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Vajra Yogini and Vamana Avatara

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Vajra Yogini is the goddess of two fold path of 'tamas' and 'vama'. Her path is the path from tamas to the truth. First when the sadhaka engages in her practices, they first indulge in tamas to master it. After some years of rigorous penance when one perfects the sadhana, they leave behind their tamas nature and they ascend to light. 

Vajra Yogini is also mentioned in our scriptures but not directly. She has to be decoded. Just like the whole world who think Vamana avatara of Lord Vishnu was a Brahmin. Vamana clearly was a person who was an ardent follower of Vama or the left hand path to god. 
The Vamana avatara of Lord Vishnu had perfected a particular form of Vajra Yogini . Vamana was an ascetic who after deep penances of Lord Shiva perfected Vajra Yogini form, where she is portrayed as standing with one leg while the other leg is upwards towards the sky.

The scriptures explains that when King Bali, the king of Daityas became very powerful and he was unbeatable, it was Lord Vishnu who had pnce witnessed the form of ‘Vajra Yogini’, where her she was standing with one leg and the other towards the sky. Her two thighs were in opposite directions one towards the ground and another towards the sky and her vagina in the midst. He then witnessed the Devi body enlarge to such extent that it covered the whole universe. He was very startled and he performed penances of Lord Shiva to know more about ‘Vajra Yogini’. Lord Shiva then blessed him with the empowerment of Vajra Yogini and he descended on this earth to perfect it and also to serve the purpose of defeating King Bali.

After his perfection of Vajra Yogini, he had to serve a purpose of defeating King Bali and one fine day when  King Bali organized a great spiritual gathering; he started to gift his guests with whatever they wished. When he asked Vamana to make a wish, Vamana asked him the land which his three steps would cover.

Maharishi Shukracharya knew about this whole act of Lord Vishnu and he did warn King Bali not to fulfill the wish and to take back the promise but King Bali refused because he had already asked. Maharishi Shukracharya then cursed him and left. King Bali then asked Vamana avatara to make three steps and Vamana avatara with the power of Vajra Yogini then makes the three steps. 

His first step covers the earth and the second step heaven and all universe and there was nowhere for the Vamana to make his third step so Bali offers his head. The Vamana Avatara then places his foot on top of King Bali’s head after which King Bali relinquishes all his powers and holds, and submits them to Lord Vishnu and in the process defeating King Bali diplomatically.

Vajra Yogini is

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Why do Naga Babas walk naked?

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This is a million dollar question, 'why do Naga Babas walk naked?'. My answer may not be a million dollar answer or an answer among million answers, nevertheless I proceed to answer it through this post.

Philosophically speaking, nakedness is also a mind construct like time and space. We find it amazed or disgusted when we find a person walking naked. Seldom do we question our own self the purpose of their nudity? Perception varies from people so does their answers. I think the whole essence of nudity is nothing but perception.

The perception of nudity to Naga Baba is different to the Baba themselves and to us. The perception is relative and subjective. The perception through which a Baba ji embraces nudity is not equally perceived by common people. Common people find the nudity of Naga Baba offensive but the nudity of Sunny Leone entertaining. I suppose what we hate is not nudity but who is naked.

Let me explain why porn stars like Sunny Leone embraces Nudity? The answer is quite blatantly simple. They do it for money. The whole philosophy behind their nudity is money but same cannot be said about the Naga Baba. 

Naga Babas are individuals who perform austerity to unlock the answers of their own existence. In the process of penance, they become minimalist. Infact, Naga Baba are very minimalist that they do not ever wear cloths in the Himalaya. Their whole philosophy is unraveling the 'soul' that is inherent inside us all. To unravel the soul, it takes huge effort and sacrifice. First of all, the human mind has to be free from all the beliefs of this world. Secondly, when one perfects the mind to control the outer temptation then the mind has to control its inner temptation. The inner temptation is the hardest because even a lustful thought is considered to be a trap of the mind to restrict you to the senses.

