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The purpose of meditation

Meditation is a very incomprehensible term, it is not a theory that can be discerned through logic nor be deduced and induced by facts. It is completely an inner phenomena. It is like the process of boiling the seawater for the salts to crystallize. Mediation is like a entering inside a big house and reaching the center point or the pinnacle of the house.

The house can be compared to your body and the center point of the house can be compared to ones existence and soul. From the outside, a house is seen to have a definite fixed shape and form, when you enter inside the house, the outer fixed shape and structure is transcended and all you can see is the enclosed area, the pillars. From their if you make your way to the center point of your house i.e the pinnacle then one will practitioner will realize that the house started from a fixed base and structure and ended at a point of the pinnacle. The tip of the pinnacle is the point where the house disappears and only a point remains.

Like, the journey of the house, meditation is a journey from your structured body to inside your body. You then transcend the pillar of bones and the walls of the meat and ligaments. The point of your body is somewhere inside the Brahmarandhra, Sahasrar Chakra. The main objective of ones meditation is reaching this point inside the body which separates a person from being Shiva.

The purpose of mediation varies from people to people. Some yoga teachers may say the purpose of meditation is peace, the westerner yoga business may say,"the purpose of yoga is to let everything go and be peaceful and also to be healthy" and for a tantra practitioner the purpose might be to gain mastery over the nature and for a Buddha it might be to attain nirvana.

So mediation is a very subjective term. The purpose and the intentions of doing the yoga and meditation varies from people. But to do a mediation with or without the purpose surely makes a big difference. I feel that one should practice meditation with an intention. Well to do nothing and to be still is also an intention. Intention matters the most when it comes to meditation.

For instance, if you intend to be thoughtless then you should concentrate all your thoughts into one single thought and then later the single thought to no thought. Going from many thoughts to no thoughts is impossible but going from numerous thoughts to a single thought is easy. From going to thoughtlessness from that single thought is more easy then compared to numerous thoughts.

The purpose of meditation in short is the intention by which one practices the meditation. If you meditate to be a Buddha you are correct and if you meditate for peace you are also correct. Therefore always intend whats best for you when you are meditating.

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