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All that glitters is not gold. (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh)

With the recent jail sentence of Gurumeet Ram Rahim Singh by the court on the charges of double rape, people from different backgrounds, caste, creed, profession, nationality, faith, religion etc have voiced their opinion in the online social medias. Most of the opinions, bar his supporters are against Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who is the head of the non profit organisation for social welfare "Dera Sacha Sauda".

The most recurring opinions on him boils down to the most commonly used term "baba". People have just labelled him as a "Hindu baba" and they have all spewed hatred and also demanded impliedly or expressedly that  babas, holy people, saint traditions, godmen be publicly boycotted. People in India rate the saints and godmens very highly because of the culture and the societal values of the sanatana. It is the very base of our culture and society that has been shaken from the very bottom when people point fingers to the sanatana based on two or three improper acts of self proclaimed "saints and godmen.

Today's generation might not know but to be a baba, it has to be under a supervised guidance, under the authentic tradition of Guru Sishya parampara and also adherence to a kula(family) or an authentic sect. Just by wearing a saffron robe and chanting holy names doesn't make anyone saint nor a baba. To be a baba there has to be some sort of spiritual element to it. Now, the spiritual element doesn't just only mean practicing sympathy, empathy, giving alms and rightful conduct and action.

The spiritual element in its purest form means a path a particular person chooses to free themselves from this world and reach the very core of his/her existence i.e soul and to be liberated from the clutches of maya i.e Moksha. There is always a rightful way and action to achieve it. The rightful way and action is only confined the the supreme gurus and it is only bestowed to the nearest and dearest disciple. Disciples are the investment of a guru. The disciples carry the lineage and the legacy of the guru. A worthy disciple means the flourishing of the lineage.

Now, in the ancient traditions of Hinduism, a disciple would be severely tested before admitting to the lineages of the Guru. For eg, Mahasiddha Matsyendranath baba ji initiated Mahasiddha Gorakshnath ji baba only after Mahasiddha Gorakshnath baba ji passed all the test of his guru. Mahasiddha Matsyendranath was very brutal in his test. Since, Gorakhnath baba ji passed all the test of his guru then he was initiated into the lineage of the Mahasiddha Matsyendranath and became an authentic baba ji. The prowess of Mahasiddha Gorakshnath baba ji is well known to the Indian sub continent.

Now, if we compare Gurmeet Ram Rahim so called self proclaimed baba ji with Mahasiddha Gorakshnath baba, the authentic baba ji, do you people reading the article feel he stands any chance of being compared?. Do you think both can be called as baba ji with the same reverence?.

Just because a person speaks the name of god doesn't become a baba ji. It is the declension from the authentic lineages. If the spiritual element is absent then the person becomes Gurmeet Ram Rahim and if it is undertaken under a worthy guru and the disciple is eligible then the disciple become as Guru Gorakshnath baba ji.

I don't mean that Gurmeet Ram Rahim is devoid of any lineage. He might have his own lineages and based on his "dera sacha sauda" website it mentions he has. His lineage are of the Sikhs guru. Sikhs guru were never baba ji although the son of His Holiness Guru Nanak, Shree Chand ji Maharaj is from the authentic lineages of the Shaiv parampara of the Kashmir Shaivism. Other Sikh gurus have never been from a baba's lineages because baba's lineage traces itself to the lineage of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the lord of all babas.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim ji was never a baba ji, isn't a baba ji and not in a million years to come will he be close to becoming a baba ji. He might be a altruist, philanthropic as per his organisation "dera sacha sauda" but if he lacks something it is the association with the authentic lineages of the baba ji which the whole media points at.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim was born Sikh and his non profit organisation is much more of a sewa based. He has more inclination towards sikh then with the hindus. We believe Sikhs are no different from us but for political sake the assumption is being taken to prove a point. The point is that if you look at the logo of his non profit organisation "dera sacha sauda", the logo consists of the symbols of Christianity, Islam and Hindu. Based on the symbols the media and the common people don't equate him with other faiths but with Hindu. What would be the reason?

When he was not in the process of litigation, his name constituted the word "Rahim" which is an Islamic word. After being accused nobody links him to Islam but only to Hindus because his name consists of the word "Rama" which means the supreme god. Why isn't he being Sikh only linked to Hindu and not with Islam and based on the logo of his non profit organisation, why not to Christianity?

The answer is plain simple. It is the process through which all the media and people form opinion. The process is called "Hasty Generalisation". People simply generalize the proposition of him being a Sikh and an  Indian must be a Hindu baba which is a big fallacy. His name has brought such embarrassment not only to the saint traditions and authentic lineages but to the India as whole. The international news outlets have reported him to their medias with the tag "Indian rape guru". Isn't that also a hasty generalization from the international media? The international media could have reframed the tag "India rape guru" to more political correct terms like "Rape convict" only? Wouldn't saying Guru not offend the Hindus?. If the liberal medias can be quite sensitive to other religion why does Hindu beget a different treatment?

Lastly, why is there such a hasty generalization of the whole Indian ascetic tradition when one self proclaimed godmen acts foolishly by loosing conscience. Why does a mistake of a particular self proclaimed godmen  is target to the whole ascetic tradition to derail and defame it. Is this acceptable? Is this being secular as per the Indian constitution?

For instance, in the past decades several political parties member have been in the Sex mms scandals. Did the sex mms of a particular Aam Admi Party person give a bad name to the whole Aam Admi Party. Was the act of the particular person also used to frame Arvind Kejriwal as a loose character. Did the mms leak of a congress party member made the whole congress party stained? Did the latest mms of BJP MLA deteriorate the image and character of the prime minister of India Shree Narendra Modi? Weren't the act of a politician purely a personal liability. Then how come an act of a self proclaimed guru be more then a personal liability to a collective liability. Isn't this some form of double standards discimination.

How come Javed Akhtar a learned person tweets saying "Hindu defending a rapist". How can he generalize it. It is the followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh who defends him. How can he be so sure that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh only has Hindu followers and not Islamic and Sikh followers?
How can he target the Hindu people just to make it even with the alt right of the country? There are some people who are targeting the Hindus because they know we are peaceful people and we wont carry out fatwa in their names. This trait of Hindu should be cherished instead of being taken advantages.

Well, politics is the game of dirty players. In our society if the "hasty generalization" is immune to political parties then why should all the ascetic traditions be targeted? Why do they not target the characters of the politician as well when their party members be caught in some sinful acts? If they cant be hastily generalized then how can an act of a particular self proclaimed person be hastily generalized to other good souls who have been working hard day and night to guide humanity to a more elevation.

Lastly, if there is anything that can be inferred from the whole post and the whole incident surrounding the reporting of the Gurmeet Ram Rahim case, it is that the fake anti national corrupt and anti culture medias are trying to capitalize on this issue and defame the whole Hindu fraternity. They want to spread the propoganda of Hasty Generalization and they insist and inspires the common people to hastily generalize the saint and other godmen too. This is something which would have no winner in the end. It is loose loose for all of us.

Our culture, our Sanatana defines who we are and how we have evolved from time immemorial to todays day and age. It is the culture and spiritualism that has always propelled us to the right direction. We should not let people defame and deteriorate it. The more united we stand the more divided their ill intentions be. It is the time for national unity among all of us to save our people from the side effects of Westernization.

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