Naga Babas are those enlightened beings who have transcended both, the inner and the outer mind. They are enlightened beings or in the path of enlightment. Their first Guru Mahasiddha Dattatreya in the pursuit of the absolute walked naked not because the cloths had something to do with enlightment. The state of enlightenment is like being naked. Cloths are like a curtain. When curtain falls, the truth is known. When the curtain of Maya falls or is unveiled then the Brahman or the soul is known. 

For those enlightened beings, the body is nothing but the cloth of the soul and the fabrics are the cloths of the body. In an essence, this signifies how further are a laymen from the objective reality of the soul. We laymen assume that we are the body and the cloth is what covers ourselves but not those enlightened beings. They do not associate themselves to be the body therefore they think that their body itself is their cloth, and it is inside it which they hide. 

The whole difference between we embracing cloths and the Naga Babas denouncing the cloth are based upon our own subjective understanding. We loathe the idea about being naked because it brings shame and they loathe the idea to be under illusion just like the society to give more importance to the body then the inner essence called soul.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Kurukulla, the goddess of 'aesthetic'

This article is summarized from the following page. click  Kurukulla page of Kaulantak Peeth.

Kurukulla, is the goddess of 'rajas' mode of nature. It is because of her traits that her worshiper develops the 'rajas' trait in oneself and they transform themselves to an 'aesthetic person'.

Aesthetic is a branch of philosophy that dwells upon the appreciation and nature of arts, most popularly beauty. Aesthetic furthers the information of beauty. Hedonism is also considered a form of aesthetic because hedonism is all about maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. Aesthetic is all about maximizing beauty and minimizing ugliness. Whatever gives pleasure is considered beautiful and whatever gives pain is considered ugliness. 

Kurukulla, she is the goddess who maximizes both aesthetic trait and hedonistic trait in an individual. She bestows her worshiper with all forms of 'hedone' or pleasure. She is such romantic goddess that she aspires every human to pursue pleasure in all forms of life. She is such hard core romantic that for her, there is pleasure in pain too. Unlike hedonist who runs away from pain, Kurukulla aspires her worshiper to embrace pain and then churn the pleasure out of it. 

In a sense, Ma Kurukulla believes that the world is not full of sufferings but pleasure. This world is considered to be the source of all pleasures be it physical or metaphysical pleasure. She doesn't ask any individual to live life of deprivation but abundance. 

It is paramount important for people who wishes to succeed in materialistic world to have her blessings. With her blessings, no desires are left unfulfilled and no pleasures unattainable. 

Monday, 9 July 2018

Fake Indian Media is Yellow journalism.

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Every professional conduct implies ethics and adhering to ethical standards and no media is immune to it. Media might be the fourth organ of the state but it is propelled by the ethics of 'self governance'.
When the media 'self governs' itself breaking all the ethical standards is 'Yellow Journalism'.

Ever since the Hearst vs Pulitzer, yellow journalism has been deeply en-rooted in the journalism field. The yellow journalism reverts to tactics of exaggerating, glamorizing, using suspense to present any fact. The main ethics of journalist is to report the fact and not add subjective view to the fact in the sole aim of selling or propagating their ideas. The yellow journalism is unethical but it works because we Human Being by nature are gullible and are emotional creatures. We are more inspired to choose a particular thing based on emotions rather then on logic. Our choices are emotional and sometimes backed by logic but mostly, as gullible people we are, we listen to our hearts then to our brains and this area is where the yellow journalism strikes.

Indian Media today are nothing but the machines propelled by the fuel of yellow journalism. India Media practices it to such extreme that it will make both Hearst and Pulitzer hide their faces in shame. Today, every Indian media houses are after TRP  (television rating point) and pursues the goal of increasing its viewers and subscription. In the process of it, they have started pursuing such unethical practice of targeting the cultures, nationalism, holy men of India because this is what Indians care about and associate themselves with.

