction against this release. Some common people have rejoiced the decisions but some people especially the ardent devotees of the listed imposters have even been giving death threats. It is for sure that the whole Gurmeet Ram Rahim case, Asharam case and the whole Akhara's decision have hurt the sentiments of a common Hindu person. It has in a way divided Hindus.

First of all, it is our grave misfortunes that we have in the name of spiritual guru a bunch of imposters. They have no distinct lineage or guru sishya tradition. It takes no time for them to be Mahamandaleshwar of any akhara. These imposters are everywhere, the society should know how to discern them. Because of this types of imposters, the original baba lineage that started from lord Shiva and furthered by Mahasiddha Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath are very much misunderstood.

This is the Kali Yuga, every person should be accountable for their own actions and what impact they put upon others. The very decision of releasing the list of 14 babas is a good escapism in practice for the Akharas. The akhara people now wants to distant themselves from the imposters. It is very ironic because the akhara themselves convert those imposters into babas. For instance, it was the All India Akhara Parishad who made Sachin Dutta the "body builder baba". They made a person with long history of being a drunkard and an owner of a bar, the "Mahamandaleshwara". Later, after a week they  took his Title back when they found about his past. Had his name not been associated with his past, he would have still been Mahamandaleshwara.

These days it takes  less time for a crooked imposters to become a Mahamandaleshwara then Dacoit Ratnakara  to become Maharishi Valmiki. Maharishi Narada changed Ratnakara to Valmiki by giving him a mantra. Only after he started to chant the mantra rigorously and then through the cleansing process of grave penances, he was able to convert himself from a dacoit to Maharishi. The same cannot be said about the akharas. They lack a fundamental guru figure like Maharishi Narada, fundamental urge to conduct penance and the most fundamental aspect of all, the perseverance.

Secondly, how can an akhara just bestow the title of "Mahamandaleshwara" whithin a period of a year. This is not the first time for the akharas. Similar happened with "Kumar Swami". There is no such process of screening and scrutiny. Any person can become "Mahamandaleshwara". The process is just too arbitary. It is the akharas who should change themselves. First they convert an imposter into a "Mahamandaleshwara" and then when they get the axes, they leave no stones unturned to distant themselves from their own product. Akharas have politicized and commercialized the whole spiritual and religious system at their own discretion.

Thirdly, the akharas are the place where all the weed smokers gather, they have nothing to do spiritualism. They simply smoke weeds whole day with no penances. It is nowhere written in the sastra that "Smoking weed is a penance in itself". These Akhara people first have to change themselves. They shouldn't make akharas the dwelling places of addicts and morons. Akharas should harbor souls who have dedicated their life towards spiritualism. Akharas are just too political in nature these days.

Fourthly, akharas are the collection of saints and sages. In this day and age, I don't think any sages would associate themselves with any akharas. They have a penance to perform. They don't such time, luxury and privilege like that of the Akharas to do nothing, smoke weed and be high. It is only handful of  saints who have given Akharas a good name and meaning. Having said that, we should know that "Saint" or "santa" means a person "who views everyone with equal perception. They view reverence as that of equal to ridicule. For them a Kshudra would be equal to a Brahmina, a king equal to a pauper. So how can a saint do such ridiculous act by ridiculing others? Ridicule and saints don't go hand in hand.

Since the Akharas are now a collection of few good saints and a lot of imposters, how can they just release the name and call them to be boycotted. What made their perception change at the last hour?
It is a well known fact that the whole act of the akhara releasing the 14 names are nothing but scapegoats. Fourteen scapegoats to protect and preserve their dignity. To protect their dignity and to preserve it, they have decided to sacrifice that of others. Does that justify the intention of the Akharas?

The akharas surely know that in future even they would be questioned through the rule of association with the imposters. So they publicly came up with the list to hide themselves behind the veil of sainthood. It is not a good idea at all from broad perspective. The saint they know not that they should unite at this time of the age to protect Sanatana and Hinduism. Little do they know that the outer forces that have hunted down the imposters would one day hunt the akharas down. There would be no remedy for the akharas then. The Akharas should unite and then counter hunt the evil forces. If saints counter hunt, the society would find a new way and a new direction.

