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Mudra (The spiritual hand gestures)

The Mudra used for meditating. Dhyan Mudra

The Mudra means hands gesture made by interlocking fingers or by the combination of fingers to make a certain hand gesture to achieve the intended purpose. Mudra carries a very great significance in many forms of discipline for its utility. It is used in Tantra, Mantra, Yoga, Ayurveda, Rasayana and also in Dances and Singing. Below we are going to discuss some of it uses and utilities.

According to the Panchanguli Tantra, our five fingers respectively represents earth, wind, water, fire and ether. It represents the five basic elements presented everywhere in this universe. Secondly, according the same tantra it says we are a mini universe in our own, that is for the reason we have our own universe inside and it is made up by the five elements. Therefore when a person makes a mudra, the mudra affects the inner universe and desired outcomes can be reached. Through the use of mudra our inner universe comes to our control. Therefore, the whole universe can be controlled by making the hand gestures because the whole universe and mini universe is the same. That is for the reason, the whole universe is confined within the 5 fingers of an individual.

Now lets discuss about some uses and utilities of Mudra. The uses of Mudra in certain disciplines are as follows:

  • Tantra: 
                           In Tantra, the mudra is exclusively used. The Kaula lineage to whom I belong uses mudra to perform any sadhana. Furthermore, every diety is pictured with a particular mudra and that particular mudra helps a tantric to decipher the nature of the deity. For instance, a Veer mudra of the tantric deity would mean the deity is to be worshiped by Veer Bhava. Furthermore, when a tantric is engrossed in deep sadhana he worships the god and makes the same mudra for spiritual union. This will give him or her perfection of the sadhana.

  • Ayurveda:
                           In Ayurveda, some mudras are shown to the medicine before its consumption so that it invokes certain medicinal qualities. Secondly, the mudra is also used for some common uses like curing the headaches, for increasing prana shakti etc. Mudras are extensively used in Ayurveda but the modern day Ayurvedacharya don't have the authentic and extensive knowledge about uses of mudra in Ayurveda.

  • Mantra: 
                           In Mantra uses, some mudras have to be made to multiply its effect. For instance, when chanting the Kamakhya devi mantra, if the chanting is done by using a Yoni mudra and fullfilling other formalities it multiples the effect of the mantra.

  • Yoga: 
                           In Yoga, various mudras are used to affect the nervous system for intended purpose. For instance, Ashwini mudra helps to strengthen ones pelvic area and excretory system. It also have some spiritual benefits. It helps to strengthen the Kundalini shakti too.

  • Dance:
                           In Dance, the mudras are even more extensively used. There are basically two types of dance as per spiritualism. The Tandava dance of Lord Shiva and the Las nritya of Devi Shakti. Both uses its own mudra. The mudras used are different too. In the Bharatnatyam, the dance is nothing more then expressions in the form of mudras. Bharatnatyam is a spiritual dance therefore the use of mudra is solely for spiritual purpose.

Therefore, there are many uses and utilities of mudra. Mudra is so effective that it is kept hidden and unrevealed. It is so secretive that nobody ever reveals it, even if they reveal it, they only reveal it to the worthy disciples through Guru/Sishya tradition.

This is just the basics of the mudra. In future i would write some more articles like such about mudra and other disciplines.

Namo aadesh

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