Just like Mr. Hearst who sold the idea of a Cuban girl procuring her freedom to jail break and enter USA with he himself orchestrating the jail break, similarly the Indian journalist have started pursuing similar tactics in defaming the religion, culture, holy-men by false reporting, over exaggerating and basically generalizing crime like 'rape' to all holy men. Therefore, not a day goes by in the life of Indian Media when they do not attack holy men, Hinduism, cultures etc.

Indian media have hit such low that to make money out of journalism, they are attacking the very values that are the foundation of India. Hinduism is the foundation of India because India is also known as Hindustan or the land of Hindus. Though India is a secular country by recognition from the constitution, still the life style, thought process, vital characteristics of the mass is deeply en-rooted in Hinduism. Since, Hinduism is more of a duty based Dharma which advocates duties over right such that the Geeta says, "the only right of an individual is to perform one's duty perfectly", therefore the Hindus bothers less about what other people do and instead focus on what duty should they perform to live in the society and this is where the India Media has found the soft target for Yellow Journalism.

The India Media have now started attacking the religion, values, culture because it is what makes the public tickle. Therefore, the daily demonizing the holy men based on the act of one particular holy men and generalizing all others, creating sensations out of nothing. In fact, lot of journalist have made their career out of defaming. I would not want to take the names. If any person wants to know the status of Indian Media, one can log on to any Indian news channel at prime time after 8 pm and then witness the melodrama first hand. The discussion panel is more worse then the fish market. The discussing members do not allow each others to talk and put their opinions forward.

The Indian Media has now become the powerhouse of bigotry because they do not tolerate opposing views and kick the participating guest out of the show in a very rude way. The screams can be heard, panelist are chosen and the opposing panelist are defamed and attacked. Please have a first hand look at all the media programs for the proof. Within the international standards of BBC and CNN, they fall nowhere near, not even a mile near the standard.

Something has to be done to upgrade the cheap and yellow journalism of India. In one of the court cases against the media, the host of the popular debate show was handed rs 100 crore as punishment which is equivalent to 14.5 million US dollar. The judges were not willing to ease it. Such is the case of Indian media.

So, it is not the matter of any amazement that the Indian press be labeled and called as "Presstitutes". They sell themselves to the orders of their sponsors. The Indian Media is loosing its credibility and reliance of the general public. In future, the Indian Media will also pose a threat to the democracy because the media is doing everything in its powers to destroy democratic values and institutions through misinformations.

Therefore, it is high time for the people to 'bell the cat' against the media. Media should also have accountability and liability and shouldn't be left unregulated because it will lead the media to became tyrannical in its approach to journalism. An establishment of 'Media Tribunal' to prosecute fake news would be a boon to the coming generations.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Free all the temples from any government control.

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I repeat, “Free all the temples from any government control. Let it be small temples on the side of a road unattended and that gets no donations to the huge temples which gets millions of donations like that of a Jaggannath temple. Either way, we do not want our temples to be controlled by our government but by us”.

“Freedom of religion” is a basic human right. Freedom of religion means that a person is free to “profess, practice and propagate” his/her own religion. The people profess, practice and propagate their religion either through their own initiative individually or collectively through going to religious temple and sites. Religious temples and sites are made so that a particular person can practice his/her faith with utmost liberty and under no coercion from the state.

The state cannot ask you to follow a particular religion because the state itself doesn’t have a particular religion because the state is secular in nature. Therefore, the issue of religion is matter of private rights which is enforced by the constitution because it guarantees the freedom of religion.

We should not let the state or the governments enter into the premises of our temples because secularism means the separation of state and religious institution. If the state should be immune from the interference of the religious institution, the reverse also holds true that the religious institution should also be immune from unnecessary state interference.

If today we let the government take control of our temples then it shall collect the donations and based on socialism it shall use the donations to strengthen the religion that labels us as “descendents of Satan” and “idol worshipper”. Letting state control your temples is letting your religion, values and culture deteriorate. Today they shall ask the non-hindus to enter into the premise of the temple, tomorrow the court shall give a decision that since every person irrespective of their faith goes to the temple, therefore there should also be statue with the symbol of cross and holy book. This will not build social bond but weaken the social bond because it will ignite the fire of religious tensions.