The Akharas primarily also don't have any rights to release 14 names and call them "fake". It is directly against the dignity of a man. It is pure defaming. Nowhere in the sastra it has been written that akhara have the rights to call self proclaimed godmen fake. The only right they have is to spot the "black sheep" among themselves, within their own akhara and then call the person fake and disassociate themselves. Even if they have came up with the decision through the collective effort of multiple akharas they simply cannot call others fake. The akharas shouldn't be the deciding factor of fake and real godmen. For instance,

The penances are performed in solitude, the akharas can only produce learned saints but what about a saint adept in practices and penances. How can they conduct a litmus test for the level of penances? Can the akharas look at a young men and then decide if that young man is full or devoid of spiritual penances? There are no parameters to such standards. It is impossible. Their releasing 14 names are nothing but people like themselves who they think are no need for them.

Having said that, they would never do it. The reason is plain simple. They all are one and the same. Until fingers ain't raised why would they be bothered. They shouldn't have the power of arbitary decision to call whoever they don't meet their standards as fake. What if someday a great soul is labelled as Fake by the akharas? Who would akharas be accountable to?

Secondly, the akharas should distance themselves from everything that is not within their interest. The main aim of akharas is to give education to the society, to show the society a direction towards divinity. Modern day akharas are nothing but time pass for people who do not fancy the idea of practicing penances. Akharas are safe heaven for fake imposters to gather name and to run away from life. The Akharas should first cleanse themselves. They should first change themselves and then point fingers to other sects.

They should themselves be strict in the scrutiny while giving new people association of lineages and bestowing the title of "Mahamandaleshwara". How come up the drunkard and a bar owner, Sachin Dutta became a "Mahamandaleshwara"? Should the akhara be accountable towards the society?
Should the akhara not be answerable?. How can the akharas be so stupid to not separate a drunkard from a saint?

The geist of the whole article is that the Akharas should first change themselves and then when they are purified from every angle, then they should have the discretion of calling other people fake. They shouldn't be like politicians ridiculing each other. The whole world knows that all politicians are same. Until and unless the akharas don't change, they would be perceived as similar to those 14 names in the list. It is a matter of choice of the akharas wether to change themselves or be in the same level as that of the 14 names.

Time shall answer everything. I pray in future the akharas would change themselves and unite to counter hunt the evil forces.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Caste, gender and poverty related issues in Hinduism

Recently I came across a question posted on the social media. It was a good question based on caste system and other Hindu contemporary issues. Let's dissect and discern the facts related to it. The questions are given below:

"Hi strangers! I'm not a Hindu, but I'm researching about Hinduism for one of my major subjects, World Religions and Belief Systems. I have a few questions:
  1. Is the caste system still followed? Why or why not?
  2. What are the average Hindu's views on feminism?
  3. What are the average Hindu's views on poverty?
EDIT: Rephrased the questions. I'm unsure what my teacher meant and personally meant no offense to any believer. I'm just confused and would really like to know about Hindus' view on the caste system, gender inequality, and poverty.
I look forward to a constructive reply. Thank you!"

Lets answers the above three questions. 
  1.  Is the caste system still followed? Why or why not?
      Before answering the questions, one should have a clear knowledge upon the caste system. The caste system stratification was not done on the basis of wealth and power but strictly upon spiritual grounds. It was based on the hierarchy of the level of consciousness. For instance, the great sages were Brahmins, even the father of the great demon King Ravana was also a Brahmin. There are basically four caste system in Hinduism. They are Brahmin, Kshetriya, Vaishya and ksudhra.

The level of consciousness of the Brahmins were higher because their lifestyle mainly revolved around the supreme infinite, attribute less supreme god as mentioned in the Vedas, "BRAHMA (ब्रम्ह) (not to be confused with the three head god BrahmA ब्रम्हा)". The Brahmins neither used to do business like Vaishya, nor owned estates like Kshetriya nor served anyone like Kshudras. They were priestly people who practiced penances for the welfare of the other three sects and also for the society.

After Brahmin it was the Kshetriya, the ruler sect. Then it was the Vaishya, the businessmen whose main duty was to conduct commerce and lastly the Kshudra whose inert nature were to render service to the other three sects.

The untouchability started as a taboo. Back in those days when the society were stratified under caste system as per the level of consiousness, the sects had their respective society, Brahmins were given the responsibility of penances and learning Vedas, they had their own circle and they mainly used to marry their own caste so as to preserve the sanctity of their spiritual state. The kshetriya either married the Brahmins or their own caste. Similarly Kshudra only married within themselves.

