Thursday, 14 September 2017

Fake media and Spiritualism (hindu, christians, islam)

The world is run by media. Media controls everything. Media controls our choices, our beliefs and our actions. Media implants ideas in the minds of an individual and since emotions have effect on mind, the media targets the emotions of the people to reach into the minds of people. When the idea of any person reaches into the mind and the romance feeling is triggered then the person falls in love, similarly, the medias does the same. They instill an idea. The idea turns into belief and the belief becomes lifestyle of the person.

Have you ever wondered why big corporation pay huge sum of money on advertising? Why do they have the big celebrities endorse their product?, how medias affect the decision of the government? Why leftist have hollywood celebrities endorsing their agendas? Why do the medias target the youth groups and not matured persons? There are lot to be questioned and lot to be answered.

In today's day and age, people might not know but medias are the basis of "psycological warfare", where medias are used extensively for propaganda. Medias are the greatest sources of propaganda. The Nazis, Adolf Hitler with Dr. Goebbels used media to glorify their pursuits. They sold their propoganda through media. It was through media the Nazis were able to instill hatredness towards the Jews. The Nazis even had "Ministry of Propaganda" and Dr. Goebbels was the Minister. Even though the Nazis were loosing the war, Dr. Goebbels spreaded the message that the Nazis were winning.

The same tactic used by the Nazis to divide German people into Aryan and Jews and then instill hatred in the minds of Aryans against Jews, a pure Racist ideology is used against "spiritualism". 
The evil forces of this world extensively owns the media to attack the ideology of religion and spiritualism. Until and unless in this world spiritualism and religion persists people will never be attracted towards the evil forces. For instance,

Adolf Hitler was an atheist and a Nazi's fascist. It was because of his atheistic value, absence of some intrinsic values like family values, fraternity, "You shall love your neighbours as yourself" MARK 6:31 and "सर्वभूतहिते रताः (To work for the welfare of all) GEETA 12:3" etc that he was able to perform such big genocide and holocaust. It was because of his atheism and absence of positive virtues inside him that could not control his "hatredness" for Jews. Just a simple inner phenomena led to a great humanitarian crisis in the world.

The Fake medias are also in the process of repeatedly attacking religious and spiritual figures. The fake medias are owned by evil forces and also communist. The evil forces and communist have something in common, Both do not believe in god and they have no allegiance to Spiritualism nor any religion. This is for the reason they tend to attack peoples sentiment by ridiculing their spiritual leaders, religious figures.

These fake medias also termed "presstitutes" by many dissatisfied people on the basis that medias publish everything, even if it goes beyond their own ethics. Just like doctors and lawyers have ethics and moral standard so does the medias. The modern day medias, almost all and barring few are paid and fake medias. "They write whatever the money speaks."

The best example of fake media is the pre-election poll of US president election, where the medias had already declared Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the US. But the results were shocking, it was president Donald Trump who won the election by fairly good margin though he lost on popular votes. Donald Trump, the conservative Christian, Republican president of United States of America always used and uses the word "fake medias" in most of his rhetoric and tweets.

In India, the fake medias are controlled by the foreign investors. It is because of the foreign investors they attack Hinduism in a very hardcore way. The medias are also controlled by the communist who see no problem in people drinking, having extra material affairs, anti-national views, anti-cultural values, absence of family and other intrinsic values, as mentioned above, It is the virtue they hate and worship the vice

The owner of the media house first of all they do not possess good character and personality. They are people who are overtly indulgent in drinking, sex, power, spreading propaganda to suit their needs and are pseudo intellects. Despite of all bad qualities they try to ridicule people based on their choices of faiths. Numerous attempts have been made to defame the whole Hindu spiritualism and religion by the medias by targeting the religious and spiritual figures. They even create a stooge to defame the faith of the Hindus. For instance, 

The reality show BIGBOSS, similar to that of BIGBROTHER,  knew that "Swami Om" was a big imposter and was a self proclaimed Godmen. They knew he had nothing to do with religion and spiritualism. The creative team made him a stooge. They portrayed him as a holymen aka Baba.  They had him contracted and because of the obligations of the contract he had to participate in all the scripted show for the defamation of the Hinduism. He was brutally used to defame the Hindu faiths. Hinduism and spiritualism were both abused to the core. It was deliberate act of the phony and unethical creative team of the Bigboss that made Swami Om scapegoat to earn huge TRP. This is the worst any media could go. The media hit all time low. 

If one looks at a broader scale, the evil force that Christians term as "Satan" and Hindus as "Tamas" is predominantly  inside the owner of the medias. This is for the reason they extend their evil to defame different faiths. Just like in Annabelle creation film, the evil uses the sentiments of the Mullins family to establish itself in the doll of the host, similar is with the evil forces. The evil forces or Tamas needs host for their activation. They use the minds of the people who are of similar nature to them. 

The whole idea of the "tamas" and "Satan" can be explained through the film "Matrix". In the film Agent Smith, is the representation of the whole evil force. The evil force do not want the humans to realize that they are in the possession of the evil force. If humans realize the evil force, then the matrix would be destroyed. Neo is the "chosen one", he is prophesied to defeat the matrix. 

As per Hinduism, the character "Neo" is the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu would reincarnate as Lord Kalki to defeat the "evil force". Just like Neo is the chosen one to defeat the matrix, Lord Kalki would be the chosen one to defeat the evil forces. Until his descendant to this earth, this is the age of Kali (tamas, darkness and evil forces), the evil forces are expected to grow. If everything has an end, so does the evil forces. 

In Christianity, there is also the second coming of the Christ to dispel the evil forces, in Islam their is also the mention of Imam Mehdi. It is predicted everywhere that the dark evil forces would be dispelled. It is just the question of when and how.

This is for the reason, we should unite to preserve our religion and spiritualism. The more we follow the teachings of our prophet, gods and messenger, more the evil forces would be repealed. We should boycott the medias who are against our faith who propagate the evil and who are run by dark forces.

It is the high time for us, for people of different faith, religion, spiritual lineages to unite and combat the evil forces. The more united we stand, the more we divide our fall. We should combat the evil forces wherever needed. We should combat them in the outer world and also in the inner world.

The next time you watch a media and a hatredness or bad thought erupts in your mind, make sure to know if the thought was implanted in you and if it could do you any good or if it could do any good to your family and your society. When the virtue inside us beats the vice, this would be the first step towards spiritualism. Furthermore, to have a clean mind is to have a clean world.

Therefore, we should refrain from fake medias who would pollute our mind.

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