Hindus go to the temples and Christian to the churches and Muslims to the Mosque because it is where they can practice their own faith without having to appease or compromise their faith with any persons. The court asking interference in the religious life and institution is the government’s way into fascism because they will first take your faith away from you and then will ask you to replace the faith with their political agenda.  So, we should not let state interfere in our private matters. The state has no right to dictate how we should conduct our religious institutions if we have not infringed the rights of any other person’s right.

By not letting other faiths enter into our temples premises, how is it infringing their rights? Why would other faiths want to enter into the religious institution of any other faiths? Religious institutions are not public parks where everybody can go and sit on the bench. Religious institution is an extended version of your home. You go there with a hope to connect with the supreme power. You do not go there for entertainment and time pass. It is a personal matter. The state has no right to interfere on your personal matter when you have not infringed the rights of others.

Secondly, the temple committee should be made an autonomous corporate body. The only duty a government can employ is tight scrutiny of the accounts so as to mitigate leakages and corruption. The funds of the temples should be used to propagate the name and service of the temple by organizing social activities and in return benefitting the society.

Therefore I repeat, “Free all the temples from any government control. Let it be small temples on the side of a road unattended and that gets no donations to the huge temples which gets millions of donations like that of a Jaggannath temple. Either way, we do not want our temples to be controlled by our government but by us”.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Should Indian media be held accountable or should they enjoy impunity?

"Your only right is to perform your duties perfectly". Geeta 2:47. It is the eternal line said by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra. The line pretty much sums up the Oriental perspective on the rights and duties of any persons. The line implies that the only rights a person enjoys is the right to perform ones duty perfectly.

Right for oriental society is not a claim against another person but the claim against ones own self. The right to claim to yourself to perform your duty perfectly. This is the maxim that we have lived by all the generations till this day and age. But somewhere in the corners of our own civilization, we can feel that we have strayed very far from our own ideals and we have become something which we never were, a deceitful person.

The Indian news media is no different. They fall on the category of press and the press is considered to be the fourth organ of any democratic state. The rational behind the "fourth organ of democratic society" is that the media firstly enjoys the 'right to speech and expression' guaranteed by the Indian constitution and ensures others also enjoy the same rights too. Furthermore, press is based on the principle of 'self governance' that is it is governed by the self through its ethics and standards.

The press is regulated by the "News broadcasters associations" prescribed ethics. Some prominent principles have mentions like "journalist of electronic media are to adhere to the highest possible standards of public service and integrity" and also "dissemination of news in democratic society is to educate and inform the public of the happening of the country and then the public makes their own conclusion."

Honestly, do you readers think any news media of our generation follow the ethics that they have chosen to be 'self governed' by? Do you think 'news media' are accountable when they say they are 'self governed?"

The axiom 'self governed' is an axiom that protects the media from the clutches of the government control. When a media is tainted by the authority of government then the media becomes agent of suppression of free speech and expressions. But today the 'self governed' axiom has highly been exploited to pursue an their own political agenda.

One issue on which all the medias agree and relentlessly pursue is to defame 'Oriental cultures". In the initiative they have now started targeting 'baba' because they are the epitome of oriental culture. The baba's I am talking about are not those 'babas' who media have sobriquet-ed as babas. They have distinctively selected and target some babas so that they can pursue their TRP and also hidden agendas.

They repeatedly call babas fake and give their subjective views. A media persons job is not to become subjective and presents the facts as per their own subjective view. If it is subjective, it is biased because not every person thinks the same way. It is imperative that facts be soon as it is and the viewers reach a conclusion. But this is not what's happening. They feed the public information of their choice and make them swallow it with force. This is not journalism but demon-ism.