Having said all these things, there were some sects in Hinduism who never gave importance to caste system. They were mainly the siddhas and the naths, the follower of Lord Shiva. Guru Gorakshnath and Mahasiddha Matsyendra nath the gurus of our kaula siddha lineage, didn't follow these rules. They even taught Kshudra the spiritual knowledge.

So basically, the caste system started as a taboo. The caste system was then prescribed so as everybody follow their own duties for the smooth functioning of the society. The Kshudra and the Vaishyas were not allowed to be kings nor Vaishya were allowed to Brahmins and neither Kshudra were allowed to do business.

The present day caste system is the declension of the primitive stratification of society. It is a well known fact that the big fishes eats the small fishes. When the godliness in Brahmins started to finish then they started to discriminate the other castes. The downfall of the penance powers and godliness in Brahmins lead to the modern day caste system. In this day and age, we are all Kshudras according to Hinduism because we render our services. We neither do penances nor rule nor do business but basically serve the few people in this world. We are directly a modern day Kshudra.

But the modern day environment, people have become more adept to change and they are trying to stop all these taboo. For instance from legal point of view, laws are made to end all forms of discrimination. For instance,

The constitution of Nepal 2015's preamble says "to end all form caste based discrimination". Furthermore, the article 24 of the constitution says "No person shall be subject to discrimination and untouchability".

The Indian constitution, article 17 abolishes Untouchability.

Therefore, this taboo is being repealed by the society itself. The modern day Hindu society are now adopting to the changes.

  1. What are the average views on Feminism?
      Feminism is the modern day idea based on the equity of the genders. There might be different type of Feminism from traditional, liberal to radical feminism. But the whole idea of feminism itself is based on the discrimination against women. Feminism advocates that there should be equity among genders. Men and women are biologically different but from socio-economic and legal perspective both are natural persons.All natural persons enjoy the same status in the society.

The Hindus are viewed to be more patriarchal. From the anthropological point of view, males are the head of the family. The society had prescribed duties to both genders based on their nature. Men were prescribed the duties to work, fight , hunt while as women were more viewed as motherly figures and were prescribed the duties of raising the family, cooking and looking after the house. The prescribed duties were not based on any sorts of discrimination but on the sole basis of ones own nature.

From a spiritual view, women were only married to the high status males, the males who were spiritually high in status. It was done so that the women wouldn't have to find any spiritual guide other then her husband who would help her attain enlightenment. Our society laid much importance on males who could guide women so men had to be strong in their character and spiritualism. 

This is true in every culture. How many female messenger does Islam have?, How many female messenger does Christianity have?, Weren't Jesus, Mohammad were the best of the mens?

The supreme feminine Goddess, Mahakali standing upon the body of the supreme masculine god, Shiva

Nevertheless, Hinduism also had some sects who would worship shakti, the supreme feminine force. The female goddess Mahakali is portrayed standing upon the body of the supreme masculine force Lord Shiva. This picture depicts the supremity of feminine force upon the dormant masculine force.

let's also dwell on the following lines of the scriptures.
"यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया:।। (Manusmriti,3/56)"

The Manusmriti one of the oldest text in Hinduism that predates Bhagawad Geeta says, "Where womens are honoured, there even gods rejoice".

"स्त्रियासमस्तासकला जगत्सु।" (Durga Saptasati)

All women are in the form of the supreme goddess. 
So Hindus have always revered women's at high esteems. The supreme god Shiva is called Ardhanarishwara and since he being a supreme male, he still needs a supreme female to become complete. At the very core, for Hindus male and female are complimentary and inseparably part. Both are equal and cannot be separated.What are average view of Hindu's on poverty?

        3. What are the average view of Hindu's on poverty?

The average view of Hindu's on poverty is that the poverty is not the absence of outer wealth but inner wealth. Hindus and neither the sages of Hindus have put much emphasis upon accumulating wealth and riches. These are all illusions because these are temporary. One day when a person stops breathing, the wealth will mean nothing because the person is not in the position to enjoy it. Therefore, we have always valued the spiritual wealth more then material wealth.

We have the goddess of wealth in our religion. She is known by the name Goddess Lakshmi. Even though she bestows wealth, we worship her husband more then her not because of gender issue but because of our own spiritual priority. Her husband is the eternal lord Vishnu, one of the three supreme gods in Hindu pantheon. He is the embodiment of spiritual wealth.