As far as media accountability is concerned, they are immune from accountability because they are 'self governed' through their own ethics. Strictly, accountability also means sanction. Media's being 'self governed' violates some fundamental principle of natural law which says "nemo iudex in sua causa"which translates to "no one can the judge in ones own case".

How can a media be accountable when they are the judges of their own actions? Normally, if any person doesn't put forth complain then the actions of the media are held to be ethical. It is only after a complain is filed, then necessary actions are taken. So, is this the idea of 'self governance?' Can it not be concluded as an 'unfair double standards' enjoyed by the media in the name of impunity based on the conviction of 'fourth organ' of government or in board term state.

Media like any other institution should be held liable. As the three forms of the government i.e the judiciary, executive and legislative organs 'checks and balances' each other but what about the media?
Should their be a watch dog like ombudsman for media or any other institution for not allowing the media to go ultra-vires?

For instance, demonizing the poor babas and the oriental culture? What good do they yield from it? Is it ethical for the medias to act such lows by bashing the babas and the opposition politician and thinkers in the name to get TRP. Is that their definition of being 'objective?'. Media today have become great bigots as they do not let the other person speak nor let them put their opinions forward. The prime example can be witnessed in any prime time show where the people shamelessly keeping aside their ethics and so called 'self governance' to rest and acting on behalf of their own bigotry.

It is high time for Indian media to improve their own image so that they do not loose their credibility in the eyes of the public. How would it sound to the 'Indian medias' when  they have to face the situations like the western media face fall when president Trump supporters call them fake news in the campaign? Is that a good sign for the fourth organ of the government in loosing credibility or should they take radical steps for their own transformations? They should not only be 'self governed' but also 'self sanctioned.'

Monday, 2 July 2018

Tantra Jyotish and Yogini Jyotish

Yogini Jyotish and Tantra Jyotish

Jyotish, etymologically is derived from the Sanskrit word ( + ), which literally translates to
divine light and God. The synthesis of both the words gives the meaning, “Jyotish is a divine instrument that acts as the divine light to its practitioner in the pursuit of ultimate god”. Divine light here means wisdom and the knowledge of reality while as Isha means ultimate god. Through the knowledge and wisdom of the ultimate reality i.e the self, the god who is inside every being is realized”. 