Now the question arises, why are Hindu's poor and Christians rich? let me explain you why.
First of all, Hinduism doesn't believe in material wealth as ultimate wealth but spiritual wealth. Secondly, western countries are rich compared to us because they are more materialist, they have nothing to do with god nor live a spiritual life. All they care is eat, drink, sleep and die peacefully.
That is just not the way of Hinduism. For Hindus life is beyond all these material pursuits.

Now, the western countries might say Hindus are poor and they are rich as they are Christians then they have nothing to be proud of. For instance in bible, it says "It's easier for a camel to walk through the eye of the needle then a rich men to enter into the kingdom of heaven" - MARK 10:25.

According, to the bible it is the Hindus who are more eligible to go to the kingdom of heaven and i do not want to hurt sentiments but the least eligible would be the holy POPE because he has such immense wealth of the church and he can exert great powers.

Therefore, Hinduism is vast. It is not what the westerners perceive us to be. Hinduism is a lovely religion which believes in the existence of human with total harmony with nature and other beings. It says the real wealth is the spiritual wealth which wouldn't disavow you even if the body is destroyed. 

I hope my answers were helpful.


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Atheism: a hindu perspective

Atheism as a popular belief is a belief which doesn't believe in the existence of Gods. Atheism is the complete rejection of the idea that god exist. Atheism surely has wings that makes it propel itself. The two wings of Atheism for me is rationality and realism. Any idea is consider to be truth if it satisfies some rational logic and contains real facts. A god as claimed is devoid of material facts. A god is like a common accepted axiom about the supreme being of this universe.

Atheism doesn't dwell on the fields of idealism. To believe in god is in itself an idealism. God for many is a matter of pure speculation. It is just like a commonly accepted belief that people don't question upon. God may or may not exist. There is no sure proof way to prove the existence of god. Even the lines of scriptures are vague. If any person has realized god, it is also the matter of personal experience and the personal experience is very hard to tread with people. It is just like a person who has tasted sugar and has realized "sweetness" and then he/she is asked to explain how "sweetness" feels like or to prove the existence of sweetness.

Theist and Atheism are two polar opposite belief systems. But a point where they both converge is the point of incompleteness. Neither Theism nor Atheism is a complete belief system because the former cannot prove the existence of god and the latter cannot explain the universal phenomena or the universal intelligence. For instance, when we eat something the saliva secretes and mixes with the food and when it reaches the stomach the Hydrochloric acid breaks down the food. It is then digested and thus excreted. The subtle point of thinking is that how can a human body be so perfectly intelligent to be functioning as if someone has programmed it. For instance, in a calculator when we press 2+2 the answer is always 4 and not 5. The logic is very simple, the calculator was programmed that way.

So, if a calculator can be programmed similarly nature has programmed the human body. If we look for the answer to who programmed who and the final programmer, somewhere down the pipeline we would have no answers to give. It would be the case of unrealized facts. But if we were to truly respect atheism we could just change our perception towards it.

Now, atheism is also connected to religion. The whole of Buddhism is Atheism and Agnosticism. The Jain philosophy also asserts the same. But Hinduism is more hardcore and hard cornered about the Atheism part. There are many philosophical schools of Hinduism, CHARVAKA is one of the schools of Hinduism which clearly defines Atheism and Agnosticism.

Let's have a look on the following lines of Charvaka:

"यावज्जीवेत् सुखं जीवेत् 

ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिबेत्। 
भस्मीभूतस्य देहस्य
 पुनरागमनं कुत: "

The above lines translates as "when you live, live life of happiness, purchase Ghee even if you have to be in debt because after your death there is no coming back"

One of the schools of Hinduism has such to say about life, God and spirituality. He says gods do not exist nor does soul exist. He further says there is no soul and there is no reincarnation. Life is everything and when life ends everything ends. To live life with utmost enjoyment and happiness is the ultimate motive of a human life says "Maharishi Charvaka".

His lines have been quite followed by the western societies. The Banks (financial institution) are the creation of the western society. For instance, the whole idea of credit card is to have the power to spend money on free will. One can buy luxury by being in debt. One can pay it later and like the credit card holder who is in debt and if the person dies the bank is not going to go to the cemetery to collect the dues with compound interest.

Therefore, with all the due respect to atheist, it can be inferred that Hinduism is an umbrella that incorporates in itself both atheism and theist. Islam is a hard cored theist. Christianity is a hard cored theist. Jain and Buddhism are hard cored atheist but Hinduism is like a middle path. It incorporates Atheism and both Theism. It respect theism at one end and gives equal treatment to atheism.

When the western society perceives Hinduism, it only perceives Hinduism as a "cow worshiping" religion. It has its own reasons. Some people might argue that worshiping a cow is more logical then worshiping a cross because at least cow gives milk or some might say god pervades all so why worship a drop and neglect the ocean. There can be never ending discussion on these topics.

But if there is one religion that gives importance to both, theism and atheism is Hinduism. It respects both point of views. What difference does it make to an atheist if god exist and what difference does it make for a theist if atheist don't realize god. The whole point of debate is useless. Why should one thought defeat the another. Its better if people as per their nature be allowed to follow what they want to. Its the Hinduism that gives a person utmost freedom to choose ones own action. Be a believer or non believer, Hinduism wouldn't ask you to slay other persons in the name of Jihad nor the gods of Hindus is by nature a jealous god.

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Yantra and its significance in tantra - part i

Have you ever seen a geometrical figure in diagrams with beej mantras and deities inscribed in copper plate?. In Buddhism, have you ever seen a enclosed geometrical figure painted in thangka?, Have you ever heard the word mandala? Have you ever seen a SRI YANTRA with complex triangles?


If you answer 'yes' to the above queries then you must have some idea of yantra. If you don't have any idea but if you have seen it, you might then have an idea how it looks like. For the readers who haven't heard or seen a yantra, it looks just like this as given above.

Above geometrical diagram is the SRI YANTRA. It is the most famous, revered and most selling yantra in the markets. It is the geometrical diagram of Goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari. It is believed that worshiping the yantra would bring prosperity, wealth and abundance to the worshipper.

Now, the question arises, "How can the geometrical diagram called yantra represent the deity?". What are the bases for it?. Do a deity possess two different yantras? If a deity has two yantras, how is it possible?, "Can a deity have many yantras as their representation?

To answer the above, let me explain some basis of yantra. The yantra is made of geometrical diagrams of triangles, lines, circles and figures. In every yantra there is a central point which is called "bindu". The whole yantra seems to be revolving around  the bindu part. It is the yantra that encloses the bindu. The last figure enclosing the yantra is called "bhupur". The Bhupur is the four semi rectangle figure in each directions that you can find in the endings of the yantra.

The yantra works through the power of focus. Whenever we pay attention to the yantra, our mind tends to focus on the points of the yantra. The points are made in such a way that it produces or induces certain state of mind. If you focus on the "bindu" then your focus is single and undivided but when u now observe the other figures which encloses it, your focus gets divided and certain points in minds are triggered.

For instance, the geometrical diagram for Lord Shiva is the triangle with the single vertex above. The diagram for the Devi is the inverted triangle. The single vertex upwards means raising your consciousness upwards to the inner core of human body while as the inverted triangle means one who focus on sansara. Sansara is shristi while as the journey to the core of the human body is Sanghara.

Now if you focus the bhupur first and then gradually reach bindu of the yantra, it is called "Sanghar" krama but if you do the opposite, first focus on the bindu and the gradually ending towards the bhupura then it is called "Sristi" krama.

We, the kaula lineage worship every yantra in sanghara krama or mode unless for other means. Sanghara mode represents Shiva. The aim of any Kaula is to be Shiva. We Kaulas, are more concerned about our spiritual well being then progressing in the sansara. The sansara represents the materialistic part of the creation while as the Sanghara means the Shiva, the spiritual part.

The lineage as propogated by His Holiness Kaulantak Peethadeshwar "Mahayogi Satyendra Nath ji Maharaj"is the rajas path or the middle path. In this peeth, the rajas lineage worships both Shiva and Shakti, he/she becomes spiritually adept and materially abundant. Rajas lineage lays much importance in development of a practitioner in every aspect of the creation.So, to be abundant in both form of lifestyle is the main objective of the Rajas lineages Kaula.

I urge the reader to do some research on yantras too. This is my part - i of the post. I will be posting the second part soon. I hope this article helps and inspires you to research more about yantras. 