Jyotish is thepath which helps the practitioner to unravel the mysteries of outer universe which in turn unravels the mysteries of his/her own inner universe because “  
” that human body and the universe are similar.Tantra is a systematic approach to solve a problem or to run a system. For instance, in “Panchanguli Tantra” the whole universe is saturated to five basic elements i.e earth, water, air, fire and ether. Since
these five basic elements make up the universe, it is therefore considered the five fingers of
“Panchanguli Devi” who then creates and destroys this universe based on these five basic elements.
Therefore, five fingers are the five basic elements of the goddess. With this analogy, the tantra
practitioner uses this wisdom to make predictions of a human being who is a mini universe by looking at
his/her fingers and palms of the hand.
Tantra Jyotish is exactly like what I have elaborated from the example of “Panchanguli tantra”, using
tantra to make predictions about future in palmistry. But Tantra Jyotish is just not limited to palmistry
but also beyond palmistry and birth charts. It is a system that can run sidewise with any Jyotish to make
more acute predictions. In any Jyotish, the center from which every prediction is made; it is made from
human mind. The human mind interprets the position of the planets and then based on the
interpretation makes a prediction. The prediction is a very subjective term as it varies from people to
people and it is not absolute. But if a person through tantra, cleanse his mind and through penance
guide his mind to make predictions then through power of yogabala, the predictions made is absolute
and this is also confirmed by Maharishi Gautama in his work Nyaya sutra.
Tantra Jyotish has been in fact practiced by people from time immemorial. Tantra Jyotish can also be
found in Mahabharata where Shakuni uses the dice made from the bone of his father to predict
outcomes. His predictions based on his dice seldom wronged him. The Tantra Jyotish can also be found
in India, Sri Lanka, the Tibetan Buddhist dominated area of Tibet and Bhutan and Nepal. We have seen
people going to a particular tantric by taking some rice grains. The Tantra Jyotish then uses it to
interpret the messages and makes prediction. The prediction thus made is amazing because no birth
chart, no palmistry and not even the sight of the person despite of it the prediction comes true. Such
enigmatic is the Tantra Jyotish practitioner. The mind is the center of all, one who utilizes the mind to
extreme makes prediction to a correct extreme.
Bishnu Pokhrel
Tantra Jyotish.
The overwhelming criticism of Tantra Jyotish boils down to the reliability of the prediction. There has
been some criticism that Tantra Jyotish predictions coming true are nothing but “Placebo effect”. For
instance, if a Tantra Jyotish makes a prediction of a person that the person will incur an accident and if
the person has utmost faith in him, the person is likely to incur accident because that is what the mind
of the person believes will become a reality and then it becomes reality. But this is wrongly right. For
instance, the avatara of Lord Krishna and Rama were prophesized way before they were born and that
did happen. Even the avatara of Buddha was predicted before hand and so did it happen. The prediction
made by super abilities of the mind never ceases to be false.
The Tantra Jyotish will only be possible through the blessings of the personal deity. Therefore, the
Tantra Jyotish should be initiated into the worship of his/her personal deity or any one mahavidhya out
of the ten mahavidyas. The mahavidya helps the Tantra Jyotish to walk in the path of becoming Shiva
from Shava. The person then controls his own brain and can do wonders with its power.
II. Yogini and Ramal Jyotish.
Yogini and Ramal jyotish are both, the parts of Tantra Jyotish. Ramal means dice and Yogini Jyotish
makes the use of the chart that is shown below. As we have seen in Mahabharata Sakuni throwing dices
and doing some calculation and then making prediction. That was not fictional, it is indeed real and it
has been practiced in the Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh.
i. The dice figure:
The dice figure that I have presented is called Pasa which is used to make predictions. The dice
has to be thrown in a number of series and its total sum has to be calculated. The dice has the
numbers 2,3,4,5 only. The dice has to be thrown in odd number sequence.
ii. The round chart figure:
This is the chart upon which the dice is thrown. This is a special kind of yantra upon which the
dice has to be thrown by reciting the mantra of the personal diety.
iii. The numbered figure:
Just like in snake and ladder game, the result of the dice thrown is calculated in clockwise
direction, similarly is with this chart. But the only difference is that the chart can be calculated
both clockwise and anticlockwise. Depending upon what one wants to achieve the calculation is
done similarly.

Now, let me show you how the calculation is done:
1. Step 1
Throw the dice:
Throw the dice in odd number sequence. Let’s assume you threw the dice three times and the results
are 3,3,5. Now the results have to be added (3+3+5 = 11)
2. Step 2
Now the boxes have to be calculated and counted. One should always start from the bottom right
corner either clockwise or anticlockwise. Now 11 boxes have to be counted in the red box and the
number looks to be like 49. Now the no 49 is calculated and a deity of number 49 is calculated.
3. Step 3
The deity of number 49 is calculated. There is a chart for the name of the deity but I have not presented
it here because it is a long process which is not easy to explain in the post.
4. Step 4
When the particular deity is found, the deity is then worshipped to predict and the solutions can be
made from the same deity by performing some simple tantric worship.
So, this is how Tantra Jyotish is performed. It not only takes the help of nine planets but the help of
various tantric deities to solve the day to day problem. The dice or pasa can also be used for making
quick decision. Suppose, If you have to make a choice in any situation then first you should chant your
personal deity mantra and then throw the dice. If the outcomes is in odd, it is favourable if in even it is a
complete NO.
This Tantra Jyotish is in the brink of extinction and I hope it shall be revived in the days to come. I had
this great fortune to learn this Jyotish personally with Kaulantak Peethadheswara Mahayogi Satyendra
Nath ji Maharaj in one of his camps and I have been using it regularly not for profession but for own
personal utility.