Next part we are going to link the human body, mind with the yantra. Its significance in tantra.

Namo Aadesh

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Mudra (The spiritual hand gestures)

The Mudra used for meditating. Dhyan Mudra

The Mudra means hands gesture made by interlocking fingers or by the combination of fingers to make a certain hand gesture to achieve the intended purpose. Mudra carries a very great significance in many forms of discipline for its utility. It is used in Tantra, Mantra, Yoga, Ayurveda, Rasayana and also in Dances and Singing. Below we are going to discuss some of it uses and utilities.

According to the Panchanguli Tantra, our five fingers respectively represents earth, wind, water, fire and ether. It represents the five basic elements presented everywhere in this universe. Secondly, according the same tantra it says we are a mini universe in our own, that is for the reason we have our own universe inside and it is made up by the five elements. Therefore when a person makes a mudra, the mudra affects the inner universe and desired outcomes can be reached. Through the use of mudra our inner universe comes to our control. Therefore, the whole universe can be controlled by making the hand gestures because the whole universe and mini universe is the same. That is for the reason, the whole universe is confined within the 5 fingers of an individual.

Now lets discuss about some uses and utilities of Mudra. The uses of Mudra in certain disciplines are as follows:

  • Tantra: 
                           In Tantra, the mudra is exclusively used. The Kaula lineage to whom I belong uses mudra to perform any sadhana. Furthermore, every diety is pictured with a particular mudra and that particular mudra helps a tantric to decipher the nature of the deity. For instance, a Veer mudra of the tantric deity would mean the deity is to be worshiped by Veer Bhava. Furthermore, when a tantric is engrossed in deep sadhana he worships the god and makes the same mudra for spiritual union. This will give him or her perfection of the sadhana.

  • Ayurveda:
                           In Ayurveda, some mudras are shown to the medicine before its consumption so that it invokes certain medicinal qualities. Secondly, the mudra is also used for some common uses like curing the headaches, for increasing prana shakti etc. Mudras are extensively used in Ayurveda but the modern day Ayurvedacharya don't have the authentic and extensive knowledge about uses of mudra in Ayurveda.

  • Mantra: 
                           In Mantra uses, some mudras have to be made to multiply its effect. For instance, when chanting the Kamakhya devi mantra, if the chanting is done by using a Yoni mudra and fullfilling other formalities it multiples the effect of the mantra.

  • Yoga: 
                           In Yoga, various mudras are used to affect the nervous system for intended purpose. For instance, Ashwini mudra helps to strengthen ones pelvic area and excretory system. It also have some spiritual benefits. It helps to strengthen the Kundalini shakti too.

  • Dance:
                           In Dance, the mudras are even more extensively used. There are basically two types of dance as per spiritualism. The Tandava dance of Lord Shiva and the Las nritya of Devi Shakti. Both uses its own mudra. The mudras used are different too. In the Bharatnatyam, the dance is nothing more then expressions in the form of mudras. Bharatnatyam is a spiritual dance therefore the use of mudra is solely for spiritual purpose.

Therefore, there are many uses and utilities of mudra. Mudra is so effective that it is kept hidden and unrevealed. It is so secretive that nobody ever reveals it, even if they reveal it, they only reveal it to the worthy disciples through Guru/Sishya tradition.

This is just the basics of the mudra. In future i would write some more articles like such about mudra and other disciplines.

Namo aadesh

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Saturday, 2 September 2017

The purpose of meditation

Meditation is a very incomprehensible term, it is not a theory that can be discerned through logic nor be deduced and induced by facts. It is completely an inner phenomena. It is like the process of boiling the seawater for the salts to crystallize. Mediation is like a entering inside a big house and reaching the center point or the pinnacle of the house.

The house can be compared to your body and the center point of the house can be compared to ones existence and soul. From the outside, a house is seen to have a definite fixed shape and form, when you enter inside the house, the outer fixed shape and structure is transcended and all you can see is the enclosed area, the pillars. From their if you make your way to the center point of your house i.e the pinnacle then one will practitioner will realize that the house started from a fixed base and structure and ended at a point of the pinnacle. The tip of the pinnacle is the point where the house disappears and only a point remains.

Like, the journey of the house, meditation is a journey from your structured body to inside your body. You then transcend the pillar of bones and the walls of the meat and ligaments. The point of your body is somewhere inside the Brahmarandhra, Sahasrar Chakra. The main objective of ones meditation is reaching this point inside the body which separates a person from being Shiva.

The purpose of mediation varies from people to people. Some yoga teachers may say the purpose of meditation is peace, the westerner yoga business may say,"the purpose of yoga is to let everything go and be peaceful and also to be healthy" and for a tantra practitioner the purpose might be to gain mastery over the nature and for a Buddha it might be to attain nirvana.

So mediation is a very subjective term. The purpose and the intentions of doing the yoga and meditation varies from people. But to do a mediation with or without the purpose surely makes a big difference. I feel that one should practice meditation with an intention. Well to do nothing and to be still is also an intention. Intention matters the most when it comes to meditation.

For instance, if you intend to be thoughtless then you should concentrate all your thoughts into one single thought and then later the single thought to no thought. Going from many thoughts to no thoughts is impossible but going from numerous thoughts to a single thought is easy. From going to thoughtlessness from that single thought is more easy then compared to numerous thoughts.

The purpose of meditation in short is the intention by which one practices the meditation. If you meditate to be a Buddha you are correct and if you meditate for peace you are also correct. Therefore always intend whats best for you when you are meditating.

Namo aadesh

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Friday, 1 September 2017

All that glitters is not gold. (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh)

With the recent jail sentence of Gurumeet Ram Rahim Singh by the court on the charges of double rape, people from different backgrounds, caste, creed, profession, nationality, faith, religion etc have voiced their opinion in the online social medias. Most of the opinions, bar his supporters are against Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who is the head of the non profit organisation for social welfare "Dera Sacha Sauda".

The most recurring opinions on him boils down to the most commonly used term "baba". People have just labelled him as a "Hindu baba" and they have all spewed hatred and also demanded impliedly or expressedly that  babas, holy people, saint traditions, godmen be publicly boycotted. People in India rate the saints and godmens very highly because of the culture and the societal values of the sanatana. It is the very base of our culture and society that has been shaken from the very bottom when people point fingers to the sanatana based on two or three improper acts of self proclaimed "saints and godmen.

Today's generation might not know but to be a baba, it has to be under a supervised guidance, under the authentic tradition of Guru Sishya parampara and also adherence to a kula(family) or an authentic sect. Just by wearing a saffron robe and chanting holy names doesn't make anyone saint nor a baba. To be a baba there has to be some sort of spiritual element to it. Now, the spiritual element doesn't just only mean practicing sympathy, empathy, giving alms and rightful conduct and action.

The spiritual element in its purest form means a path a particular person chooses to free themselves from this world and reach the very core of his/her existence i.e soul and to be liberated from the clutches of maya i.e Moksha. There is always a rightful way and action to achieve it. The rightful way and action is only confined the the supreme gurus and it is only bestowed to the nearest and dearest disciple. Disciples are the investment of a guru. The disciples carry the lineage and the legacy of the guru. A worthy disciple means the flourishing of the lineage.

Now, in the ancient traditions of Hinduism, a disciple would be severely tested before admitting to the lineages of the Guru. For eg, Mahasiddha Matsyendranath baba ji initiated Mahasiddha Gorakshnath ji baba only after Mahasiddha Gorakshnath baba ji passed all the test of his guru. Mahasiddha Matsyendranath was very brutal in his test. Since, Gorakhnath baba ji passed all the test of his guru then he was initiated into the lineage of the Mahasiddha Matsyendranath and became an authentic baba ji. The prowess of Mahasiddha Gorakshnath baba ji is well known to the Indian sub continent.

Now, if we compare Gurmeet Ram Rahim so called self proclaimed baba ji with Mahasiddha Gorakshnath baba, the authentic baba ji, do you people reading the article feel he stands any chance of being compared?. Do you think both can be called as baba ji with the same reverence?.

Just because a person speaks the name of god doesn't become a baba ji. It is the declension from the authentic lineages. If the spiritual element is absent then the person becomes Gurmeet Ram Rahim and if it is undertaken under a worthy guru and the disciple is eligible then the disciple become as Guru Gorakshnath baba ji.

I don't mean that Gurmeet Ram Rahim is devoid of any lineage. He might have his own lineages and based on his "dera sacha sauda" website it mentions he has. His lineage are of the Sikhs guru. Sikhs guru were never baba ji although the son of His Holiness Guru Nanak, Shree Chand ji Maharaj is from the authentic lineages of the Shaiv parampara of the Kashmir Shaivism. Other Sikh gurus have never been from a baba's lineages because baba's lineage traces itself to the lineage of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the lord of all babas.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim ji was never a baba ji, isn't a baba ji and not in a million years to come will he be close to becoming a baba ji. He might be a altruist, philanthropic as per his organisation "dera sacha sauda" but if he lacks something it is the association with the authentic lineages of the baba ji which the whole media points at.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim was born Sikh and his non profit organisation is much more of a sewa based. He has more inclination towards sikh then with the hindus. We believe Sikhs are no different from us but for political sake the assumption is being taken to prove a point. The point is that if you look at the logo of his non profit organisation "dera sacha sauda", the logo consists of the symbols of Christianity, Islam and Hindu. Based on the symbols the media and the common people don't equate him with other faiths but with Hindu. What would be the reason?

When he was not in the process of litigation, his name constituted the word "Rahim" which is an Islamic word. After being accused nobody links him to Islam but only to Hindus because his name consists of the word "Rama" which means the supreme god. Why isn't he being Sikh only linked to Hindu and not with Islam and based on the logo of his non profit organisation, why not to Christianity?

The answer is plain simple. It is the process through which all the media and people form opinion. The process is called "Hasty Generalisation". People simply generalize the proposition of him being a Sikh and an  Indian must be a Hindu baba which is a big fallacy. His name has brought such embarrassment not only to the saint traditions and authentic lineages but to the India as whole. The international news outlets have reported him to their medias with the tag "Indian rape guru". Isn't that also a hasty generalization from the international media? The international media could have reframed the tag "India rape guru" to more political correct terms like "Rape convict" only? Wouldn't saying Guru not offend the Hindus?. If the liberal medias can be quite sensitive to other religion why does Hindu beget a different treatment?

Lastly, why is there such a hasty generalization of the whole Indian ascetic tradition when one self proclaimed godmen acts foolishly by loosing conscience. Why does a mistake of a particular self proclaimed godmen  is target to the whole ascetic tradition to derail and defame it. Is this acceptable? Is this being secular as per the Indian constitution?

For instance, in the past decades several political parties member have been in the Sex mms scandals. Did the sex mms of a particular Aam Admi Party person give a bad name to the whole Aam Admi Party. Was the act of the particular person also used to frame Arvind Kejriwal as a loose character. Did the mms leak of a congress party member made the whole congress party stained? Did the latest mms of BJP MLA deteriorate the image and character of the prime minister of India Shree Narendra Modi? Weren't the act of a politician purely a personal liability. Then how come an act of a self proclaimed guru be more then a personal liability to a collective liability. Isn't this some form of double standards discimination.

How come Javed Akhtar a learned person tweets saying "Hindu defending a rapist". How can he generalize it. It is the followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who defends him. How can he be so sure that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh only has Hindu followers and not Islamic and Sikh followers?
How can he target the Hindu people just to make it even with the alt right of the country? There are some people who are targeting the Hindus because they know we are peaceful people and we wont carry out fatwa in their names. This trait of Hindu should be cherished instead of being taken advantages.

Well, politics is the game of dirty players. In our society if the "hasty generalization" is immune to political parties then why should all the ascetic traditions be targeted? Why do they not target the characters of the politician as well when their party members be caught in some sinful acts? If they cant be hastily generalized then how can an act of a particular self proclaimed person be hastily generalized to other good souls who have been working hard day and night to guide humanity to a more elevation.

Lastly, if there is anything that can be inferred from the whole post and the whole incident surrounding the reporting of the Gurmeet Ram Rahim case, it is that the fake anti national corrupt and anti culture medias are trying to capitalize on this issue and defame the whole Hindu fraternity. They want to spread the propoganda of Hasty Generalization and they insist and inspires the common people to hastily generalize the saint and other godmen too. This is something which would have no winner in the end. It is loose loose for all of us.

Our culture, our Sanatana defines who we are and how we have evolved from time immemorial to todays day and age. It is the culture and spiritualism that has always propelled us to the right direction. We should not let people defame and deteriorate it. The more united we stand the more divided their ill intentions be. It is the time for national unity among all of us to save our people from the side effects of Westernization.

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